Hi, Tom here and in this Circle Line Art School video I will show you one way to draw a cloister in one point perspective, a
cloister is a covered walkway or arcade, this drawing is based on the cloisters at
Lacock Abbey that was used for the filming of some of
the Harry Potter scenes, for this one point perspective drawing, first draw a
straight horizontal line across the middle of your page, this is the horizon
line in one point perspective and all parallel lines that are going away from
us will look that they meet at a vanishing point on this horizon line, for
this particular drawing we can place a vanishing point on the right, as the
cloister is going to be going towards the right, next draw a rectangular box around
your vanishing point, the rectangle needs to be wider than it is high as it will
be the proportion of the shape of the closer, next draw a series of lines from
our vanishing point through each of the corners of our rectangle, in this drawing we’re only using one vanishing
point, that is why the drawing is called a one-point perspective drawing, now I will draw a series of vertical lines on the left, getting closer together as they go towards the vanishing point and each of the vertical lines starts
and stops between the diagonal lines which go to our vanishing point, next draw a faint horizontal
guideline from the base of these vertical lines, going right and then when they
touch the right side diagonal, then we can draw new vertical lines going up,
which should be the same as the vertical lines on the left, we could now erase the
center of the rectangle and then add an archway with a point, a gothic archway, as
they have points at the top of them and then use
the diagonal for the baseline we could draw another archway beyond the first
one… next draw a straight line going up from
the middle of our rectangle and this can be the high point of the curve of the
roof of the cloisters, if you extend this vertical line up, we
can use it for the high point of each of the curves of the roof,
each curve goes from one vertical line to the opposite vertical line on the other side, next we can double up the thickness of
the vertical lines, the columns, on the left, and then draw some lines from the
vanishing point and using these new diagonal lines as guidelines for the
details that we can now add, as we have the basic shape of a gothic style
cloister, all of the vertical lines in this drawing needs to stay vertical and
all of the horizontal lines that are going away from us need to look like if
they continued they go all the way to the vanishing point, for this drawing I’m
using a 4b pencil, if you would like to learn more about drawing please visit my
website: www.circlelineartschool.com, Thank you very much for watching this
drawing tutorial, I hope you found it useful for your own drawings, if you
would like to learn more about drawing please visit my website: www.circlelineartschool.com