Are some of your household or outdoor decor
items looking worn and faded, like this patio set? Instead of throwing it away, you can
easily refurbish them. Today, I’m going to restore this patio set by using Rust-Oleum
Stops Rust Multicolor Textured paint. This paint is a great product that was developed
specifically for metal, is easy to use, and provides the high-end result I’m looking for.
Best of all, I can do it at a fraction of the cost of new furniture. I can’t wait to
get that new look. Let’s get started! First, we need to gather our supplies. We’ll need
a drop cloth, cleaning supplies like Krud Kutter Cleaner/Degreaser, Stops Rust Multicolor
Textured paint, and a wire brush if there’s rust on the piece. As a tip, when using Multicolor
Textured, apply a similar base color first on your project. Then, topcoat with your Multicolor
Textured spray paint. This isn’t a necessary step, but your project will be finished faster
if you do so, because the color will blend. For this project, I chose Autumn Brown for
the final finish of this patio set, so I’m selecting Rust-Oleum’s Satin Dark Brown. It’s
a pretty similar color and a good choice for the base coat. Now that all our supplies are
ready, we’ll start by cleaning the metal surface. Remove the loose paint and rust with a wire
brush. Wipe off all dust. Remove all dirt, grease, and oil, by washing it with a good
cleaner like Krud Kutter Cleaner/Degreaser before painting. Rinse and allow to dry thoroughly.
With the surfaces clean and dry, the base coat can now be applied. Now you’re ready
to apply the Multicolor Textured spray. Shake the can for one minute after the mixing ball
begins to rattle. This is an important step you don’t want to skip. Hold the can upright
10-16″ from the surface and spray in a steady, back-and-forth motion, slightly overlapping
each stroke. Apply two or more light coats a few minutes apart to avoid drips and runs.
For large projects, like this patio set, your finger can get tired from all the painting.
This comfort grip is a great tool that attaches to the can and allows you to paint large projects
while preventing finger fatigue. It sure helps make it easier to cover all surfaces. Now
it’s time to let the patio furniture dry. Give it a good 1-2 hours to dry before handling.
The paint will be fully dry in 24 hours. And that’s it. Your old and rusted patio furniture
can go from looking old, to new. Trust the brand that’s been providing easy solutions
that can help you improve your outdoor decor and stop rust in its tracks–Rust-Oleum Stops