So at the weekend mum bought me this and
then today I got myself this because how can you choose between a Fruits Basket
cover and a Haikyuu cover? I clearly can’t choose. And then I got Made In Abyss number four, let’s just move my snotty tissues although they’re in the background of every video and I don’t quite know how you’re
supposed to pronounce that is it O-ran, OOran High School Host Club this is
very pretty, very excited to start reading this and Silent Voice number six
I think there’s only seven of these so I’m getting there and also I sat in
the zine, “sat in the zine”, sat in the library and read some zines and I got
this flyer um here’s the thing so that if you’re in Norwich it’s till the 16th and
then in next year a couple of things in London and Bristol if that’s of use to
you and this is the website. The zines I read today were really good
I’m definitely gonna go back I want to look at as many of them as possible. That’s my little haul. And now I think I’m gonna do a little bit of drawing. Sorry for all the sniffing. I am very snotty. What can you do? Sniff! *laughs* what am I talking about? So, apparently, I’ve got a cold or
something, I’m very snotty, my throat feels a bit weird, I did not sleep very well and I
feel like I’ve lost a bit of my balance or something like my head might
fall off, I’m alright but like definitely, it’s definitely a
cold or something so I’m downstairs because up at my desk
gets a little bit cold and I just want to stay as cosy as possible to try and
yeah make this not linger for too long so I’m downstairs I’m currently editing
my photos for the November diary post on patreon because I share photos from my diary every month, and I don’t know what I’m gonna do after that I don’t know. We will see. We will see. Colds suck, this is so boring I feel so sluggish and lame What I have been doing is, I’ll show you these were just some little doodles I was thinking
about like neckline for this little person that I drew a while ago and I wanted to, um, do a proper drawing of and then I’ve been working on this. You can see I’ve like rubbed out here, I’m still trying to, this is just the rough, I
want to add more detail and stuff to it so I’m just kind of figuring it out but
this is going okay it’s just really slow and yeah I’m sorry that my vlogmas is boring *laughs* I think this is as far as I’m going to
get with this today and then tomorrow maybe I’ll put it on the light box and start inking it, make some of these bits a bit bigger because they get a bit lost and stuff and yeah I don’t know what else to say this has been such a non day but thank
you for watching it anyway. Vlogmas!