Hello and today I’m gonna be showing you some hand stretches for artists that can help you get over some problems with your hands cramping Or having many problems when you’re drawing notice, there’s tension you don’t feel as you draw as if you can draw this smoothly or Have that flow with the way that you draw lines as you used to have now These stretches are just going to be very basic but I will get into more advanced stretches later on and I’ll probably be making more videos on stretches for artists and Different spreads you can do for the rest of your body But for this video what I want to focus on is just showing you the stretches first I’m not going to get into too much depth about the difference of what? Part of the muscle is stretching or the bone or any ligaments or any of that? I’m just going to show you the stretches and How they work for me and then later on if any of you have any questions about the stretches that I’ve done how this affects the hand and what muscles is stretching what tendons and everything else I can make other videos that we suffer from this specifically for those details, but for now Let’s go ahead and take a look at the different hand stretches that I have that will help you with dealing with hand pain from drawing or painting So the first stretch that I like to do with my hand is to take my thumb I place it on the inside of my palm here I have put my other fingers over this and then once I have my hand in this position I bend my wrist down as I do this. I feel a stretch in my thumb It goes through my wrist and stretches down into my forearm Now if you’re having a lot of problems with drawing and you notice that you have trouble when you’re holding your pencil and cramping there This will help with that. I actually had an injury at one point to this thumb It was when I was working out the machine I was on actually Was not Able to hold the weight that I was supposed to be able to do and the machine actually collapsed on me So I actually had a problem with this thumb and the tendon which I had injured, but anyways back to these stretches So let’s stretch as I said, it helps stretch this part of my hand and down through my forearm another stretch I’d like to do is Much more simple is you can just stretch your hand like that without having your thumb placed underneath it just have your hand that way and then as you’re doing this stretch hold it for about 30 seconds as Your hand is down and then release and you don’t want to do it to where there’s too much pain You don’t want to try and force the stretch I’ve seen some people try to do this stretch and you feel a lot of pain when they do this If it’s too painful to do a stretch and you actually feel like a really bad pain and it hurts too bad Then start out with an easier stretch for example if this one is too painful just start out with bending your wrist that way and Then you can work way up to having your thumb underneath and doing that stretch you can also do this stretch by taking a thumb that way and Moving our arm up. You’ll feel a stretch more on the inside Underneath the wrist as well. And if that’s too painful you can bend your wrist just that way and a stretch that I like to also do for my wrist is the part of the rest of Bin’s in this direction So as I’m doing it I take my hand and I just bend my wrist that direction to the left and I can also bend my hand to the right some And then I can go down and up as well So this is going to help you for when you’re resting your hands a lot. It’s always in that fixed position There is a bit of motion in your wrist going left and right and sometimes we forget to stretch that as well So just stretch that direction another way Now another way you can do the stretch is to put the thumb in the palm Your hand facing up put your fingers above that And then bend your wrist to the left and right and I notice when I do the stretch, I thumb on the inside And I go like that with my fingers above it covering my thumb, I’d feel a very good stretch in my um Side of my thumb there Above my wrist when he do it go slow. You don’t wanna go really quick. So just put your hand like that Then slowly go to the side and then you can go down and then up and to the right Now if you want a really good stretch for this you can take your thumb place them the hand side Put your fingers over it and then add your stretch to the left like that and so with your hand also bend your wrist back and You’ll feel a stretch on the bottom part and then the side there as well Now another stretch I’d like to do on this very simple is I just take my hand And I spread my hand out as far as possible all the fingers like that I’ll do that for about three seconds then every Lex And three seconds and then relax and What I’m doing this I can also rotate my hand this direction So you want your arm in a position to where it’s more like a 90 degree angle or just on the table? In a relaxed position or you can have your arm out So make sure that when you’re doing this you’re not your shoulder isn’t forward that you’re not doing anything That don’t makes the rest your body uncomfortable or makes this stretch not useful and that you’re causing pain another part your body so Now that I’ve done the stretch like that I can now Turn my hand face it down and I can do that stretch as well Another stretch for your fingers would be to take them Once you have them like this, you can just simply lift one of the fingers up Hold it for a few seconds. You can hold it for about 10 seconds. And then Relax move to the next finger Hold that up for 10 seconds And then relax and then do this for all the fingers one finger that uh For some people might be kind of it feels strange to try and move only that finger up is going to be that