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tutorials I can, every Tuesday. And today we will draw
a Swarovski crystal bear. I hope you like it. We begin by sketching the general
shape of the body, with lose strokes. Then I draw the head,
the snout, and we give it a little bit more detail,
the legs… very good! Let´s correct the face and
make the eyes, ears, etc. And then continue with the paws. I think this leg ended up
a little bit longer, let´s do it better. With the lower part, more or less
like this. When we are happy with the
overall general shape, we can start doing smaller
and smaller parts. I do not recommend doing
detail from the beginning because then you may find
that the overall shape was wrong and you
have to erase all your work. With the kneaded eraser
or with any other eraser we can clean up the lines
that we are not going to use. Having the correct outline
the first thing that we are going to do is to bring
some lights. I´m using a dry pastel pencil,
so it is like chalk. I will do the rest of the drawing
with color pencils. But as this pastel doesn´t hold
on the oily surface that they leave we need to get this in, first. Ok, now we begin using
the color pencils, starting with the black. We use it to draw the nose,
the eyes, and some dark reflections. Drawing crystal is very fun! And to achieve a realistic
shimmering effect, one needs to lay in real lights with a bright white
and very darks. The white of the color pencil set,
is not as bright, is the one that I am using here to do some
light tones, but not as brilliant as those I made with the pastel. This figure will have a lot of
facets and cuts. With many reflections. We can achieve them with
different tones of gray, some lighter and some darker
as well as with the white and with the black. Here we draw some squares and
triangles with a light gray. If you are copying this,
you don´t need to do it identical, you can create your own shapes. And down here we set
in some darker ones. I like it how it is looking,
how it is taking shape, and life of itself. The list of materials is in
the description of the video. Let´s go onto the last area. We should also use other
colors, such as a light blue and things like that,
so that not everything looks gray. It is important to also draw
reflections and some shadows on the surface. We give it the last touches
… and it will be ready! If you enjoyed it, please give it a LIKE,
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if you wish you may donate [smiles] and I will see you, on Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo