Hello and welcome Today I will show you how to fix your printer
when it won’t take paper. If this happens to you… You go to your printer
you try to print something and when it’s trying to do the actual print job
it will not feed the paper. The sheet of paper won’t go inside,
the feeding roller is just slipping on the page
and it’s not taking it inside the printer to start printing. Here you can see a close-up. The actual rollers…
they do spin. It’s just that they’re dirty from dust and
old paper. They become more slippery than they should
be and they stopped working. Here, I’m trying to help the printer
by pushing the paper inside. You see… it goes up a bit but still,
the feeding rollers don’t work enough to do the job… to take the paper
inside. It’s very hard for them, eventually
it does take the paper but after trying a long time. And here you can see my color cartridge is
not in a good shape at all. Trying with multiple sheets of paper. Just thinking that this might help the actual
feeding process. I just want to tell you that before all this,
I tried the roller cleaning process and the back-plate cleaning. In the software there are a few options for
this which they didn’t do the job for me. Maybe for someone who has less dirt inside
their printer it might work,
but it didn’t for me. The rollers are spinning but the paper stays
where it is. The paper goes inside only when I help it. Checking the condition of the transport rollers… These are the ones that grab the paper after
the feeding rollers take it. These ones seem pretty clean so
it’s only the feeding rollers that have this dirt problem. If you where in a professional environment,
you would have roller cleaning pads that are literally pieces of thick paper
more like carton and they have glue tracks on them
so that the rollers would be cleaned while this paper
is fed thru the system. And I show you how I almost destroyed my printer
by just using double sided tape instead of the
transport cleaning sheets. I’m putting on a regular piece of paper,
2 strips of double-sided tape. It’s a bit too much actually. If you want to try this, you risk damaging
your printer but it will clean your rollers. If you do this, you should put it only at
the beginning and you put it with the tape on the upper side. Just print a bit of text and this happens… Now that was a bit of panic. I unplugged the printer eventually. Took the paper out. You can see it’s…
apart from almost destroying the printer which is the reason why I have to warn you
that you that this is really important. You only do it if it’s your last option. But the rollers have left traces on the paper
so you see that it’s really sticky. It’s too sticky actually… if you can
find double sided tape that is less sticky than this,
that might actually work better. You see the tracks of the rollers. That means that those rollers are really clean
now. Some strange noises from the printer
the first time I started it after this. Then it went back to normal. I’m just gonna do a few tests. Putting just a few sheets of paper and
printing to see how it works. The printer immediately took the paper
and printed it as it should be. Just trying to do the same test again just
to make sure that it still works. And it really does work… Just like new! I don’t recommend that you do this with the
double sided tape, it was a mistake actually to try it. If you find transport cleaning sheets
made especially for printers those will be perfect,
they have a bit of glue that is not too sticky. It’s just sticky enough to collect the dirt
on the transport rollers. Or you can improvise like I did but
use the double sided tape that is less sticky than the one I had. Thank you for watching and…
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