hello everyone my name is John Magne Lisondra
and today I’m going to teach you how to paint this wonderful landscape painting
so as you can see here there are concrete houses and also the things
where you can see concrete pathway going to the beach this tutorial is not
so easy it’ll be hard for beginners but I still
recommend this for because it’s very challenging and I know that you can do
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new updates in my future videos and tutorials before I’m going to start the tutorial I’m going to introduce to you the first materials that i’m going to use so I still be
using the 3 colors on palette and i have here titanium white, pthalo blue, brilliant red, medium red and raw umber I’m using limited color space I want you to learn not to
mix and get the desired colors you want okay I decided a possible brushes so I’ll be
using an number 12 nylon flat brush long handle number 10 white bristle flat brush long
handle I also have here number eight nylon flat brush handle and the number
three nylon flat brush long handle and I have a the liner brush it
is a number one liner brush i also use round brush zero, double zeros and triple zeros and his my canvas its I’m 13 by 16 inches you can also use 12 by
16 it has three coats of prime gesso you can also use acrylic I made it myself and water to thin the paint and if ever gonna need
water spray here to wet our canvas and it will be easier for us to blend the
colors okay so I think I’m gonna start now and today I’m gonna paint to be an
old village so last time I have painted a village but this time also another village near ocean or sea or beach so i will put some old
houses concrete houses and it’ll be another concrete road
something like that some flowers so I’m not sure what would be what would come
out knowledge tutorial but I hope it’ll be good and if you’re watching me now I
hope you get something out of this and if you’re painting just follow me and
have fun painting okay so I start first I’m gonna do a little Auto sketching so I’ll
be using another brush now it’s you trying to brush the similar to my in the
bed – but certain smaller number tree yeah it’s not my tree brush I like it’s
only smaller for the sketching I’m gonna know start with the raw umber and white
I missing why to the wrong person what so that it’ll become lighter and it’s
very important to use lighter colors for the sketch so that I can cover it it
varied colors like yellow it’ll be lighter and it’ll be good and I’m gonna put rice in here here just
to live email my son well love each year it shall be my point
yeah yeah so just put the point here I can do something like this some this lines will be outside one we
have a death this one yeah
that’ll be okay and vertical nine one day another line here and also here yeah I can also make it a little smaller
that yeah until I just and I’m gonna put this all here another
line here so this is how you create perspective if you have some some
buildings there like this one not this one you can also use a smaller
building like this one we go great another line if you are using
pencil that will be fine that’s better currently it smells smaller or bigger
buildings you can get now instead the roof I’m
gonna make the roof a little longer like that this would be a little confusing
but I can see the lines there and I know where I’m gonna do it I’m gonna put all
those details so here I’ll say to put some I have to put my other night here I don’t like some door on this part and this is called one
put one point perspective everyone for this important issue new pain houses or
whatever you want to put there we will put some flowers here favorite flowers and I put something here
on this part yeah this is like a big flowerpot we plan to you I’m gonna put some pants
okay there Undine on the other hand I’m going to
put another house here that’ll be a little partner you can also make it a little smaller okay yeah yeah
and this one here I’m gonna put a small one so a smaller one here a little higher so this will be a little
confusing everyone what I think you can do it also most important little details here
something a tree sure yet yeah we also put some house here yes little building just a small beeping smoke type yeah okay so this is it so you have now some PC
sketch now I’m going to put some harder lines so here so I have them right this
will be required here yeah
I’m using the Whomper for the guides and then our lights from from the home
from the left side I want this part to be really heat with good light and these
flowers here yeah I want this part to be really key have a good night’s that will
be my plan and also some pathway here and also needs to put some rocks on the
pathway yeah okay there I gotta put some trees here I’d like to
put some cheese the copper is a plate to cover some
parts here with this you’d three and put the lights I like to make it dark okay
