>>Challenger on your right with the fiery red hair.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Champion Sasha Banks.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>With boss on the back of her trunks.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Just think about what happened at the contract signing for this match. Becky Lynch made the champion tap out.>>Absolutely right and
there aren’t too many divas or people on the planet that can
say that about Sasha Banks. Becky Lynch has all the talent
in the world in the ring.>>There’s some of that talent.>>Becky. Look at this.>>That was unique.>>For the championship.>>One, two.>>Sasha turns it quickly around.>>Look at this. Cover after cover, what a bridge. Jockeying for a position.>>We have seen some tremendous matches. Cover, Becky Lynch for the title. And again, the champion able to kick out.>>Now, remember this, it’s a one-one-one match-up, which means
there’s a champion’s advantage here. Becky Lynch has gotta, if she wants to
walk out of here as NXT Women’s Champion, she’s gotta win by a pinfalll or
submission. In other words, Becky has to beat Sasha,
Sasha doesn’t have to beat Becky.>>Sasha going for the cover. Lynch able to bridge out.>>Go Becky.>>Wow.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Seen a lot of new offense here from Becky Lynch.>>That was really impressive.>>Hold up Becky going for
the arbor, going for the arbor. This is how she made the champ tap out. And look at Sasha scurry
away to the ropes.>>Smart move by the champ. [NOISE]
>>Here’s something else really interesting.>>Becky Lynch has said,
I still respect Sasha. I still think she’s
an exceptional character. But if you go on the other side of
the corner, if you talk to Sasha, I don’t think she respects
Becky Lynch at all.>>[NOISE]
>>Again working on the arm. [NOISE]
>>Wow, Becky Lynch has apparently
picked her target.>>Hey, get out of the corner. Back it up.
Back it up. One. Two. Three.
>>As I’ve said before, we’ve seen some tremendous-
>>Four.>>Matches here in
the NXT women’s division.>>That’s a cheap shot.>>I’m up.>>[NOISE]
>>And this one has all the makings to all those.>>That was a creative one.
>>Look at Becky here.>>[NOISE]
>>Man.>>My goodness!>>We’re talking about how
innovative Becky Lynch was, but how about that from the boss? That’s why you’re the women’s champion.>>Yeah there is very little substitute
for experience and Sasha Banks has it.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Listen, at the end of the day. Sasha, we’ll take another look at this,
but this was beautiful. Catching the foot of Lynch.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I don’t know if I’d call it beautiful.>>[NOISE]
>>Beautiful to me. I started to say Sasha Banks
taught Becky Lynch how to win.>>Sasha for
the victory to put Becky Lynch away, and a kick out, Sasha didn’t-
>>You make it seem like Becky Lynch didn’t know how to tie her own
shoes until she met Sasha Banks. Look, Becky wanted to do this
since she was 15 years old. She’s been around,
she’s gotten experience. Was it enhanced by Sasha? Yes. But there’s still a skill set that
Becky Lynch maybe has that Sasha Banks hasn’t seen.>>Sasha, what the heck? Come on now.>>[NOISE]
>>Uh-oh.>>Aah, aah, aah, aah!>>Woo!>>[NOISE]
>>There’s that disrespect.>>Mocking Becky Lynch.>>Aah, aah, aah!>>No, no. Sasha trying to turn the tables,
going after the left arm of Becky.>>And that could really-
>>[NOISE]>>Severely change the strategy of Becky Lynch in this match.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>How about that?>>Yeah, maybe in front of the-
>>She does it better anyway.>>The entrance of Becky Lynch.>>Told you she was arrogant. Hold on, Becky for the title.>>One, two.>>Trying to turn things
around on the champ.>>[NOISE]>>Sasha Banks for the victory.>>One, two.>>And again a kick out by Lynch.>>Give you some insight into
the mind of Sasha Banks. Sasha actually said that
she sees herself as better, better than the Fabulous Moolah, one of the greatest female competitors
we’ve ever seen in this industry. I think Sasha Banks is ahead of that.>>Can we just talk about
why Sasha Banks is so elite? Did you see she made the cover? Becky Lynch kicked out and Sasha kept
