Hey there tiktakers, welcome to a new #ScaryTuesday. Today we’re going to make a video that you’ve
been asking for a lot in the comments, the creepypasta of Hoodie. We know you also want Masky’s, so if this
video has a lot of likes, we promise to do it for next Scary Tuesday. As you all know, Hoodie’s creepypasta is inspired
by a character from the horror web series “Marble Hornets”, created by Troy Wagner and
inspired by Slenderman’s urban legend. We begin the story… It was Halloween at last. Brian was a young man eagerly awaiting this
day to enter his school’s costume contest. He thought about dressing up as Slenderman. At school no one knew him, he knew it was
an original idea and he could win the first prize. Brian was a bit shy, always wearing jeans
and a yellow hooded sweatshirt. But for the costume he asked his mother to
get him a dark suit, a tie and a white mask. When his mother came home from shopping, Brian
went to receive her excited. He checked the bags and was disappointed because
the suit wasn’t what he expected. -Mom, I told you it had to be black buttons,
not gold. -I’m sorry; honey, but I couldn’t find it. -And the mask had to be flat, with no eyes
or mouth. -There was no mask like that… You can always disguise yourself as something
else. Brian went straight to his room. He was angry. He wanted to disguise himself as Slenderman,
not a gentleman in a suit with a smiling face. He came up with the idea of searching Youtube
for a tutorial on how to make a good mask and he found one to make it with lycra. Then he went to the local haberdashery store
and left the order, but the order took three hours to finish. So his mother would have to take it to school
directly to get to the parade on time. Brian showed up in his costume at school and
his classmates looked at him without really understanding the costume. But he only cared that his mother would arrive
on time. Just as the principal was about to announce
the winner, Brian begged him almost crying to wait ten more minutes. After a while, his mother arrived with the
mask and, relieved, wore it. It didn’t look the way he expected and they
started laughing at his costume. Then they announced the winner, Peter Robinson,
who was a Werewolf. Brian went home upset. He wanted to go as Slenderman and worked hard
to prepare his idea. Every night before going to sleep he would
read his creepypasta, he knew everything about him. He even fantasized about meeting him in person. He thought of going into the woods and introducing
himself in his costume. After a few laps he sat down on a hopeless
log. He punctured his finger with a wood splinter
and drawn with fresh blood a symbol which was supposed to summon Slenderman. He reworked the circle several times until
something caught his attention. It was a dark, sinister sensation, as if someone
were watching him among the bushes. It was Slenderman, he was standing there motionless. -Come on, Slenderman! Come near me! Slenderman walked towards him. He pulled a thick black liquid from one of
his tentacles and drew a mark on Brian’s forehead. The exact same mark that Brian engraved with
his blood. Then he fainted. The next day he woke up in his room. He thought it was all a dream and went down
to the kitchen for breakfast. There his mother explained to him that he
had been found unconscious in the woods, with that strange mark on his forehead. Brian ran to the bathroom and looked in the
mirror and the symbol was still there, untouched. -I want you to erase that from your face. -But mother, I can’t. Slenderman did it to me. -Who is he? -Slenderman is real. And yesterday I was with him. His mother thought he was delusional and reluctantly
held him to wash his face with soap and mop. But the mark didn’t go. It looked like a tattoo. From the bathroom window he was surprised
to see in the garden a huge tree with a black trunk. It had never been there before, so they went
outside. His mother approached the tree and suddenly
two black tentacles popped out. It was Slenderman. One of them landed on Brian’s body, surrounded
him, and transformed him into a kind of black ski mask that completely covered his face. The other tentacle grabbed Brian’s mother
and left her on the ground lifeless. Brian was no longer himself, he had become
Hoodie. He went with Slenderman to Peter Robinson’s
house with a metal bar. And he retaliated for taking away his victory
in the costume contest. It all became a fuzzy memory for Brian. Today he doesn’t really understand what happened. And what Brian doesn’t know is that Hoodie
lives inside him, and anxiously awaits the orders of his master, Lord Slenderman, to
obey again.