so I’m gonna start now straight those cuts I’ll try to start between our
coloring if it takes me time just 11 minutes for for our just sketching and I
will make some wonderful sky so I’ll be using some little and white on D yeah and then I’m gonna put some white yeah and some purple I’m gonna use the red
blue in and white I’m gonna make it a little purple so this is no much
everyone I’ll just make it a little later
maybe later obviously a smaller brush which is the
number eight man for brush and they have here some blue and red
give me some purple the raddest the fighter picture being more purple yeah okay I’ll be using a lighter one so white and
blue here have you seen at the color for this part of a bitch and I think I need the second course
where this one yeah
there yeah I still need some second thoughts and then going to some yellow bro umber
yeah and red and white I’m gonna put colors on the page should be some brown
light brown I’m gonna put it here yeah okay you know what Browns here this will be
some soils on the side of the pathway again you start okay yeah okay that’s it
so I’m gonna make this I’m gonna mix for a little so here you have amber blue and
white so we’re doing now is just the
underpainting so don’t worry everyone we’re just doing it under painting later
we can start the beautiful Beatles geez here now and then this one here will be very
little dark but it should be great so I may use new red-and-white so it will be
a little gray yes so I’m gonna use the raw umber it was purple but I mean a new smoke
plume you should not put red everyone okay now her just pure white spark will
be hit by a really great light beautiful sunlight so it’ll be very bright okay and again I’m gonna mix for a
little bluish or green yes what a nice part here this part will be a little
dark those are here damn under this one so I’ll just put some
little dark here so it seems that the cover by other scrubber by some shades
of casting shadow so I’ll just put lights half of this part of this
building in some way and wait here yeah okay yeah I supposed to be straight sorry father yeah okay so I think I will start now detail
detailing so what I was still need to put some colors here white are we using
little – yes but yeah what I do white for the highlights yeah I should okay so it’s a little wet but hmm I just
have to to cover it with other colors nothing also here blue and blue and
remember so I’m gonna cover it again Musa here I’m going to put plans here
later and I don’t know everyone this is just
another painting so we will try to admit a little people feel some pain to me my mmm I left okay so I was I thought some secret thoughts on the sky so here
I have the blue the red and white I’ll put some dark colors here the man is part a little doctor yeah okay
and then I’m gonna use some orange abusing some yellow red and white yeah like to put some orange in the sky to
make it more look like an afternoon Kathir okay yeah and I gotta support some lighter
Purple’s over here yeah thank you I need to blame on this part to make it
look smooth yeah I have know some beautiful yellowish
guys away I will just make this part a little right there and that’s so obviously orange I just
get a little dream of something more orange color yeah there love it and also this one I think I need to plane it all very well
okay finish it so we have known a beautiful
sky and I will start I didn’t details under on the water Percy
so I have here raw umber and red domain sorry everyone blue and red it should be
blue and red but I draw white I will not make it
under – how to blend it house mukthi yeah it’s
very smart and I still have to put some rice on but
it’s very very smooth down and I have to make the water really good
blue so obvious in blue and E and white here so you have to explain well like this
yeah and then some white make it a little
lighter and the shallow part should be light this one yeah touch it okay so and on the beach I’m gonna put the
lighter color so here yellow red and white I’m using the same brush this is
the number 8 class brush I just have to blend it here let me get local really smooth and then
I’m gonna use white and red there okay now I will start any samples dr. Thomas
or something like that so here I’m going to prefer yeah I’ll start adding some number so to
make some take wait some darker tones here for the wrong that’s wrong here yeah
I know let’s not forget but they’ll discover it on liter so for
that matter horse yeah and here II but I’ll cut this one here with a little
because I also need to put some shadow furs where the shadow gonna hit so I’ll
be using this light grayish color here so it’s gonna get a little here yeah yeah and also here Sylvie’s it’s not so easy
everyone so it will be a little complicated for the beginners it’s also
good if you try this one a potato dark shades here on his part
yeah and this part will be dark and also here so neither chateau yeah yeah so if it’s very unclear for
