Montague Dawson The Flying Fish. Renowned artist Montague Dawson is
considered a master at Marine painting he’s famous for his breathtaking highly
detailed compositions of sailed ships at sea. By 1935 he was named that King of the clipper ship school and
his reputation as a ship marine painter spread internationally in this painting the flying fish Montague
Dawson captures the play of light and the
volume up the sales as well as the energy of the Whitecaps
churning waves as this famed bezel effortlessly glides
through water this outstanding maritime painting by
British artist montauk Dawson features the famous clipper the flying
fish built by Boston shipbuilder Donald
Mackay the flying fish was one of his renowned
China Clippers the art medium is oil and it has a wood
frame this is extremely unique work its 40-point 13 inches by 50 inches and if you click the link below you can
find out the current running price this unique piece by Montague Dawson The Flying Fish