When I was a kid I used to make paper boats during the rains, and float them in a large puddle that collected outside my grandmother’s place. [The] basic origami boat is another model that many children come across, and we forget as adults. Let’s float back down memory lane. The basic paper boat uses a rectangular sheet, so if you’re using traditional square origami paper cut off a strip to make it the right shape. Keep it in portrait format in front of you, that’s tall, and then fold it down in half, like this. Next, you need to fold it in half again, along the width. That’s four layers of paper, so make sure the creases are as neat as can be. Unfold it and fold one of the top half edges down to the centre crease, like so, to form this triangle. And mirror the same on the other side. You now have two loose flaps of paper at the bottom. Fold the top one upwards. Flip the model over and do the same on the other side. This is now almost a perfect triangle except for these little extra bits at the end. Fold them over the edge of the triangle, to make it a clean triangle. You can see that it’s hollow at the bottom, so grab the two ends and fold it flat like this, to form this square. Take one of the loose ends of the square and fold it in half towards the opposite corner. And do the same on the other side to form this small triangular shape. This again is hollow on the inside, so open it up. And flatten it into a smaller square, like we did before. At the other end are two triangular ends — corners — which you can pull apart to form the boat. And then fold down the bottom of it. You’ll see this triangular shape in the middle, which is hollow. Open it up. Which helps the boat stand more stably, and also float. And there you have a basic paper boat. Try it out.