Hello and welcome to another Tuesday of tutorial.
Today I’m going to draw a tree. I begin by marking very lightly
the general shape of the tree. This also helps me make sure
it is going to fit on the paper. Having this guide, I start drawing it for real. This is going to be an old tree with character. I erase the lines that I don’t need anymore. I do exposed roots. I form both these roots and the branches
by doing short straight lines. On this side I’ll draw two more trees of a different kind, for this I keep using straight lines. I go back to my old tree. I don’t fill this flatly, as in addition
to the normal shadows, it will have knots and recesses. I am using fine grain drawing paper, that means that it has texture,
which is ideal for the trees. To get this effect, I’m using a fairly flat lead. If it were very sharp, I couldn’t get as much texture. To give the sense of atmospheric
perspective and depth, we will have a first plane with our
old tree with intense values. Then we will have a second plane with middle tones
and lastly a soft background. I draw the leaves in clusters and with shadows
on the bottom part of these and soften with the brush as needed,
specially the background, to make it a little bit blurry. I reinforce the tree as, remember,
it needs to stand out from the rest. With a kneaded eraser I do a foggy effect. To see it, I will have to darken the hill. Here you have three cypresses, an other kind of tree. This is of the family of the pine. Remember, the further back the lighter it needs to be. I feel I need to darken still my first plane. I don’t really see a difference between the middle plane
and the background, so let’s handle that. Ok, now it’s done. Please, in the comments, let me know
what do you think about it. If you enjoyed it please give it a like
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