hello I’m Robin Whalley and today I’m
looking at ways to emphasize light in landscape photos I’ll be explaining this
in Photoshop before showing you how to do the same thing in affinity photo if
you use affinity please watch the Photoshop explanation first because the
tools are almost identical this image is a good example of a common problem I
shot it in RAW format but when I’ve processed it the raw convertor seems to
have balance the colors across the entire image the foreground frost has
lost its faint blue tint also where the sun’s just striking the land it’s lost
that strong red and pink color that made it stand out I’m going to show you how
to correct these problems with a simple color balance adjustment layer I’m going
to start by adding the color balance layer using this icon at the bottom of
the layers window with the new color balance layer
selected in the layers window I can see the adjustment controls in the
properties window the controls allow you to target adjustments onto the shadows
mid-tones and highlights using the drop-down at the top the adjustment
controls are then the same for each of these tonal ranges but you can adjust
them independently you’ll notice there’s two opposing colors on each of the
sliders for example if I move the top slider I can increase the red at the
same time as removing cyan from the image the way we’re going to use this is
to adjust the colors for an area of the image and then and a mask to control
where you see that effect this creates more separation between the colors in
the image which makes them appear stronger let’s start by targeting the
Heather in the foreground to strengthen the effect of the Sun that’s just
hitting it by adding red magenta and yellow I can produce a nice light effect
on that area I’ll then switch to the mid-tones and repeat the process now although this has created a nice
effect in some areas it doesn’t look good in others what we need to do is
select the layer mask attached to the color balance layer and invert it this
turns the layer mask black and hides the effect from the image I can then use a
soft white brush to paint over the areas where I want to show the adjustment to
enhance the light if you make a mistake or the effect is
too in an area switch to black and paint
over the problem know you can see the effect of
light on the landscape much better I’ll now add a second color balance layer and
turn off the first while say just the colors of the frozen ground I can then invert the layer mask
changes into those areas if I place both layers into a group
folder I can then turn them off and on so you can see the effect the editing is
subtle and natural and it looks much closer to how I experience the landscape
at the time now let’s look at how to do the same thing in affinity photo if
you’re a Photoshop user please keep watching is there something else you
need to know that I didn’t show earlier I have the same image open in affinity
photo but I haven’t made any adjustments yet in the adjustments panel I can
select to add a color balance adjustment you’ll notice the controls are the same
as in Photoshop so I can go ahead and make the adjustments to the highlights
and mid-tones I know want you to notice a problem in
the sky where the colors are becoming too bright the adjustments I’ve made are
affecting the image luminosity but I can easily fix it using the preserve
luminosity option Photoshop had the same option which I was already using so you
didn’t see the problem when I’m happy with the adjustments I can switch back
to the layers panel where I can see the color balance layer when the layer
selected I can invert the mask by pressing command + I on my keyboard or
it’s ctrl + i if you’re using a Windows PC I can then paint the effect onto the
areas using a white brush now you may have noticed that I didn’t
adjust the shadow tones that’s because it usually cause it’s the blacks in the
image to turn an odd color and look unnatural I’ll delete this adjustment
and show you with a new color balance layer if I select and adjust the shadow
tones the image takes on a strong color cast as if I’ve added a special effect I would tend to avoid adjusting the
shadows if you want to keep the image looking natural or if you want to fix a
problem with a color cast then you could use this option targeting areas of an
image with the color balance adjustment can be a great way to strengthen colors
but keep the saturation looking natural use carefully you can enhance the colors
and emphasize the light in your landscape photos I hope you find this
helpful I’m Robin Whalley and you’ve been watching lenscraft I’ll see you
next time for another video