Hi, this is Debbie Vogel here with Expert
Village showing you how to do a little detailing with your chisels and files. This is a structure
that this actually structural foam with plaster on it so that what happens is that you smooth
it out and then you want to put your details back in, so to put eyebrows in you just make
little cuts with your file, even though they are kind of going in there are parts that
go out and they end up looking like hairs when you hit them with a little sandpaper.
But it makes for an entirely different person when you start adding the details in. Let’s
see if I can get it to cut up under there. You can see that you want a little raised
surface here and you are taking back just a little bit to make the eyebrow kind of stick
out a little bit, because hairs come out of your face. So when I go back in with a little sandpaper,
it actually smoothes it out so that this part kind of disappears and I am not taking very much off there and
then I can come back in and actually cut little hairs, this is looking good. This is one of
the few times you’ll see me using a tool like a pencil. And you just keep detailing it back
until it really starts looking like hair.