Hi, my name is Gary Mitnik. I’m a sculptor
here in Sedona, Arizona, and I’m here on behalf of Expert Village. All right, I’m going to
bring this right out here. Here’s the Renior cut up. There’s no robe. There’s no arm. Same
thing on the other side. No arm, no robe, the leg is cut off as I explained before.
Now, inside this shell, this is a shell that is uncooked, is the wax which was over there.
There was a metal plate that was on the bottom, and there’s the funnel. All this is wax and
the whole thing is wax encased inside it. It’s kind of like when you bread chicken and
you don’t wash your hands, back and forth in the buttermilk, but we let it dry between
each coat until we get the proper thickness of a little over a quarter of an inch. This
takes a week. So, from an original to a mold: two weeks. Gating: a week to fill the room.
Slurry: a week. So there you’re already at a month. And then what we’re going to do is
we drill these small relief holes to relieve wax pressure when it gets burned up, otherwise
the shell cracks. I’m going to bring this back in here so we can keep it temperature