Hi! guys, I’d like to introduce “Minha’s Silk Painting” now. “Silk painting” is Traditional Korean Painting. The hallmark of painting on silk is Transparency. Silk background is a work of art in itself. That’s why I love painting on silk. Today, I’ll show you how to paint in traditional Korean painting style. We called this way “바림(Barim)” Before painting, I’ll show you my brushes! I use different brushes depending on the color. This is for “바림” (Barim brush) We need to keep the Barim brush clean for 바림(Barim). because we use only clean water to give a clear color. And these brushes are for coloring. 3 types! White, red and light colors, black and dark colors. From now on, I’ll show you how to paint “바림(Barim)” “바림(Barim)” is the way of adding gradation in traditional Korean paintings. Before painting, you need to prepare clean water and Barim brush. Let me show how to add gradation.(Barim) Paint light red on a petal, first! And then, with a clean ‘바림(Barim)’ brush, soaked in water, drag the paint down It’s easier if you hold onto the coloring brush on one hand and ‘Barim(바림)’ brush on the other hand. As you brush down, clean the ‘바림(Barim) brush’ regularly and keep it clean. Because we use only clean water to give a clear color. From now on, Let me show how to Barim for a while. Hope you guys enjoyed the video. Thank you for watching. See you guys next time! – Minha’s Korean Silk Painting!-