welcome to sculpture studios we’ve got a
rather oversized item that we’re creating here that we’d like you guys to
focus on we’re really glad you’ve opted to join us for this spectacle of a
project here today we’ve been contacted by an optometrist Parant Bhudia who
along with Bejal his wife and business partner own and personally manage Hatch End Eye Care this is somewhat a less commercial and more intimate optician
specialist to make a real statement as part of their front of house display for
the business a piece of sculptural art will be installed by the front entrance
for this we’ve been commissioned to create a pair of spectacles at around 7
foot tall these will naturally be made from glass fiber and though there
shouldn’t really be anyone touching this in the public domain this will
eventually have metalwork installed to handle the wind loading and the off
chance that someone does see this as a climbing frame by which case they’re
definitely in the right place to get their eyes checked there we go Jerrica
making a spectacle of yourself I’ll just come over here to check out smart because here
created that arts you there which keeps the shape good these otherwise the keep
snapping so this axe there’s no pay but really
it’s just quite good you could just whisk it on there and then take a mole
straight off it if wish they from cuts using the usual hot wires the peripheral
shape is then refined using wire brushes and sand papers the edges are rounded
off not only to stay in keeping with how a pair of glasses actually look but to
ensure the fiberglass doesn’t have any trouble getting around the corners of
the shape we’ve gone over with our usual secretly
sourced sticky back tinfoil no surprise there and this forms a protective layer
between the polystyrene and the resin going on top the black resin just
provides a darker base color and allows us to see a little easier what’s already
been covered once all of the resin has cured we go over with a float coat and
this losses that fibrous texture then it’s a case of simply going over and
over with car body fillers sanding it back and repeating this process until we
get a much smoother finish if a mold were to be made we could have achieved a
smoother finish a lot quicker using soft plaster fillers on the master pattern a
mold would have then been taken and the cast comes out identical to the pattern
cutting out this mold making process saves a lot of cost for the client and
at the moment the clients thinking about having the surface covered with a
texture of glitter anyway so this smooth finish isn’t so important metal work has
to be custom built and constructed inside the job so the fiberglass is cut
into the foil and the polystyrene master pattern is removed from the inside and
we’re going in with pieces of steel to fit the shape of the front this is
tacked in place just to hold its form while we’re working on it before Radin
goes in with a more solid world here we’ve done a few test samples of
different sizes of glitter dared to a surface and protected using different
materials resins water-based lacquers and car body lacquers and we’ve sent our
findings to the client to see if this is a route that they’d still like to go
down Martin from fine limit welding has created a solid steel base for the
glasses to slide down onto and we’ve added beaultiful holes so this can be
fixed in position the wide surface area of the base plate means this is already
going to be nice and heavy and stable to stand on its own but it also means the
parent has a lot of surface area at the other end to add soil concrete or gravel
to wait it down properly it’s now time to invite the client down to the studio
to meet in person for the first time and to see the progress of the work so far
we’ve been keeping Parant up-to-date with phone calls and photographs sent by
email but being only the other side of London say only it’s not an only journey
if you catch the traffic badly but being only the other side of London it’s a
manageable journey that warrants a visit in person not only can the work be seen
firsthand but it’s also good for us to meet the client and the client to meet
us in person properly Parant has brought a pair of glasses down to the studio to
discuss the intended finish of the sculpture the original route was the
glitter bling sort of look but parents now considering a more reserved and more
upmarket fill to better reflect the intended nature of the business the
sculpture has been painted with a 2k grey primer and aydin’s preceding with a
black base layer and this will help show up any areas that need more work
especially now that the intended finish is seemed to change just talk us through the process right
now Whalen initially this whole glasses and the rim was going to be in a really
heavy glitter so as a very blingy so we approached a project with a blankie :
Friday it woke up the surface but now he’s come
along and said he don’t really want to go for the bling and and the sort of
twinkly factor and he’s decided in black with a bit of sort of a flicking through
it a bit a bit of gray tone but because it’s now black it’s showing up every
little detail so we have to then now go over and stop doing all the little
detail areas we’ve stopped up and then fill it back spray it fill it back and
spray it again until it’s absolutely perfect and that’s just one of those
design change things but I think it will look lovely in the end with the nature
of the change at this point this means simply working up the surface but I say
in hindsight the the projects change it’s not it’s not anyone’s fault it’s
just so than what the client wants has changed and so we’re here to cater for
that but if we were to go back to the beginning we would have probably created
a mold and then created a cast as this would have come up with a much closer to
a carbody finish from day one but here’s where we are at the moment and we just
need to crack on and get this to where the client wants it to be so what’s going on there Aden yeah
I’ve sprayed it twice so far and I’m going over with wet and dry and a
lacquer on the top and I’m having to her to go over it again and again just to
lose all these little loot like imperfections that I can see and I think
I’m finally ready for topcoat is after this rubdown so it sounds really nice
going over the lacquer and seeing it in a kind of semi Sheen almost wettish
state just brings up all the highlights when you see it particularly outside in
the sunlight which is where this is gonna be so this weapon dries just just
removing any of these surface defects I just creating the nicest possible finish
for the client in the right item that’s correct
yeah it’s got to be 20 20 I’ll get all of this in the frame with the surface finish now where we
want it final lacquers appoint and Jess given
the entire former buff up to bring out that shine we’re having a couple of
finishing touches the small rivet looking points on either end of the
frames in an almost brushed stainless steel look complete the sculpture and
this is now ready for wrapping and sending to the client we’d like to thank
Parant and Bejal Bhudia for coming to us for this project and now that this is
set up outside Hatch End Eye Care we wish them every success for the future please
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