hold of those arms of Becky Lynch, that is amazing strategy. That is a veteran maneuver by Sasha Banks.>>Great strength by Lynch, though. Getting back to her feet, on ho!>>And still holding on!>>Trying to force Becky Lynch to submit!>>[NOISE]>>Look at that.>>[NOISE]
>>Becky is showing her something, though, by hanging in there, not giving up.>>[NOISE]
>>Sasha continuing to keep that straight jacket maneuver locked in. Low placed foot to the back.>>Or even you have to be
impressed by Becky Lynch.>>Absolutely,
I’ve said it over and over again. In the ring Becky Lynch
is absolutely talented. Personally we don’t get along but I mean I won’t take anything
anyway from her in-ring ability. The fact that she has been
able to withstand the boss for this long is really impressive.>>Look at the fact here that Sasha’s
still holding on despite Becky trying to create some separation.>>There you go.>>Becky trying to find an opening.>>No!>>Here it comes! Becky knows what’s coming,
she’s trying to hold on.>>Yeah, Sasha’s got a look at
her hanging on to the ropes.>>No!>>To the arm.>>[NOISE]
>>Cover, Sasha Banks trying to
put Becky Lynch away.>>One, two.>>Now gets the shoulders down and
a power out.>>[NOISE]
>>I respect Becky, I respect what she’s trying to do,
I respect her dream. But Becky’s getting a harsh reality in
what it is to compete against the elite. And the elite right now in NXT,
in this women’s division, is Sasha Banks.>>[NOISE]
>>Aah!>>My gosh. Look at the agony on
the face of Becky Lynch.>>Look at how far back
she’s bending that.>>My gosh, she can’t do that. She can’t do that.>>No.>>Aah!>>She’s gotta tap out.>>My God.>>She’s gonna break Becky’s arm.>>That was hard to watch.>>One, two.>>Cover.>>[NOISE]
>>Aah!>>No, Sasha Banks want to retain that
NXT Women’s Championship at all costs.>>Looks like she wants-
>>She is relentless, she is brutal right now,
and this is awesome.>>Looks like she wants to rip
out the arm of Becky Lynch.>>[NOISE]
>>I honestly don’t know how much more Becky Lynch can, hold on,
Becky Lynch can withstand on this.>>[NOISE]
>>Look at Sasha, just->>This is getting kinda hard to watch.>>Welcome to the big leagues,
Becky Lynch.>>[NOISE]
>>Becky might have no choice but to submit. She wants to battle another day,
it might be a wise decision. Sasha Banks isn’t gonna stop,
no one’s gonna stop Sasha Banks.>>Well,
you’ve gotta understand something. She may never get this
opportunity again in her career. Becky may never have this
chance to prove herself, to prove that she can win
the NXT Women’s Championship.>>Becky Lynch! Able to reverse, but
Sasha right back into it.>>It’s an unfortunate fact in life
Saxton, not everybody gets a trophy, not everybody gets to be champion.>>Well Becky’s still fighting for hers.>>Here’s Sasha Banks yelling at Becky
Lynch, give up, or I’ll break your arm.>>[NOISE]>>I cannot imagine, and again, Becky! Becky reverse it, cover!>>She is a little bit two count strength,
look at this! God! You’ve got to be kidding me. Wow.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Guys that is passion. That is desire, from a woman who is
fighting with virtually one arm, but she wants to be champion
that much that bad.>>[NOISE]
>>You’ve gotta be impressed with this. Look at this power by Becky Lynch,
able to pick the Boss up over her head and unceremoniously give her a ride.>>[NOISE]
>>After all the punishment that Becky Lynch has taken, to be able
to somehow pull off that maneuver.>>[NOISE]
>>Somehow be fighting now. Like we said, Byron, though,
essentially one good arm.>>[NOISE]
>>After that little flurry, one arms looks pretty effective.>>[NOISE]
>>The women’s title is on the line.>>Sasha Banks defending the championship.>>Whoa, whoa, Becky.>>Becky Lynch getting fired up.>>Here she goes to the top rope. Becky Lynch delivering a drop kick!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>For the title, new champion here!>>One, two.>>A kick out by Sasha Banks. Becky Lynch trying to create new life for
herself in this match up. Once again, look at Becky Lynch taking
chances and connecting on Sasha Banks.>>How much did that drop kick take out
of Becky Lynch delivering it though?>>Well, Becky’s still standing.>>Obviously your strategy change at
this point of the match-up, when->>[NOISE]>>When you’ve been injured, Cory. Obviously, Becky Lynch, that left arm
