Hello there! So I am very excited for today’s video for a number of different reasons. First of all, I am gonna be repainting over the top of one of my pieces from a couple of years ago, and I know some of you are gonna love this idea and some of you are gonna hate this idea, but it’s okay. I have my reasons and I’ll explain them later on. However, one of the reasons why I’m so excited for today’s video is because one of my favorite stores approached me, BoxLunch, *Christmas music* *Rae laughing* and asked if I wanted to be one of 12 YouTubers who are part of their 12 Days of Giving event, and what this means is for every view that this video gets, over the next week they are gonna be donating one meal to feeding America, so we have the potential to donate thousands and thousands of meals! So thank you for watching right now. Please give this video a thumbs up too, because it’ll really help to get it out into the algorithm to help get as many views as we can, but thank you so much to BoxLunch for this amazing opportunity. Thank you so much for sponsoring this video today. *Christmas music* *Rae laughing* The painting that I decided to paint over today was very very fitting and it was actually inspired by this particular store and the items they sell, and it’s always been kind of a dream of mine to be able to make merch for them. It’s just a little bit of a dream of mine. In fact, I think I owe it to you to show you exactly what BoxLunch is, why I love it so much and how I get when I’m in my, my element, so… yeah. Hello there! I am currently in the BoxLunch store. BoxLunch is actually donating one meal for every $10 that you spend in their store to feeding America. I’m currently in the Florida Mall and in Florida, one in seven people struggle with hunger and the fact that BoxLunch are going to be giving back is so important. So this is my personal favorite corner of the BoxLunch store. As you can see, it has… I love Wall-E. I don’t know what to say because Americans call it a fanny pack and in the UK, that’s… *Awkward silence* So every $10 that you spend in BoxLunch donates one meal to feeding America. This sweater, for example, if you purchase this, you’d be donating 4 meals. BoxLunch is a heaven for adults who love pop culture, they have everything that you can possibly imagine, and it’s one of my favorite stores because it has everything that I love in it and I can celebrate being an adult who loves everything nerdy. Another one of my favorite items is the Winnie the Pooh soup mug. I love soup and I love Pooh – Winnie the Pooh. And there will be a link to some of the curated items that I have found in the shop if you would like to purchase them, so check out the link in the description as well. This soup bowl would donate one meal. So as you can see they have tons and tons of nerdy T-shirts, all for grownups, they have a HUGE, huge selection of Harry Potter-related stuff. This Hedwig backpack! *Gasps* How cute is that? And he would donate 4 meals. Tell me in the comments which house you are in, I am personally a Hufflepuff. They have a huge selection of different Christmas sweaters as well for different fandoms, I personally really like this Home Alone sweater with Kevin on the front. “Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!” Friends! I was going to make a “I don’t have friends” joke, but I think I’ve overused that one. *Music* No, that was wrong! (Rae): YMCA! *Laughs* No! *Chloe laughs* (Chloe): Thank you! Hi. This is the lovely store manager here. She’s so lovely for letting me do this. (Rae and Chloe laughing) That’s me in the morning when I wake up. How cute is that? A boot, sketch, boot – handbag. Look, it’s a little sketch! BoxLunch’s mission this year is to donate another 1 million meals so let’s try and make this happen. There are so many ways you can give back this holiday season, whether it be to shop in your local BoxLunch store or on BoxLunch.com. Remember to check out my curated list online, it is in the description down below at BoxLunch.com. Another way that you can give back to the community is to donate food to different food drives. If you’re like me and you have a bunch of unused art supplies, you can also donate those as well. So just do your best to try and give back this holiday season because every person can make a difference. *Price checker beeps* So we just donated 35 meals. -These are yours. -Thank you very much. -You’re welcome. Thank you so much for your time! I really appreciate it. Thank you for coming! I appreciate you being here. So thank you so much again to BoxLunch for asking me to be a big part of this, thank you so much to the Florida Mall BoxLunch store, all the employees and the general manager who helped make this possible, and back to me in the studio… art space! *Music* Okay, so as I mentioned I decided to repaint over this particular piece because it’s one of my favorite scenes from Tangled and with all the fandom related stuff I was around in BoxLunch, I decided it was time to fix this. So take a good look at it because this is gonna look a lot different by the time I am done with it. Okay, so let me guess what you’re thinking. So your options are: A, Chloe, this is your best idea yet; B, Chloe, this is a stupid idea, what are you thinking; or C, why don’t you just paint