Hi I am Sofia from Jessali Handmade and today
we are going to be making paper garlands. As you can see here they are really really
pretty, they are great for weddings or birthday parties. You can make them in a variety of colours,
this one is sort of a pastelly metallics one but you chose any colours you like. They are super easy to make and the only things
you need are, tissue paper in what ever colour you want, scissors, some twine, a glue gun,
a pen or pencil and a ruler. Right, so the first thing you need to do is
get your whole sheet of tissue paper and you are going to fold it three times, once length
ways and twice width ways. So once length ways, try and get it as neat
as possible just to help with cutting bit. Width ways for the second fold, and then width
ways again. And then you want it portrait so long ways
with the fold at the top so you have the opening at this end because that’s where you are going
to cut from. So first you are going to measure two inches
from the top and that is the line where we are going to cut up to, so you don’t really
want it to show so lets make a small mark. And then you are going to cut strips up to
that, roughly up to that measurement about 1 and a half centimetres of half an inch. It doesn’t have top be perfect though because
you want it to look rustic, and you won’t see the neatness of the cuts either. Once you have got all the cuts all the way
along you then need to open it out again, so we are going to open it this way out and
you will notice that where you cut the last one that is double and that is where you are
going to cut up because you make two tassels per one sheet of paper. So we are going to cut up that folded bit. So they are completely in half. So move one out of the way, so we will do
this one first. So you just want to open it out so that the
non cut section is in the centre, and then you are just going to roll form one end to
the other. So try to do this as soon as possible, it
is not going to be a perfect roll but this is the centre where we are going to make the
loop. Just be gentle that you don’t rip the paper
when you, so, then you end up with a rolled bit in the centre. So then all you are going to do is roll the
centre, so you are going to twist it together just to make it stay. So twist form the bottom of those cuts all
the way along to the other side so now you have got the same thing but with a twist in
the middle like that. And then all you do is bring the two ends
together and you are just going to put a bit of glue with the glue gun there and glue it
together. So I am just going to put a blob of glue with
the glue gun on this side and then join the centre together. Hold it for a coupe for a couple of seconds,
it will dry super quick. And there you have it. One finished tassel. Once you have you got your paper tassels we
are now just going to cut some string, so I am going to cut mine to about 2 meters,
but it doesn’t have to be perfect. But you can cut yours to however long you
want it, obviously the more length you have of your string the more tassels you have to
make. So once you have your finished tassels you
just want to slot that on the string together in what ever pattern you like and it is ready
for hanging. For more craft videos visit silverlinetools.com