TIM MARTIN: What I want to do is start mapping out these teeth. So I showed you how to get really smooth in your detail areas, but now I want to address the teeth. So you can see that some of this has already
started to form itself. This looks very much obviously like a giant, jagged, sharp tooth that’s sitting in the
back here. And maybe that’s what he’s showing when he’s
got the sinister grin. He’s showing that nasty tooth back there. So I also still want to separate the jaw, the upper jaw from the lower jaw, so I’m going to create this really dark, nice line in there. Brush that down. That’s my separation. Over here as well. So I actually over here, I’ve just contacted
the head cast, so I know that’s really close and that’s fine. Let’s see here, what do I want to map out? See I’m using kind of what I naturally have
here. They’re kind of telling me – these happy teeth are telling me where they
live. And there is a trick to doing really realistic teeth in a sculpt and I’ll show you, it mainly has to do with the gum line. And a lot of people don’t do it the right
way, or what I perceive to be the right way. So we have one tiny little gnarly tooth way
up here. Another big, scary tooth this way. Let’s just do this. So I’m leaving this gap here for this tooth
to come through. And this is another big gnarly back tooth. You don’t want to get bit by that thing. So you can see how that’s starting to shape
up. Something pretty creepy. I like this space here. So we’re going to utilize that space there. Make another tooth, a small tooth that goes right here. And we can layer the teeth, like one sort
of overlapping another. And again, I think for this I want some creepy
little teeth. So I’m going to kind of shape the top edge of the teeth. Sculpt a few little small baby teeth in here. And then get back to some big gnarly ones. This one I’ll make shallow. Make this one shallow so that it’ll have – it won’t look so oddly symetrical. Take out some of this gum line. Okay. So also, follow the edge of the gums. The tooth goes underneath the gums so you want to basically follow where that tooth would continue underneath
the gum line. This is going to be a little bit more subtle
because I like this kind of fat gum area here. A lot of times, people don’t sculpt the, this gum line correctly. The tooth goes underneath the gum, like I
said. So you’ll have that bulge where the tooth
continues underneath your gums. With that being said, I’m going to take this
tool, this small loop tool, and I’m going to redefine where the in-between the teeth and the gums meet. Basically, like right here. This is also tricky because people have a
tendency to screw that up. So basically I round it out and then I’ll poke in and pull that out. I can take a smaller tool and just knock that
back down, just a little bit. And teeth is something you can spend a lot
of time on. There’s a lot going on, that’s the focal point of this guy, it’s going
to be this big grin. So you can spend some considerable amount
of time making this look right. I’m going to quickly brush it down to give us the idea, but during the time between now and when we mold
this thing, I’m going to revisit this thing and really just tool the sculpture a lot. Also in the detail of the single tool, or excuse me, a single tooth, this is sort of a big monster fang so I want
to give it a crease like we would for a big monster tooth. So it’s not just completely round and unnatural
looking. It has a little bit of shape. We do this for claws and – fingernails, claws, teeth. I’m still going to keep in mind that this
I want to cast up as one solid piece of latex, so I have to be mindful of the undercuts when
I’m doing some of the sculpture. But right now, we’re going to pull this from
latex, it’ll be fine. Also this back ridge back here. You can also, you know, keep in mind that when you’re painting this
thing, you can start using some really dark colors and really accent these creases. So you give the illusion that they’re deeper than they sculpturally are. You do that with just a touch of black, I don’t like to generally airbrush with a
lot of black. I think it looks very mask-y. I want this to look more like a makeup from a film than a Halloween mask. But we’re doing it like a Halloween mask, so yours will look better than everybody else’s.