(cutting) The Voice: Hey, Kevin. What are you doing? Kevin Caron: Got a pretty big mess right now. I am making some little feet to go underneath the sculpture that I made. So I’m cutting out of this quarter-inch piece of stainless these little donuts so they can sit on the base and then I can take my sculpture (let me show you) I can take my sculpture and just weld these little feet right onto the bottom of the base like that. Because with it just sitting on these three tiny little points, it is so fragile; so delicate, even just the breeze, if you leave the window open, it wants to wiggle around and it wants to fall over. So I make these little pieces just to fit on the bottom; make it a little bit more stable. But working with this stainless . . . Working with this stainless is kind of weird. It doesn’t cut quite as easy as steel does. Because I’m cutting with a hole saw, so there’s a lot of heat generated, so what I’ve been doing is just going real, real slow feeding it real slow down into the metal. And then I’ve just got motor oil in an oil can. Just keeping that groove flooded with oil and just real easy, easing it through so I don’t overheat the bit or discolor the stainless. Clean them up on the grinder and weld them onto the base. You’re good to go. See you next time.