on a different canvas? Well, I shall tell you. First things first, I actually painted this a couple of years ago. Look at the, uh, heh heh, “blend”. Yeah, there isn’t much of that there. You can kind of see a lot of the canvas poking through. So I realized while editing this that it actually looks better on camera than it did in person, it’s actually blurring a lot of the imperfections. Basically, you know when you paint on a canvas and you don’t put enough layers on, you don’t blend it well enough, a lot of the white pops through from the canvas? That was COVERING this painting. It was very, very half-done and kind of quick slapdash finished. So I wanted to just say, I’m not like, “Ooh, my work’s terrible!”, it does look better on camera than it does in person. So just take my word for it. It wasn’t as, um, clean-looking as it kind of looks on camera, I guess, so I’m just putting that in there as a disclaimer. And I used a lot of really cheap paint for that particular video and you know, I’m a total advocate for cheap paint but this particular paint was very watery and needed a lot of buildup and I just did not build it up like I should have done. And I basically decided to actually use my favorite paint, which is the Liquitex heavy body paint, all over this canvas so that I really gave it my best go to make it how I knew that I was capable of making it. I also did not spend very much time on it, it was kind of a rushed piece. So I thought it would be a really fun challenge to try my hand at painting over it and kind of, maybe more so actually fixing it and completing it because as you can see, I really didn’t finish it. I never classed this painting as fini- as finished. So you might be able to tell that by my half-assed attempt at not painting the edges. So I won’t lie, it was kind of cool to see how much I’ve progressed over the last couple of years with acrylic painting. If you didn’t know, I’ve done digital painting now for close to 10 years, but I actually did not start doing any form of traditional or acrylic painting until I basically started doing art on YouTube. I kind of had to adopt traditional work so I still quite knew when I made this at knowing how to work with acrylic paint, and I definitely feel that my style and choices have definitely changed. And while I wouldn’t normally choose to paint over a piece, I thought this was a great way to avoid wasting paint, wasting another canvas and also just get to finish/fix a piece that I never really liked that much. *Relaxing music* Something I definitely noticed was I really rushed the details on the original piece, I found I had to really reshape a lot of the actual structure of a lot of it and just blend it a lot better than I did before. The river was a mess! And apparently the two trees that were supposed to be there were actually just a large single blobby bush. I’m not sure why I decided to do that but blending is definitely something that comes with practice. I know my friend Rae says she doesn’t particularly like acrylic because they don’t blend as well as oils do. I found that myself when I was still learning to use it, but I definitely feel with time I’ve learned to blend a lot better than I used to be able to, and I’m still learning to master it but I think I could definitely tell, painting over my old strokes, I was definitely much better than I used to be. Now, I’m actually curious, if any of you notice a style for me with acrylic painting in regards to how I paint or blend or make strokes, I do tend to use a lot of blues and greens, but I feel like I’m having more of a distinctive style with my paintings now which I’m really excited about because it’s taken me a while to find my groove a little bit. But I feel like this year I’ve really taken more strides maybe, in making that happen, I don’t know. Let me know in the comments, I’m very, very curious, but for now I just want to say thank you so much again to BoxLunch for sponsoring this video today and for giving me the amazing opportunity to check out their store. Thank you again to the amazing store employees for letting me – to let me bug them! And – film in their store and they were just so, they were so wonderful, they were like, moving displays and allowing me to just have all this room. So they were really really cool. And again, thank you for watching this video because you’ve donated one meal just by clicking on it today, and make sure that you check out BoxLunch, BoxLunch.com if you want to help to donate a meal for every $10 you spend. Again, check out the link in the description because I have my curated gift guide list down there and yes, thank you so much for watching this video. I really hope that you enjoyed it. This is how it turned out, I’m really really happy, I think that I worked with the details a lot better than I did before. I had to fix up that tower a LOT, because I just, I did not do a good job on that tower whatsoever. I don’t know what I was doing with the windows, the weird triangle thing on the side that was also a room, didn’t do a good job with that so I did my best to fix it. But yeah, this is how it looks. Thank you for watching this video, let me know in the comments what you think of how it turned out, take care of yourselves and I will see you in the next video. *End music*