Hi humans! Today i want to invite you to see all the
creative process behind one of my images You are going to see how i took the photo and created this This is gonig to be so much fun cause is the
first time i’ll show you how i make my self-portraits. Okay, we are here, back home. We are shooting in the livingroom. I think this corner over here works fine. I really like this lamp with the blond lady
holding a cat. So we are adding this to the frame. This lamp will illuminate me directly and
this large window with beautiful light coming in will do the rest. Now we need to talk about props. I brought a lot of options to choose from
but we’re only going to need a shirt, a vest and this pillow stuffing, actually this is
the same pillow stuffing that i’ve used to make some of my favorite pictures. I kinda feel like we are friends or something,
sounds weird i know but i’m very fond of it. Now you know what we are using so let’s move
all this furniture and make some test shots I took away all the other objects cause i
want all the attention on the subject and the lamp. I do this now cause i don’t have a clear idea
of the composition and pose, and since this is a self portrait the only way to see how
it looks besides my imagination, of course, is to make this test. In order to achieve the ilution that my arm
is missing, i hid it inside my shirt and then with the other hand placed all the stuffing
inside the vest. I only need this as a reference cause i can make it look better in Photoshop
if i need to. Wait a sec before you say something, i know
i should have done this before, with both of my arms, but i totaly forgot. Since in this concept i’m a rag doll i want
to make the most uncomfortable pose as possible. But i have to show my right arm so the lack
of my left arm is more obvious. That means i can only play with my legs. Also, you probably notice that when i lean
closer to the table and the lamp my face is more illuminated and the result is more interesting
and appealing. The way i work when i’m making a self-portrait
is pretty much always the same, i take some photos, stand up, go back to the camera, see
the photos i took and start again till i feel that i have the main shot. I did this back and forth and back and forth
like six or seven times in 30 minutes. During the shoot i realized that i could make
a story behind this picture because i have two interesting characters, i have the porcelain
girl and the rag doll boy. So with that in mind i started brainstorming
and this idea came up to me: they have a relationship and it has been a really hard relationship
cause they have too many diferences like she’s too small, he’s too big. She’s made of porcelain and he’s not. But they went trought all that in the past,
the real, actual problem is that even tho she is made of porcelain, he’s the one is
broken. So i decided to make her give the back to the camera so it looks like they are having
a conversation. a background story for yout pictures cause
this will give you more material to work with. I can’t even begin to explain how much i needed
my arm to finish this picture but i think i have done it, i think i made it. Now i have my arm back and that’s quite nice, so i think we are done, i just need to organize all this again and then i’ll edit this picture. This is the original image i chose to edit. And those are other pictures i took of the
place so i could make the composition bigger in Photoshop And then i started making some arreangements,
firs i had to hid the sleve of the shirt and if you pay attention you’ll se that the vest
is a little bigger than it should and that’s because my arm is inside it. Also there are some details we need to clean
like the wire from the lamp, the floor and to do this i used the patch tool. Now let’s work on the missing arm. The imagen i’ve chosen doesn’t have any stuffing
on it so i just took another picture that does have the stuffing and replaced it. I also added some threads and some fabric
but i removed that later on cause i think is too distracting. Now let’s colour correct. Just when i started editing i made some color
corrections to have a better idea of what i was doing and since this story talks about
an impossible relationship i think the blue should be present, that away it will have
a very cold and distant mood. To color correct i always use lots and lots
of layers that way i can achieve exactly what i want. I use brightness and contrast, hue and saturation,
curves and some others. Actually i’m planning to make a video about
the color correction let me know if this is something you want to see. We’re almost done now, but seeing the picture
made me realized that the porcelain girl should be bigger so let’s do exactly that. And that’s it friends this is the final image. I really, really hope my process helps you
have a better idea of how to make and edit selfportraits, i’m planning to make more videos
with tips and tutorials so subscribe if you like this video. Thanks for watching.