you now so just about me I just watching what they can do here
for an hour okay okay so I’ll take the put sunroof first I’m gonna use some red I relate
they’re brown really smell and white really little yellow so you know this one here okay Hyundai anything some British wrong
for this one yeah okay and then I’m gonna use some math agree
yes oh just put something here this will look like a fence yeah I forgot where’s the point that I think it’s here
another know where I’m gonna put my friends or something purple because like
this one I just use my eyes everyone so does hurt
me if you can forget where the point of perspective so I have to imagine it if
it looks good enough okay it’s almost one hour and I’m still here I’m still
far from the truth yeah so I think I will start now adding some details so
first I won’t never mean to put it here I’m gonna put some lights I’m gonna put
some white now this part will be hit by the night yeah so here’s a pope or shades on the
part it will not be suit light I’ll put also some darker shades but
it’ll be a little lighter not so dark so this is the shadow from here yeah I
think that would be okay they managed some raw umber and blue and some local now yeah so I’ll just make that part darker
I’m going to put chains something can also put some some ninth there but they look like some so I’m gonna do some weight I’ll make it look like there’s there is
this part are some say means or or it is concrete you can also use pallet knife
for this one a very quiet night by the knife is better for this job but I
discover some parts here so it will be rubber also later yeah
I’m getting some white to pure white for this part also just like that generate big big
colors make sure you’re seeing some pallet
knife there yeah also here open up with the light
color okay so we have know some some some
highlights here I will put some colors in the pathway anyway you can use the
very thick paintings or you can actually use a palette knife yeah I’m here I’ll put some crashing waves here a
little crossing waves in the distance there dream so far it looks nice not so
perfect but for me it looks nice and easy I’m gonna put some more thickness yeah I’m gonna use some raw umber white
in yellow I’m gonna put it there for this battery here I’m gonna put some
very very bright so well sorry but we yes there I love the lights here yeah
but will justify the data okay okay so I’ll continue so I will put more
highlights I will put more nights here because I really love to see how this
light works and I’m gonna put some little light here the reporter is almost
is white there’s a very bright color here there you can okay now I’m going to start adding more
a plaintiff details so I’ll start first reading and adding some on doors so here
I’m gonna have the romper in blue to make it click attack of course and I’ll
put it here there but I’ll just cover this for later on –
it’ll be useless I’ll put the victory here and first I need to make sure that this
party’s looks kid so I’ll just what it is on his part
first I’m gonna put some shadow like this one yeah Hey
other things have finally put some not a window here okay let’s see some doors I’m gonna use a little lighter color a
degree yes causing a little put also some a staccato here you know so far I love it and then I
think I would still literally feel some pain to my palate don’t want orange didn’t okay yesterday to put some tree here so I’ll
put the tree first so mr. Humber and a blue taking apology here there d Alice only I also need to put some tree
here in the back right so I’ll be mixing some yellow and blue
to make some greens so here you can use the topping technique so here is that over do it everyone so
make sure that your upstairs space annex –an darker color I’m gonna put yourself yeah yeah and also here I’m gonna put some plants
inside this fence or whatever this one yeah and also here I’m gonna put some
plants beside this besides pottery let’s have your plans okay that’s your stop being a punching
technical one here I love this wine and remember you isopods on plant here
beside the box this will be a little peak plant yeah Keeney sufferers of this way in a magic color blue yellow mother
green little red you know said they use a smaller brush
order is one per the bristle toothbrush so LBL mix another means and I will put it here yeah yeah okay now I’m going to start adding some
apprentice leaders make sure that you were gonna clean the
brush snow one are anything done so here I’ll be mixing blue and a little
red it’ll be a little purple and white yeah holding to put serum or the purple in his battery here it
will be a little purple at one I’m gonna add some weight
I’m gonna make it a little lighter yeah yeah
okay I’m gonna put a little brush I’m gonna put it here and also here I’m gonna make this part a
little wish to meet the light I’ll call colors meet it will actually make it
