(dramatic piano music) – [Gemmy] I discovered
photography by accident. I found that the camera was a good tool for me to be creative. To translate kind of, my
ideas, to something real. When I have my printed
pieces, people always doubt, is it a painting or is it a photo? I think everybody could
get this paintedly look. It’s really important to
look at every little detail. Even the details no one will ever notice. The secret is being so dedicated to the thing you want to make. For this tutorial we created
two different images. The darker one is a portrait
of a girl holding is flamingo, it’s a composite. Throws you back in the 18th
century, golden age feeling. As a contrast to that we also
created a more lighter image. We composite a backdrop from at least six or seven original paintings. We use that as an element in the story. We made a composite of four
characters played by only one girl. We made tiny changes in
her hair, in her dress, just to give the girl another
character so it’s conceptual. I think it’s a good example to show how my process evolves to the final image. (dramatic swelling music) I’m not as technical
as other photographers. I’m more in creating the
image than doing it by a book so I do hope that with this tutorial I can show you how to make an image that’s yours and not an image that’s made by rules or made by anything in a fixed way. (dramatic piano music)