Dealing with data is still way too complex As a data consumer, I want instant gratification meaning I want the right content at the right time in the right format on the right device, we really developed a highly unorthodox yet fully standard product just called well stands for zero app zero account rock-solid content
sharing you could call it a paper bag for digital content each bag is represented by a unique URL which you can embed as a link or attach as a QR
code it works on any device and it’s fast simple and free Esoptra is working on solving the problem of last mile data delivery it’s it’s a term which
is not sold extensively in the market so of course they go through this phase
of discovery and then implementation, refactoring and solutioning while they are doing this innovation is very important because of course, you want to save on cost you want to save an effort you want to have the best productivity
and unless you innovate you will not achieve all this so to be able to achieve all this we have innovation in various you know innovation is factored into the DNA where it’s business innovation and
technical innovation or process innovation we are very open and working
with Esoptra to achieve that we are a startup company a startup company is something very different from an established company that has a plan for
a year that is being split up in small pieces we’re planning is easy we can
look maybe six weeks ahead that makes things very difficult and for
for us but also for a company like DevOn in order to help us with with planning we were absolutely able to build a what we call a ‘Pluglet factory’
where the team could easily build the plugin functions for our platform
they could provide the quality and the support that we that we needed and the team in India
has been continuously able to deliver the proper feature set
the proper level of quality and that’s very important for us
it’s fun to work with the guys with both the management team the individuals I
work with them on a daily basis we have a very open and a trust relationship so as you can see we use a lot of modern video conferencing tools to make sure
that we have a close collaboration we often call to make sure that we’re on
the same page so that works out really well and also gets a really close relationship with the Indian team that way DevOn doesn’t
just do what I asked that’s very important they challenge me
they don’t just execute they’re a partner in developing the solutions
it’s not just an execution engine