Today I want to achieve the mood of a gilded image.
I was inspired by the paintings of Gustav Klimt. The canvas was primed with red and brown acrylic lacquer and dried. Instead of real gold, I use several cheap acrylic gold colors 🙂 With masking tape squares were made, which are painted with a broad brush. After drying I start with the next squares. Now comes the surprise when peeling off the adhesive strips. Well done, no color demolished and the edges are clean. So it goes on after drying again – you need a lot of time here! The next squares I paint with an offset of 90 degrees. By later visible brushstrokes the gold shines, depending on the light. Peel off the strips and … *hahaha* lucky After another day of drying I draw on the motif with charcoal. Now follow some Klimt-typical ornaments. To increase the luminosity I prime with white acrylic and paint then with red acrylic. The lines I paint with blue shellac ink. Now I paint some floral ornaments with black and white acrylic The portrait I have painted with oil colors. They cover good the golden acrylic paint. And so looks the final image. Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse.