Hello. I am Chitrotpala Mukherjee from Oxpace,
India and I am talking on behalf of Expert Village. The very interesting this is that
they clay is not the same everywhere. You have black clay in some parts of the country;
you have red clay in some parts of the country. You have the kind of badifi clay which is
very, very gooey and very, very sticky kind of thing so sometimes you have to use some
other materials like stone, crushed stone, feldspar, to make it more grainy. Depending
on what exactly you want to make, the basic element is clay, but the mixture is also important.
And the other thing important in talking about the mixture is the proportions. You have to
get the right proportions for the particular kind of clay that you are going to use. And
that, I think, most of the people who have been doing this over the years have learned
very naturally. They have inherited it from their fathers and forefathers whereas a lot
of our young boys have been trained in schools and colleges have learned it there, the right
mixture. Thank you.