PAPER, CARDBOARD, WOOD PRINTING First the ink needs to be the correct consistency
for printing. Stir the ink completely until you achieve a “buttery” or “creamy”
consistency. If too thick, add one or two drops of water
or Speedball® Transparent Extender Base. Mix thoroughly. Colors may be intermixed at this step. Transparent Extender Base is also used to
create transparent color and economy; and in achieving this, never add more than 10
– 15%. First, make the screen with the entire message
or image. Prepare the screen by any method you prefer. Remember that registration guides are very
important to achieve multi-color printing. IN THIS POSTER PRINT WE WILL USE A BLOCK-OUT
METHOD FOR PRINTING MORE THAN ONE COLOR. First, we created a split-fountain background print
with a blank screen. The message and images will overprint this background. Once the screen is ready and set in place
for printing, simply block the words or image you do not want to print with the first color
by putting masking tape and/or paper on the bottom side of the screen. To make the print, spoon the ink across one
end of the screen. Apply an even blanket of ink onto the print area. Be sure to use an
easy, smooth stroke with the squeegee at a slight angle away from you. Lift the squeegee over the ridge of the ink
and make the print stroke by pulling towards yourself. Keep the squeegee at a 45° angle
with enough pressure to scrape the ink from the screen. Lift the screen from the print, and remove
the print and put it to dry on your rack. INSERT NEW PAPER, AND REPEAT THE PROCESS After you have made your prints, remove any
remaining ink in the screen. This ink can be saved. CLEANUP: ACRYLIC AND WATER SOLUBLE INKS FROM
SCREEN Wash IMMEDIATELY after the last print is pulled. Use warm water and a soft brush. Should ink
dry in the screen, spray with Speedball Speed Clean, and rub with a lint-free cloth. When
ink is removed, wash with a mix of warm water and dishwasher detergent using a soft brush.
Then rinse with warm water. If Water Soluble inks are used – Rinse with warm water and
use a soft brush. These inks will remain water-soluble even after drying. ADDING ANOTHER COLOR–– After you have
made your first run of prints, wash the ink from the screen and let it dry. Follow this
by blocking out the words or image you just printed and unblocking words or image you
want to print with your second run of color. After you have made this second run, AGAIN
REPEAT THE SCREEN CLEANUP AND LET IT DRY. Continue to repeat this process for multi-color
print runs.