Hi guys! How was it? I mean my Intro. I admit. I was a Troll lol Some of my subs told me that my video is just like food Porn, So i edited intro to be feel like Fifty Shades of Grey Anyway! It’s a test period these days Let’s work hard for a week! And chill with my videos😘 btw, did you tried add shot in green tea latte? taste rlly good full of caffeine That means it’s perfect in test week. So hard to make Rainbow Ade. Hell party of dish wash Ice! Shake! Till the world ends! careful hand movements how pretty Such an honor to show you guys both Oreo Parfait and Macaroon parfait in same time. tbh Oreo Parfait is the best. Chocolate drizzle on the top of the Oreo Parfait Sprinkles on the top of Macaroon Parfait Since I uploaded Sweet cake last time It has been a best seller these days It’s my second favorite cake! Wow even the ribbon is so Christmas now Umm btw, I work in Christmas. So If you have time pls come over😥 Tastyyyy coat ice cream with cookies. Ruined it bc I failed to control myself. This is tooooo fragile!!! Made a new one quickly. 잔반처리반
eating trash hummm taste good. not that bad. 이렇듯 실패작들은 제 몸에 흡수가 됩니다.
as you can see, the failures are absorbed into me. Uber eats Spin spin~ 캬라멜 마끼야또 위에는 캬라멜 드리즐!
Caramel drizzle on the top of caramel macchiato! 저 유튜브한다고 사장님(엄마)이 샷잔 예쁜걸로 사주셨어요.
The owner(mom) bought me this glass for YouTube. She knows What Hip is. Such a best cake in these days. My Best Cake!!!!! Rlly should eat this. There are a lot of people looking for Van Chaud. Or you can go nearest Starbucks and Try white Van Chaud! It’s great too. Fruits! Muggles? Zobby is free now~ my hair tie leave a trace,, 그럼 안뇽 여러분!!! 다음 영상에서 뵈어요!
Bye!! See you!!