So we had a customer come down and brought
some black sand tailings from his plaster operation. He brought about 30 pounds with
him, and he’s removed as much gold as he could get out of his tailings. And wanted
to see if he could recover any more gold with his shaker table. So take a look at this quick
clip and I’ll come back afterwards and talk about how much gold he recovered. Okay now we’re running black sand here from
a customer that brought some by. And this is just black sand that the miners have gotten
what they can out of with their own process. And as it turns out, there’s still a tremendous
amount of gold in this black sand. This fella brought down 30 pounds of the material
we’re running across the shaker table. And there’s some really very very fine gold
here, but some of it is probably, gee whiz, even as big as 12 mesh, 16 mesh, flakes that
the miners missed. And then there’s a lot of really very very fine gold as well, that
most gravity recovery devices will not catch. So we’re going to let this run for a bit,
then brush out the top grooves and get everything coming out at once. I’m going to turn the table off, but leave
the water on, but now that it’s stopped shaking you can get a good look at the gold. So as you saw in the clip there was quite
a lot of free gold left in the stuff. And we didn’t get a real good weight on it,
but after putting it in the pan and getting a good look at it, I would guess there was
anywhere between 1 and 2 grams of gold that he missed from the original cleanup. And that
was just out of 30 pounds. I know there’s just mountains of black sand
tailings left all over the place, that guys couldn’t get all the gold out, because they
didn’t have the right gravity shaker table. So if you have mountains of black sand tailings,
give us a call, send us some samples, we’ll be more than happy to run them through our
table and see if you have an appreciable amount of gold left in your stuff. So thanks for watching, and we look forward
to hearing from you.