Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and today
we will draw the head of a golden eagle with this gorgeous fountain pen from Montegrappa. This model is the Crowned Skull. Underneath this pad we find the manual. Let´s pull it out…. and look, what a beauty! it is full of skulls! [laughter] polished skulls, and look there’s a lock with a shape of a heart, a rose and up there there is a key,
it must be the key to the secret luck. On the cap, it has a King or Queen
with the crown and some jewels on it, some
red crystals. And of course it says Montegrappa. This particular one has a broad nib which if we use applying no pressure,
it makes a mark like this, but if we apply some pressure to it,
it goes a lot wider. And if we use the back of the tip,
it is really thin! so we have quite a range to work with. Good! let’s begin by very lightly marking the size and the overall shape of the head, then the beak, it is a very large and hooked beak, which will be open like this. And the intense eye. I’m drawing with the back of the nib
to get a light sketch first, and once I’m happy, I turn the pen around
for a thicker line. Notice that the upper part of the oval
of the iris, is covered while the bottom part is all visible. I fill in the pupil all black
leaving a white reflection, and then we do thin concentric lines
on the iris. Now we can begin drawing the feathers,
but first let’s shade a little bit the area of the eye. The feathers between the eye and the beak are very very thin! almost like little hair. First we sketch the shape of the feathers
and then we can come back, and give some shading. I have to say this pen really draws wonderfully! and no, this tutorial is not sponsored
by anyone, but Montegrappa did give me the pen to test it out and say honestly what I thought …and what I think is that it is simply perfect!
it really can’t be any better! it flows wonderfully, fills great, the nib has the right spring
and softness, it´s fantastic! I drew a dotted line to divided
the area of shade and then shaded it. Now I continued with the feathers,
of course leaving lighter the ones on top of the head
as they catch more light. And within the individual feathers,
we also see that the tips are lighter, while the backs can catch more shade so we darken with hatching and crosshatching. Like so… The upper part of the folded wing,
has small and soft feathers. Which we can achieve with short lines
in slightly different directions. Mankind has been fascinated by golden eagles,
since the beginning of recorded history … that is forever! [laughter]. They are beautiful, powerful,
smart, and they are great hunters! They can fly up to 190 kms. an hour,
that’s 120 miles an hour, which makes them one of the fastest animals on earth. Very good! ¡Excelente! It´s ready! Please let me know what do you think,
and what else do you like me to draw, for you. If you enjoyed the video
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on Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo