Hey guys, thanks for coming to check out this video of how i turn this … into this! It was a bit of an art therapy for me because I don’t always do abstract painting. So I wanted to give that a go and I always
wanted to try out if you can paint on top of store bought prints that are like pre framed like this one. Cos I love the frame on this but I wasnt hugely phased on the original palm leaf print. It just doesnt SPEAK TO ME so I would do something that was bright and abstract and easy and quick So this only took me a couple of hours and minimal products. Just the palette knife, the brushes and some acrylic paint. But I will warn you that first I had to prime
it so I primed it with Gesso and it took 3 layers to cover it up. But if this is something taht youre interested in doing where youve seen a frame you love but your not so phased on the print I recommend giving it a go. Its really fun and like I said its like a
therapy. its like calming and you can lay it on chunky and you dont have to maek things perfect to get something bright and impactful for your walls. So this is a great DIY and I hope you guys
enjoy it and if you give it a go please let me know or leave a comment or tag me @drawwithtorryn on instagram so i can see what your art work looks like. But yeah so this is it and now I will get
on with the video and show you how I achieved in in under a couple of hours.