has to be almost numb at this point.>>[NOISE]
>>Your strategy is to avoid double knees in the face from Sasha Banks.>>Sasha Banks trying to put Lynch away.>>No, no, no, Becky’s still in it,
Becky’s still in it.>>Again, a cover, the champ. Somehow Becky Lynch, what desire.>>I don’t know where this is coming from,
I mean, Saxton, you said it before, it’s pure heart, pure passion. Hats off to Becky Lynch, I mean-
>>I told you, this is a once in a lifetime
opportunity for Becky Lynch. There may not be a rematch,
there may not be a second chance. She’s gotta put everything in
her heart into this match.>>Look at Sasha Banks Banks is having
a hard time believing Becky kicked out.>>[NOISE]
>>You know what Becky Lynch said, I’m not here to take part,
I’m here to take over.>>[NOISE]>>Hold on.>>Sasha going right
back after the left arm. This time advantage Becky. Becky realizes this is her moment. She can’t let Sasha get away. She’s got to win the fight. Becky now performing back to her
strategy of earlier on tonight, going after the arm of Sasha Banks.>>She’s gotta get Sasha back in the ring.>>Six.>>Referee up to the six count.>>Six.>>We’ve got two ladies
with bad arms right now. Pin fall or submission. We’re only waiting for
the championship to change hands.>>[NOISE]
>>What is this? Becky Lynch, my goodness, what a suplex
>>Suplexed Sasha onto her own arm. Becky Lynch is feeling it. Becky Lynch is feeling this moment.>>Wait a minute. She’s got the arms she’s got the arms.>>She’s got the arm bar locked in. Hyperextending Sasha’s elbow with
her feet a crate of his ass. Champ able to break the hold now. We’re gonna see what Sasha’s made of. [NOISE]
>>We have never seen this side of Becky Lynch.>>New champion, Becky Lynch,
trying to put the Boss away.>>No.>>Again, a kick out.>>[NOISE]
>>We spent all this time talking about Becky’s passion,
what about Sasha Banks’ passion?>>Take another look at this suplex,
right on the arm.>>Becky’s gotta stay on her. She can’t get frustrated now. She can’t let this get into her head.>>So close.>>Becky’s got to realize she is so close.>>[NOISE]
>>No. Uh-oh.>>Sasha may have saved
herself right there. [NOISE]>>Whoa, again, Becky Lynch!>>Elbow.>>Becky Lynch got the submission!>>No! Sasha, Sasha is going to tap.>>She’s got to get to the ropes. Come on Sasha get to the ropes.>>Becky’s got to. Sasha’s reaching.>>Are we going to see
a new champion Becky Lynch?>>Sasha reaching out breaking the hold. My God, what a match right now
competition in this woman’s division.>>Both of these women doing
everything absolutely possible to be the NXT women’s champion.>>Becky realized.>>Smart move by Sasha. Bought her a little bit of time. Let that arm recover, let her heal,
let her re-strategize.>>That is the worst thing you
want if you’re Becky Lynch. Cannot allow Sasha any recovery time here. Wait a minute, here comes Sasha Banks
diving through the ropes.>>One arm and all.>>Look at that, one arm and
Becky caught her. Becky caught the champ.>>What’s she gonna do with her?>>Right into the ring step.>>Back first.>>[LAUGH] I’m speechless right now,
the fact that Becky Lynch, one arm and all, could catch Sasha Banks.>>Yeah,
what about what it means to Sasha Banks? Sasha Banks risking everything
just to keep the title.>>Becky-
>>Becky’s gonna get her back in the ring, guys, Becky’s gonna get her back in.>>[NOISE]
>>Becky’s gotta finish, she’s just a couple seconds away here. So finally achieving her dream
if she could just suck it up.>>Becky going to the top rope.>>My God, Sasha Banks, Sasha Banks!>>No, no.>>Bank statement, submission! Submission locked in.>>Becky’s trying to fight it. She’s trying to hold on.>>And Becky’s forced to tap. [SOUND] What a tremendous match.>>Here is your winner and still the NXT Women’s Champion,
Sasha Banks.>>This match is gonna go down
as one of the finest women’s matches we have ever seen here at NXT. What a performance by Sasha Banks
to retain the championship over Becky Lynch my goodness. We went into this match and we knew
that lady right there, Becky Lynch, had to leave her heart out on the table. She had to bring every ounce
of her desire to this match. And regardless, in defeat,
Becky Lynch has proven herself, she has created her own team,
her own jersey. And, to me, tonight Becky Lynch
proved she is an all-star.