Hi, I am Chitrotpola Mukherjee, speaking on
behalf of Expert Village. I am from India. I want to show you another way of doing sculpture
with clay. Take a mound of clay, the size will depend on what you want to make. Use
your hands to prod and shape the clay into the shape you want. You continue pressing
and molding the clay until the shape and size you desire has been attained. Your shape is
complete and you are ready to hollow it out. Taking a scraper, you will choose a spot on
the piece to begin removing clay. You will continue scraping bits of clay until your
piece is hollow inside. Another method to hollow out your shape is done prior to building
the piece. You could build a frame of coils, made of easily removable material. You would
craft your shape around this frame and then remove the frame prior to firing. Your piece
must be hollowed out by one of these methods before it is put into the kiln. The most important
thing about firing terracotta sculpture is heat distribution. Your piece should be placed
in the kiln in a manner that allows the heat to freely circulate. If items are crowed and
the heat circulation is not balanced your piece will crack.