hey do I look cute hey guys welcome back to my channel my name is Maggie and today I'm gonna show you how I achieved this look with only 20 dollars worth of elf makeup supplies and I did this today because I think if you paint highly realistic teeny tiny paintings you should be able to do proper makeup and I have never felt like I could do proper makeup I have no idea what I'm doing with it especially foundation I feel like I don't get it totally I don't really know how to apply it I don't really know what I'm doing so today I thought I would do it a little bit because I was feeling a little fancy and I but I just run through with you guys so here we go I have with me a selection of elf makeup products because I'm cheap and so today we have this selection we have elf foundation we have elf concealer we have elf highlighter for shininess we have a pack of elf eyeshadow we have elf eyeliner felt-tip marker elf matte liquid lipstick this is in some kind of dusty rose color we have elf eyelashes and duo eyelash adhesive we have one elf brush that I just had lying around this one's for doing the eye shadow but I'm probably gonna use it for just about everything now I don't really know what I'm doing with any of this stuff so I'm I'm just gonna give a shot I have watched a few beauty tutorials but I wouldn't say I know what I'm doing this is just gonna be you know a bit of fun hopefully now I know with foundation you're supposed to use a big brush but I am NOT buying a big brush today so I'm just gonna throw this foundation just right on my face with my hand sorry everyone probably gonna be fine you know it's how bad could it be how bad you know nothing can go wrong pretty sure so I'm gonna be just fine everything is normal and cool friends who knows what's gonna happen you know who knows how life is gonna turn out on you and so I'm learning today and you're just you're here as well thanks for coming along on this journey with me I wonder if I'm doing okay with this foundation leave a note in the comment if you think that I picked the wrong color foundation cuz I agree oh how am i doing have I gotten full coverage have I achieved coverage of my my face my natural face cuz I need it to look unnatural at this time I think I'm I think I'm doing you know next we have the concealer pale she the pale one okay but I don't know I'm supposed to look kind of like I'm glowing alright so here's the concealer now how do you use concealer I'm not sure I know you're supposed to use it under your eyes for sure probably on blemishes so um here we go you know okay yeah this is just like painting you know except you have no idea what paint is a slight burning sensation does that normal that do I look better a little hard to tell I think I missed a spot in foundation so I'm just gonna go I'm gonna backtrack I think I used way too much just now pretty freaky this is my Halloween look and I'm just starting early this year folks okay so next we have this highlighter stuff so I'm really excited about this cuz I like shiny things so all right I want to look shiny am i shiny okay I'm gonna use my hand maybe up here so my forehead goons oh yeah people highlight their nose high like that big old honker okay I guess I do I shadow at this point seems seems like the right thing to do we've got our eye shadow sculpting a silk eyeshadow that's good I'd like to sculpt away reality so here we go I've got a light color see oops there was crap on this brush okay hey welcome to today's ghostly look by Maggie Greene ghosts and ghouls you're welcome thanks for sticking around as you can see I'm a professional artist and I know exactly what I'm doing with all types of art just killing it in every category Wow look at her go she's a master of all things art including makeup what's happening with my brush it's got goo on it now how did it get goo feel like my foundations too wet should I have waited am I supposed to wait moving on purple all right purple goes in the crease I bet okay what has happened why why does it look so red last week I went to Sephora with my girlfriend and we got like little mini makeovers at Sephora and I for some reason just I was wearing a pink sweater and the lady working at Sephora encouraged me to go with like a pink eyeshadow look with like a gold glittery middle part and I agreed and you know I'm half Scottish and half french-canadian so my skin is not the greatest part of out me it's just not all right we got the dark color coming in on the little eyelash here anyway feeling sort of sort of okay next comes eyeliner so I'm gonna throw that in there in the mix alright alright alright next we have gonna put you on eyelash got to make sure you get the edges that's the key to success here speaking from someone who has literally applied eyelashes twice ever nobody asked for this video you know no one asked yet I delivered yet in those edges putting a thin enough line of the blue so that it doesn't take forever to dry but there is something there and now we wait and while we wait lipstick time okay ooh hey it's interesting I didn't expect didn't expect the wands to be like this alright here we go you know how this goes okay leave a like on this video if you're impressed – likes later and you can use foundation to clean that line up if you limit which probably will I know it hasn't been a minute okay here we go I find attaching these so hard but I love the way they look feel like a princess oh no oh no she's not sticking okay alright so now I'm going to try to clean up my lip line with a teeny bit of foundation if you had a proper tool this would look better okay all right I can live with this so guys this is the final look hey yeah so as you can see being a visual artist who does teeny tiny realistic lines doesn't always translate exactly to every other art form I can tell that there is so much for me to know here there's so much that I don't understand with makeup my left eyelash is falling off already so hopefully people who see me today are not going to be alarmed they will just think I'm sure she's she's fine I'm sure she's doing fine so that's my goal today thanks for tuning in guys bye