look more realistic yeah and also this one here yeah okay under the other one here I’m gonna make a shadow lowish got it okay for now it looks were really look
like their shadows in their pen I’ll have a look at it okay I want more
leather bluish nobody swim okay I’ll just add some bluish tone hard plenty of colors as you can see
there and those things are important also this will make this look more
realistic others are beautiful colors there yeah
yeah and at the blue tones okay and this one I’ll be you’re seeing
a smaller brush is the number one needle brush
oh no sorry about that number but is the number three flat brush and we’ll do
this right here unavailable for some hmm highlights white highlights yeah but he was smart actor all right
I’m sorry everyone so I move up firmly grab Mars yeah
and little bush but it
unlike yeah it’s great that there and also here
its ability to light there yeah and then on the pathway I’m going to put
some details like rocks and make it look like rocks or whatever as party just put some cracks here yeah okay we shall make sure that you wait
perspective on creating this big mincer or but we are her rocks on the pathway
so should have lectures and he should have our perspectives of the father one
would be lighter of course the worker occiput here it will become realistic make sure those cracks are not
solid so solid there you I really doubt the perspective here okay
and also I’m going to improve sparked here yeah it’s one hour 16 minutes and I’m still
powerful but so far it looks good and here I’m gonna put some crap
I was hitting third yeah so I’m gonna put some wrist color yeah hm and then I’m gonna use some white and
add some a little highlight here yeah okay so I’ll be using another bigger
brush and some blue bumper please yellow I think I’m gonna put some blue color to
make it a little darker I won’t make this to add bones to this
part it’ll be dark tones so that they can put contrast of this painting yeah let’s make sure that this part of good
lights a good I mean it’s dark there’s a park everyone
sorry yeah okay and I’ll be using some more bluish
and raw umber I was just make this point doctor hmm and of course here I’m gonna put some
red in remember where’s the door here gonna be red my crown and also here okay there and also I need to put some more darks and it’s a kettle blow is great for his
part here to create some shadow yeah okay and then in a foot more remember
how this part to be dark this one also okay and then I’m gonna put some pure white
here you can also take great textures yeah mm-hmm sure that is very bright I
want very bright color to make it look really the sun is shining the partner yeah and then I’m gonna use some I will just
use this color it is the number three Nunavut brush and I have
here the blue and the yellow I will put more blueish and white to here I’m gonna put some leaves on
this I’m planning to put some flowers in this plant here so
I’ll just use some distrust greater details one big one on the Leafs also here okay this one other time is and I’m not done
yet and then I’m gonna do some yellow I’m gonna put on yellow here and wait I mean put light here just one by one everyone yeah I mean I’m gonna die it’s right there yeah wait a little light also here also great process or whatever nonce you
can put here you still all up the everyone yeah okay I’m gonna use some light
yellow color and also put some highlights yeah he yeah so for everyone any let the
highlights on this one I’m gonna put some pink flowers under that tree there first I’m gonna put some red I’ll be
using the same brush you’re some red yeah and then I’m gonna add some white
to make it pink yeah I think I’m gonna need book form or
everyone yeah thank you the screen okay so I’m
gonna make more to put more flowers but I’m gonna make it a little darker the
pink I’m gonna put it here okay so this part should be dark because
there’s no light hitting this part here so I wanted to be these yeah so I really love the light on this
one because you can see clearly where the Sun City okay so so far let’s see it
okay so I think I’m going to try to pass this one I’m gonna put some more
branches I’m gonna do my best to make it as realistic as possible so I’ll be
using the number one in the brush and I have here some amber and blue make
sure it’s very fluid so that they can create some more branches again overlap yeah I’ll just put more branches there he and I want to add more goons or I
mean back tones on the other side here so I’ll be using the ombre in the blue
so we’ve seen these colors to call us will create a darker color little old
news like that but it’s not enough we’re also here and I’m going to put a
little cut there and they also if you have a palette knife one you can
as well use your palette knife but this time I’ll just use all brush for this
better bit palette knife and I could create those good tones there yeah okay so I’m going to put highlights on the
