[MUSIC] I have been making these for
about eight years. The name Fleshlette came,
honestly, from a baguette. The idea was that I wanted to make
something that was small and fleshy, but kind of said acute and
indicated that it was diminutive. I started making Fleshlettes
because I was looking for a way to make a style of sculpture that
was uniquely my own and stood out. The inspiration ultimately
came aim from a story I heard, handed down in my wife’s family,
which was that my sister in law had a tumor growing inside one of
her ovaries called a teratoma. [SOUND] And a teratoma is essentially
a group of stem cells just kind of gone awry by dividing and
multiplying on their own and creating random human body parts at will,
they will grow teeth, hair. Sometimes you’ll get little
bits of bone or other matter. Things that you would not
normally find inside a tumor. I was of course, intrigued and terrified
by this idea and it really kind of left an impact on me around the time when
I was trying to find my own style. And pair that with the fact that I really
needed to find a way to practice making realistic human skin and I started making little balls of
flesh that had body parts on them. And they just sort of grew, and grew, and grew until we’ve got
these really big monsters today. Here’s the tallest and
largest Fleshlette I’ve ever made and she’s named after my friend’s girlfriend. She’s a combination of a large intestine,
kidney, a snake-shaped ball of flesh,
a tongue and a clubbed foot. The first Fleshlette I made was just
a little ball of skin with a little bit of hair punched in it and not much else. Soon after that, I was making ones
that were a little bit larger and more detailed. Had a lot more hair, had teeth and gums. After that, they just sort of grew and
grew and grew to have larger and more varied body parts and more complicated
types of skin and also a wider variety. Dry skin, oily skin,
wrinkled skin, smooth skin. And oftentimes, they have a mutation or
an oddity that is found in the human body. So what I will do is I will research that. I never incorporate animals or
other mammals into them. That said, I always draw the line
at any type of violent image. I never include Fleshlettes that
have wounds, that are bleeding, that are cut open, anything like that. Because in my mind,
that’s not what I’m interested in. [MUSIC] I like to give them all names, because for one it’s the only really
easy way to talk about them. Because otherwise,
it’s just the one that has teeth, no the other one that has teeth that’s
kinda of like it, but more of a scrotum. So this way, they’re really easy to
definitively and quickly tell them apart. This one is called Tonya,
the Tooth Tongue. There is a syndrome that people get
sometimes where when they have their jaw wired shut and they can’t use their
mouth for prolonged periods of time, they get a sort of hair. Although, it’s not really hair and I don’t remember what
the medical condition is called. But it creates sort of a mat
on the back of the tongue and I always thought that was really gross,
and then I thought teeth coming out of
the tongue would be a really great image. [MUSIC] My immediate family, my wife, my son,
they all like the Fleshlettes. But my parents are obviously
from a different generation and they find them to be pretty disturbing,
and they don’t understand why their little country boy from Northwestern Montana
is making these bizarre monsters. I’m not really honestly not
trying to gross people out. I just find them to be
a really kind of fun, weird way of looking at the human body. Things that aren’t considered beautiful or
sort of outside of the norm. They’re fun for me, but
also I take them very seriously. I think the reason people can relate to
them which I never thought would happen is because they share
things that we all share. Maybe a tongue with teeth growing
out of it which we don’t have, but we all have tongues and
they’re very sensitive parts of our bodies that immediately elicit
reactions when we see them. I think ultimately that’s why Fleshlette
has become this weird successful thing that resonates with
a certain group of people. They can kind of understand in
a weird way how this completely abnormal creature feels. [MUSIC]>>So, what did you think? Tell us in the comments. Click here to subscribe and live forever. Click here for more stuff from us and tune in every Sunday to watch
more videos that calm the soul. Bye. [MUSIC]