Hello everyone today I’m gonna bleach my eyebrows because I want to create more makeup looks that requires shaved off eyebrows for example, this this or this These are all looks that would love to try out. And since I don’t want to shave off my eyebrows I thought bleaching them would be a better option Another reason why I wanted to do that is because I’m tired of having to cover up my dark eyebrows every time I wear wigs So for the first round of bleaching I waited about 40 minutes and they turned out way too orangey So I put some more bleach on But the color was still too dark in yellowy, so I applied the bleach for a third time But this time I only waited for 25 minutes Since my skin was getting a little bit irritated It wasn’t light enough. So I actually bleached my eyebrows the next day again. And as you can see, it’s much lighter. I immediately wanted to try out some looks I could do I was inspired by some editorial pictures of models having dots instead of eyebrows So I try to recreate that and for the next look I wanted to see how I would look like with super straight thin Anime eyebrows. I can’t wait to create even more makeup looks with my bleached eyebrows If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments below ( I love michelle so much … please(●´□`)♡ )