Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, I’m gonna show you how to do some flat 3D art but we’re not gonna use acrylic like we have in previous videos. This is gonna be a little bit different and we’re going to use 3D Sculpting Gel and we ain’t gonna use brushes. What are we gonna use? My left toe. Joking! We’re not. Adam: Which one, the big one or the little one?
Kirsty: The little one of course. Adam: Oh okay. Kirsty: So, I have a nail here. So, I’m gonna use this colour, it’s Dionysus. So, it’s like a rouge noir, so a dark red. Burgundy basically. You don’t have to use this colour, obviously. I’m showing you this more for this skill than anything else but it’s very nice. So, we’ll do two coats of that colour. Now, I’m gonna apply the matte topcoat which is the Urban Graffiti Matte Topcoat. Pop that in the lamp. Once that’s cured, I’m gonna use the Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution on a Lint-free pad, I’m gonna wipe off the sticky layer. You can see that takes the shine off the nail. That’s perfect for painting on now. I’m gonna use the (01) Brush. I’ve got some white paint on here. This is actually still wet from yesterday. I haven’t put on the Grease-proof paper because I wasn’t doing One-stroke and I just wanted to paint on there, but the sponge is keeping the paint nice and wet. So, there’s the stem. Gonna do another one here and I’m gonna do a few kind of like leaf lines coming off the stem. So, I’m just pressing down and I’m pulling off to make it thinner. The more pressure you put onto the brush, the thicker that will be. For composition to make this flow, I’m just going to add a few lines up here as well. Now, I’m gonna use the Matte Topcoat again, seal that in. We want a generous amount because I’m actually going to buff on top of that as well. So, the only thing we’re gonna use the actual brush for is for the paintwork but to mold the 3D Sculpture Gel, we’re not going to use a brush. I’m gonna wipe that sticky layer off. What I’m gonna do now is take a buffer and this is an old buffer. Old buffers are great for this because it’s quite worn and I’m just gonna whip over the whole nail to really make it matte. Extra matte. Let’s clean it and we have a nice matte nail. I can see a little bit of shine still there, so I’m just gonna go over again. You’ll only know if there’s a bit of shine there by wiping it. So, wipe it again. So, once you’ve cleaned that off and you’re happy with how matte it is and now, we’re gonna do the exciting part. Right! So, I’m going to use…we have a new tool. This is the Spatula. So, it also comes with a case like that, so you can put a lid on it, which is pretty cool. Take that off, have a nice Spatula. So, we’re going to use this colour, which is the Neon Pink. I wanted a real contrast, now they definitely contrast, don’t they? I’m going to use the spatula to scrape out what I need. Then, we’re going to use the Silicon Tools. Now, they all have different names because they all are different shapes. So, we have a Oval Slant, we have a Slant, we have a Flat, we have a Round Slant and then we have a Round. So, the first one I’m going to use is the flat one. Now in this little Dampen Dish I have here, I’m going to put a little bit of the Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution. That’s for cleaning my Silicon Tool. The Silicon Tools give a different effect than a brush. So, what I’m gonna do is, see how I just dipped the tool into the Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution. I think you can kind of just smooth it like that, like you would do a cake, yeah. Icing a cake and you can really smooth that out, so that gives quite a cool effect. So, what I’m doing is I’m just placing that where I want it. I’m gonna clean that tool off. Then, I’m going to use my Round Tool. I’m gonna go into the liquid again, tap off any excess and then, I’m going to just start to press. You can press and slide. Now, you can see why I use the colour underneath. This is what I wanted, to get this sort of graduation of colour. And literally, just pressing to it and sliding to open out these petals. When it starts to stick to your tool, that’s when you can add some more of the Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution. I want to use the Slant brush. Slant brush… It’s not a brush. The Slant Tool now to come in the side and crisp up that part and I want to crisp this part as well, so we just push that. Fantastic product this is because you can just move it around until you’re ready to cure. So, this tool will keep everything nice and crisp. And I’m using the Flat Tool just to come in here. I want to press a little bit. and to lift that. I’ll need a Round Tool now because I want to just give that a bit of a bend like this. And then, this is a Slant Tool, I’m gonna literally come in, crisp that edge up and give it a slight curve to give movement. And I think I’m just going to add a little crease here. Oh yes! I like that. Right! I’m gonna cure that. Before I cure it, I wanna make sure I’ve got any residue off the nail. So, I’m just gonna give that a little bit of a clean up because that residue may cure on the nail. So, let’s give that a cure. So, I’m gonna take some