to me I think taking photos is a more effective way of communicating and trying to understand how this things work in this world and yeah to be able to use that tool I feel like it’s powerful [Music] I’m John Attanasio I’m 21 years old I’m a university student and Tokyo Japan and recently I’ve been taking photos and yeah I recently got into film photography I just started this year actually in January yeah I bought my first film camera I feel like you’re more in the moment when you take photos on film like especially poignant shoots which I just bought recently you’d have to fiddle with the settings we can do that on digital but you can see the result we just took on digital and you can make amendments accordingly but I just feel that the fact that you can’t see the photos you take ads like you being in that moment and really capturing the moments that of capturing a good-looking photo I used to skateboard and back when I used to skate me my friends would make videos of each other doing tricks and whatnot and from then I started to use DSLR so that was like around middle school and then I started making videos for events at school so I’m making videos for class then I took a break from making videos because I was pretty busy with the university and in the meantime I was like why not take photos because it’s it’s less time-consuming and I had my camera I try to imagine it in my head before and in that sense film photography helped me out because it really forces you to think before you look through the finder even press the shutter so yeah so what I do is I imagine the shot when I see a scenery yeah I’ll imagine how it can be shot and a lot of that comes from your input from like books photo books or like just the social media just photos you see anywhere just because I take portraits doesn’t mean I can’t take anything else no I just take photos of what I want to take so I don’t really limit myself I used to be all like oh that looks cool or like that looks aesthetic and I’ll just take photos but these days that have an idea of what I want to take so the photo is naturally shaped into idea I feel like especially on Instagram which is where I started sharing my work people often value what’s on the surface more than the actuality of things that’s one of the things I want to convey that people will see what’s at the core more than on the surface right now that minimalistic approach is just the practice of aesthetics but I feel like by approaching this minimalistic visual it gets rid of any distractions visual distractions like they should think solely around that subject you can interpret it in many ways by sleeping pretty much the door open I think a lot has to do with who I look up to this is guy called Hamada Hideaki and Stephen Shore Oakley mio CEO key and C gamma heroes there sounds pretty minimal and they mainly shoot life style and fashion from time to time look at mine do they know certainly uh the Japanese culture there’s a pretty clear hierarchy whatnot and I really respect that but I’m a real believer of meritocracy so more of what that person can bring to the table then just by the name of like being older really want people to see the actuality more than the nametag on people I was born and raised in Tokyo but at age seven I realized I was in Japanese I was half Korean half Filipino my parents spoke Japanese and we watched Japanese television and so I didn’t think twice about that even though my name is John but so that made me think that it’s not it’s not really about the name of things cuz even though I found out I was not Japanese that didn’t change me as much so it’s what I actually did as a child so that I guess fuels what I want to convey even though it’s easy to get carried away by the people around you or the trends I feel like it’s important to have your own opinions or identity based on what you think is true because a lot of times what you were told or educated might not be what it actually is or what you might assume to be this way might not be as you thought it’d be so be discerning about what you see or what you input what you expose yourself to and I feel like the rest will follow [Music] [Music]