I must say that I almost didn’t know anything about Iki, I used to see it as an island with a long history. However I didn’t have any concrete image of the location until I visited it. I always start live drawings without any idea, I don’t think of it beforehand, I don’t make
any draft either. Usually the key comes to how much
I have stocked inside me, what I stock becomes a sort of graphical vocabulary. I build my structure by stacking those details, in the end I assemble it graphically. There’s a limit to not making a draft,
however when I picture a composition, it wouldn’t be coherent if it weren’t graphical,
technically speaking. This is why I draw the image fragments I acquired here, then I start by wondering what those look like. I don’t know what will come out myself. usually I just go and draw at random, however random doesn’t mean drawing irresponsibly. It is a matter of how to face
the first things I encountered, for example, with the ox image than first came, I think of how to match that image with something
that wouldn’t be out of place in Iki. I repeat that process. This is why thinking back on what I felt going at the shrine, meeting new people or facing various events, I would probably include those. However I don’t know exactly how I include them, I don’t try to analyze it either. I simply judge how each line
looks with each other to move forward. Repetitions do not work, in that sense drawing on Iki felt rather simple. I got to encounter many images, more than normal. To be blunt, I am fed up with doing live drawings. Although I am bored, the will to create something better than the previous one is a motivation. I also have the expectation that things will be different depending on the location, which is why when I was offered to draw on Iki, I felt it could be the occasion for something new
to be born inside me. This is the main reason I accepted. I first started doing live drawings about ten years ago, ever since I kept opening
new drawers inside me as I drew, I am out of drawers now, I look at combinations, however I want to believe in myself, thinking that I became better than the day before, simply thinking of this is my biggest motivation
to keep drawing. I face each new canvas expecting
this is what will help me. This usually never goes that well, I get a feeling of relief when it is done,
which is different from thinking that the result is good, when asked about it, I always think that
I am not drawing my best, I sort of get depressed once I am done,
thinking that I could have done more, I feel that way often. As it is done within various restrictions, it just comes to thinking how much
I could express based on what I had. Technically speaking, I am getting better. Thinking of how to move to create
which type of stroke on a canvas. It is different than saying
my expression skills are improving. When I start a live drawing and
I am in front of a blank sheet of paper, I always think that I won’t be able to finish. This is always the same feeling I am dealing with, I end up working to fill the canvas with strokes. This never changes, I could think that I’ll be able to draw, but if I am too confident, the approach will go off track. If that happens, then a small panic
will start to take over. The only way is to leave it to the flow. Trusting the direction the flow will take, then making sure not to lose my concentration, I think it is probably the biggest task in live drawing. The result is, I get tired. However, when creating a piece
multiple themes come out of it, those themes come and lead to the next. It is the only way I can move forward, If I don’t draw, my drawing skills will wear off, if I draw, what I couldn’t draw
will become my next theme. It gives me a place I can aim for. This is what I tend to believe. At first, I didn’t know how to create those themes, As I started doing exhibitions seven, eight years ago, this is where I first faced the difficulty
of creating my own work. There I had to create an alter ego inside me, who could look at me with a critical eye. Someone who can advise me in my drawing approach, creating that in a objective way is
something I found in exhibitions. As I started to understand this method, the difference with my commercial work started to fade off. Actually my private work starts to show in my commercial work, now I feel that both are starting to mix. I feel I haven’t done anything yet, thinking back of course there has been
things, some milestones, but I feel there are less than I would have expected. I can’t help but think that way. Wondering whether this is all I have done. Counting all the time I have spent drawing, I feel that the value I brought to myself is too low. Thinking that I could have become better, those are the only things I can think of. On the other hand, I feel that this may be the level
you reach in 30 years. Taking Hokusai as an example, he drew until he was 90 years old, his later works remained fresh-looking as well,
they are powerful too. From now on I will have to face my age. My physical strength and my concentration will
start to decline, my vision will get blurry too. Fighting with myself will take a bigger part,
before even fighting with a drawing. Being able to maintain myself is very important, I will spend more time focusing on that, my objective being to draw until I reach 100 years old. With that in mind, I still have 50 years left, I can still draw twice as more as I did so far. My only hope is to keep getting better from now, Things from the past do not matter, I can’t even remember them, even if I try they are blurry, so look forward to the future, that is all.