more now. I’m gonna use my Spatula, scrape off a little bit more. See, this isn’t going to move now. I’m gonna come here with it. You can pat it into place a little bit but it’ll want to stick to the Metal Tool a little bit more than it will a Silicon Tool. Gonna use my Flat Tool because I kind of want to just spread it out, so If I kind of spread it out evenly first. And then, we’re gonna use the Round Tool, start to press in, coming along that crisp edge that we did on the previous petal. So, you’re still keeping that curve. The lighter the touch, the less transparent the product will go. Obviously, the more you press it, the thinner the product will be. So, down here I want it a bit thinner so I can see that other colour coming through, which creates the shading. Now, I’m gonna use the Round Slant and I’m gonna use this round part here just to smooth that. This one’s the Oval Slant and I’m just using this part here. Now, I’m gonna go back with this one, which is the slant and I’m gonna create a little bit more of a curve here. Just want to take any excess off there. And we’re going to use the outer edge of the Round Slant, just going through here. So, again before I cure that, I’m gonna make sure I’ve got no residue on the nail. And I’m gonna pop that in and cure it. And then here at the tip of this one here, we are going to do like a little bud, so we only want a small amount. And I’m gonna use the round tool again. You can create a little opening as if the bud’s just opening out. Basically just tapping it. The Slant one and I’m just gonna come through here just to really neaten that up because it’s got such a sharp point. The tool is really cool to just really neaten things up that are not. That are not quite perfect. You know how fussy I am. So, there’s the bud. That wasn’t too difficult to do. And I’m gonna cure that. Now, I’m gonna go back to the paint. I’m using a Double-zero (00) brush now. And if you think, well that doesn’t look anything different than the other. Well, it is. Can you see? That the Double-zero (00) is smaller than the Zero-one (01). So, Double-Zero (00) two is smaller than Zero-one (01). The more zeroes, the smaller it is. So, a little bit of the white paint. Now, this has a porous surface, so when we put the paint on, it will suck into it. Adam: That means there’s no second chances? Kirsty: Well, no, you can take it off. I’m just gonna do some little lines to highlight. If you want to tidy any paint up, you can take your 3D brush, pop it into the Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution and use that to remove any paint that you get. No, I don’t like that bit, so we’re gonna take that off. And what I’m gonna do now is use the Magenta paint. Gonna add some lines with that. Just get that simple. Then I’m gonna water this down. And then, just add a little bit of this colour into the shaded part. Because it’s porous, it will suck the paint in and you won’t need to seal it. Then, we’re gonna add a bit of bling. So, I’ve got the tiny iridescent stones. These have no backing and they are pointed and then, I’ve also got some green Microbeads. I’m gonna use a little bit of It’s Clear Dear, which is the Acry Gel from the Urban Graffiti range. Just gonna use my sexy Spatula, scrape some off and I’m just gonna put on a little bit of this to the points of where I’m going to put the stones. 3D brush has a little bit of Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution on just to neaten up the Acry Gel. I’m gonna pick up some of the stones, pop them on, press them. Don’t need to press them too hard. Press them a little bit just so they sink into the gel and I’m gonna get some of the beads. I will then keep everything nice and tidy. Now, if we were using acrylic to put these on, we wouldn’t be able to keep moving them around like I am. So, I do love this product for this reason. Then pop that into the lamp. I’m gonna take my 3D brush now with some of the Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution on and just gently clean over the stones just in case there’s any residue there from the Acry Gel. I love how it’s matte. How it’s matte. Adam: How’s it matte.
Kirsty: That is so Stokey. Adam: How it’s matte? Kirsty: How its matte? I love how it’s matte, duck. I love how it’s matte. Adam: Or how matte it is. Kirsty: How matte it is. Oh, god I’m so Stokey. I’m such a Stoke-on-Trent bird So, not only is the background matte but the actual flower is matte as well. I love it. I hope you like it too. So, there you are, guys. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video of how to create 3D Flat Nail Art using the Sculpture Gel and the tools, the Silicon Tool. Because some people go, ”what are Silicon Tools for?” Adam: That’s it. Kirsty: There you are. That’s how for now. I’ve got to stop doing that. Adam: You need to stop doing that.
Kirsty: I need to stop. Adam: We’ll get sued.
Kirsty: I know, copyright. Adam: By a television show that hasn’t been around for 20 years. Kirsty: Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and hit the notification bell and check us out on Facebook and Instagram and I’ll see you guys in the next video. So, please keep watching. Bye-bye! Right! Now, we’ll *gibberish*