Welcome to 5-minute meditation for creativity. In this practice we’re going to tap into
your inner child and rediscover a sense of play and uninhibited joy. [music intro] Children don’t spend time thinking about
the creative process. They just express themselves creatively and
find joy in doing so. They don’t worry about being judged the
way adults do. They follow their instincts and create whatever
comes to their minds and hearts. Think of all the creative outlets you had
as a child. How many imaginary situations did you put
your toys through? How much coloring did you do — inside, outside
and all over the lines? Did you make up songs, have imaginary friends,
or maybe just spend hours pretending? You’re an adult now, but your inner child
is alive and well within you, and it’s got so much amazing wisdom to share. Today, I’m going to ask you spend some time
visualizing your five-year-old self. If you don’t have any memories as a five-year-old,
then simply visualize yourself at the youngest age you do remember. Sit comfortably. The neck is long. The back upright. Settle into your seat and relax. Gently close the eyes. Relax the face,
the mouth. Let them soften. Bring your attention to the breath. Inhale deeply, letting the belly expand. Exhale completely, emptying the lungs. Inhale. Exhale. Now begin to relax into the exhale,
Letting it be longer than the inhale. Taking 5 more deep breaths. Inhaling. Exhaling, letting go of any tension. Inhaling. Exhaling, letting the body relax. Inhaling. Exhaling, letting the mind become quiet. Inhaling. Exhaling, letting go. Inhaling. Exhaling, feeling completely relaxed. Today we remember what it is to be fearlessly
creative. Picture yourself at five years old child. See your five-year-old self standing in front
of you now. Picture your body,
See your face. What are you wearing? What does your hair look like? Place your hands on your own heart,
And send your five-year-old self some love. Picture the child smiling and receiving your
love. Inhale deeply. Exhale completely. What is this child’s favorite way to express
themselves creatively? Did they like to color? To sing? To pretend? To play? Inhale deeply. Exhale completely. Your five-year-old self doesn’t know how
not to be creative. To them, the world is full of magic,
And everything is possible. Inhale deeply. Exhale completely. Image how it would feel to have the creativity
of your five-year-old self flowing through you. Unafraid of failure. Unafraid of judgment. Simply delighting in the process. How does your body feel in that moment? What emotions do you experience? Let yourself feel whatever is real for you. No judgment. Whatever you feel is fine. You are an adult,
But your inner child is always available to you. And they love to play and be creative. Thank them in whatever way feels most appropriate. Let them know you will call upon them again
soon. Inhale deeply. Exhale completely. Let your inner child go and return to your
breath. We’ll sit in silence for a few minutes,
Noticing any emotions or sensations that have come up during the visualization. Now Keeping the eyes closed,
We relax our focus. Allowing the mind to be. Allowing any sensations in the body to settle
down. And in your own time;
whenever you are comfortable You can slowly raise the eyes. This is how we practice self-realization meditation
for fearless creativity. Don’t worry if the mind wandered,
Simply notice each time the mind wanders and return to the visualization without judgment.