one and then move to the next one and do the same thing with your thumb and also, if you want to stretch these even further you can take your hand and Move the finger back Now what i’m doing here is my other fingers. I’m under this palm. I have them under there and then i’m just pressing upward and Remember do not push too hard. Just push enough to where there’s a stretch Now as you can see when i’m doing this i’m stretching the fingers on this side downward and i’m also stretching this finger upward So i’m getting two stretches and one so I can get twice as much done Then I can move to the next finger And then the next one and So on and so forth and then with the thumb you can do the same as well But with the thumb it’s a little bit different. You can have your hand like this. And then what you want to do is Press outward like that Pressing down and pressing this away and Then you can also take your thumb it and with your hand like this Bend the thumb back slightly and be gentle as you’re doing this as well and be careful not to press too hard Then you can do the same direction there’s been the thumb that way Which does it get me into another stretch that is similar to what you’re seeing right now Now with your hand like this you can help the dexterity of your hand and the flexibility of your palm and everything by taking your hand like this and just Pushing everything together Stretching all of the fingers now i’ve done this quite a bit. So my hands able to flex this way a lot and I can Flex it the other direction And that’s just from drawing for so many years. I’ve got to have flexibility in my hand so that I don’t get any cramps and Then the next stretch we can move to is stretching between your fingers So I just had my hand here there’s different ways you can do it you can have your hand under like this or above the easiest way is to type your hand like that and to stretch between the fingers like as so And then just do each of the fingers. You can hold them for 10 seconds and then move on to the next one Then another stretch is to just take each finger individually and to press down on that finger to stretch it And try to hold each of these for 10 seconds and then move on to the next finger And don’t forget to do this with your other hand don’t only do it with the hand that you draw with the most because we often forget about the other hand that we’re using because It’s not the one doing the drawing make sure you stretch that one as well because a lot of times when you’re drawing That hand is pressing on the paper or it might be really awkward positions while you’re painting or drawing it It’s the one that we tend to forget. So make sure your stretch both of your hands and not just one of them so another stretch I like to do is Stretching all the fingers at once and what I do is I take my hand like this and I will have my hand facing down and then with my hand downward I take my other hand and I pull all of the fingers back to get a stretch on all of them Now what you want to do when you’re doing this is try to keep your palm flat and only stretch the fingers and Then you can hold that for about 10 to 30 seconds And then another stretch is a variation of that is to do the same thing, but also to bend your wrist So you’re bending everything in the fingers and you’re also admitting everything in their wrist at the same time So you’re doing multiple stretches at once? then as you’re doing this you can then even take each finger and let go or take that finger and bend it downward and Also remember as you’re doing this to not apply the same amount of pressure as you’re moving to stretching less fingers Because you don’t want to hurt yourself My hand feels better already so Those are some of the stretches that I know at the moment for before I start my drawing I like to do these sometimes they even do it between My drawings if I have a drawing that’s longer Maybe it’s an eight-hour drawing and I want to get some stretching in between now what I’m drawing I always take a break every hour to get up and eat get a drink of water I’ll do some of my hand stretches and that helps alleviate any problems that I have as well but these are some of the stressors that have at the moment for my hands and I will be doing some tutorials and Showing you some different hand stretches and exercises for your hands and the rest of your body to help all the artists out there They’re having any problems with stress in their hands tightness or anything else But this is just a quick little Tutorial on that and I will be going into more depth about this in the future such as all the different bones The tendons and all the muscles in the hands in the different parts of the bodies For those of you that want to know more about the technical terms of it, but for now This is just beginning basics of some hamm stretches that I like to do for my doodles and everything else So if you liked this video give it a thumbs up if you want to Share it with your friends. And if you have any questions or anything else about anything art related you elect me to cover Anything you want me to draw go ahead Let me know in the comments below and I can get stir on that as soon as I can I’ve got a lot of videos. I’m editing and working on at the moment So if you do have a suggestion it might be a while until I get to it because I have pretty much thousands of videos to edit and to work on but anyways, just go ahead and let me know what you think if there’s any stretches you would like any drawings any reviews anything else and I will do my best to try to cover that as soon as possible and until then I hope you found these hand stretches helpful And they hope they really help you out and I will see you in the next video and you have a good day