Hi, today I want to show you how I will make this ball out of plastic. I fold paper in half on the horizontal axis. Now I will fold paper across and I will make a small mark Now I will fold paper oposit direction and I will make a mark in middle Now I will fold paper at right angle and I will cut paper. Now I put this corner on the left side to mark in middle and I will fold this paper back to the folder side. No I will fold this corner on the right side to the folder side and this is last fold and now I will cut arc. this is will be only half of the petal and I will make a small hole in the middle. And here is pattern for flower. Now I will cut a plastic bottle and and I have here strip from plastic bottle and I will transfer pattern on the plastic. and I will cut out flowers. and I need 12 flowers from plastic. Now I will paint flowers with nail polish. and on the back side flowers I use nail polish without color and I will sprinkle it with glitter I will make a hole in the middle only on one flower. I use ribbon and I will make a knot. Now I will make a small cut through petals. These cutting must be only halfway petals. and now I will compose flowers together. and last step I use glue and gliter to decorate a ball out of plastic. and I finished this ball out of plastic bottle and it’s again from recycling material. Please subscribe to me or leave me message what you think and you can leave me message what you want see next time – in next video. See you next time. Bye