trees but first I’m going to put some branches here industry it’s almost it’s one hour 30 minutes and
nothing yet but it’s wet so I’m gonna add more the man see how that tree trunk make sure that your brush is pointed to create those tiny branches to here damn okay also before I forget I should put
some a little shadows need to put some glue on my and white let’s start there so I’m gonna add some
point we need to put some cast a shadow I read
it better plans on a part of the what they call this fence there I think so far that this kid Hey okay so I think I’m gonna put some
handouts in the tree tree trunk so my name is this raw umber with a little
bluish color here a little light yeah because of my colors here it will fully
reflect to this part here okay and we shouldn’t forget some
highlights coming from the Sun so I should produce white one burn yellow and
red I’m gonna put it here okay now I’m going to add some
highlights on there and leaves so I’m gonna use my yellowish tone and white
have you seen the number three you’ve got brush and here basic technique you
can use the tapping technique so all the highlights would be from the
left side okay so I mean they’re not what we do it cut up
Baltimore here because it should be dark here okay so next I’ll be using your
number eight la pêche need some yellow and white I’m gonna put highlights here I mean the highlight should be on the
left side yes literally stopping the wonderful
part great those highlights there there those are him but they put highlights on this planet there okay so what would we what doesn’t get up what’s here huh I
think I’m gonna put a boat so I think I’m gonna put the boat first
year it will be the bottle be my main point on this painting so it’ll be
pretty nice okay so I’ll Drive I’ll be using a smaller battery this is the
number one minor brush and I’m gonna use some blue I want it to be a blue color I’m gonna put it here always and always care for everyone for
the perspective not really yeah I think you may be bigger a little
Peter okay
yeah how try this one so I’m going to put some dark sheets first yeah and they may put the memory and somewhat to make it a little later they never leave some pure white yeah
and then I’m going to put some put some cast a shadow so when he was a little
brownish here but I’m going to make it a little lighter that isn’t white anybody else a little dark don’t yeah let’s go
and then I’m going to put Sam there’s something in there and then the further part of the ocean
I’m gonna put the move in there first I’m gonna use some white
it’s a sailing boat so also all the put a little reflection
okay not so much a little three-year scholar I’m not put too much colors in there okay so it’s almost one hour and 50
minutes well I think I am understand I’m
thinking what I’m going to add or something
but for me I’m contented I wanted to make the boat read so that is looking
they really really you can trust our attention but I’m not sure what it was
yeah I think Joe is good but I’m going to put a little sign in the vault just
to make it more visible not a staff to everyone if you want to put other colors
still up to you yeah something like that hey I’m gonna
your song right there later on green color or yellow green and
I’m gonna put some grasses here this part we will hit by the sunlight so
expected that is per to be a little light there and when I use some light there’s a little everyone has make it
look like the leaves are clapping magic yeah well those are here at this time it will be a little smaller
compared to this one here and also I’m with the mix for a darker
loose color so I’m gonna put some grasses or so but this time these classes are not
light so it was not hit by sunlight okay okay everyone so it’s 150 minutes finish
it for all stars so I think I am so far I’m containing the result and yeah it’s
good look scared maybe I’ll just retard s’more but I’m gonna do it offline I
think this one is good for tutorial so you can you’re not calling put it on
your own and I think you can put it to this it’s not so you see but I will
actually challenge the beginners so to try this one because this will be really
good and it’ll be challenging and can learn a lot from this one study their
colors the lights set the lights so that’s one thing that will render them
this one to put good lights and make it look more there’s training pride on this
spinach okay everyone so I wanna say thank you for watching this video today
and I hope you get something out of this and my only advice is to keep on
practicing keep on painting the more you do it the more you so breaths the more
you will know how to mix the colors that’s why I’m using limited colors a
palette because I want you to learn to know the mix and get the decide kenosha
one so place it like assume comment subscribe for videos in the future
ok once again thank you have a nice thing can be shown all the glory and
honor and peace is always belongs to the