Hello everyone and welcome to tonight’s episode of Critical Role. We’re a bunch of mysterious voice actors sit around and play Dungeons and Dragons. (chattering) Dragons.
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It’s so good. that he has her–
You know how there are some comic book series were like, number one isn’t the one the collectible. It’s the first appearance of blah blah blah. Yeah.
This could be that one. It probably will be.
Yeah. Thank you Sam. (laughing) It could be this one.
It could be. May also makes an appearance with this one. (laughing) (chattering) You can’t confirm that.
First appearance. No.
In Critical Role. No. In this–
No that’s not true at all. (laughing) Here it is, it’s amazing cover art by our fan artists a couple cooks at cukes000, they’re an amazing artists they did a great job of that cover art. So good.
I mean, once again God has with such incredible writer. Everybody who is involved in this project did a good job–
Hold it up again, hold it up again.
Oh! It is Thursday.
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Jenny Park, wow! (mumbles) (laughing) Lean away. (laughing) Stop looking at me. (laughing) Alrighty, I believe then without further ado, let us go ahead and jump into tonight’s episode of, Critical Role. (dramatic music) ♪ Role ♪ ♪ Critical ♪ ♪ Role ♪ ♪ Critical ♪ ♪ Role ♪ ♪ Critical ♪ ♪ Role ♪ ♪ Critical ♪ ♪ Role ♪ ♪ Critical ♪ ♪ Role ♪ ♪ Critical ♪ ♪ Role ♪ ♪ Critical ♪ ♪ Role ♪ ♪ Critical ♪ ♪ The adventure begins ♪ ♪ They were always beside you ♪ ♪ Your nerdy best friends ♪ ♪ And the DM to guide you ♪ ♪ And they rise from the flames for the battles ahead ♪ ♪ Villains beware ’cause you’re ’bout to be dead ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ They got magic and flair ♪ ♪ They got falchions and cunning ♪ ♪ They don’t see over there ♪ ♪ There’s a monster incoming ♪ ♪ Inspiration is waiting rise up don’t think twice ♪ ♪ Put your fate in your hands take a chance roll the dice ♪ ♪ Role ♪ ♪ Critical ♪ ♪ Role ♪ ♪ Critical ♪ ♪ Role ♪ ♪ Critical ♪ ♪ Role ♪ ♪ Critical ♪ ♪ Can you answer the call ♪ ♪ Diggin’ deep in your soul ♪ ♪ As the legend unfolds ♪ ♪ Now it’s your turn ♪ ♪ To roll ♪ And welcome back. So, last we left off. The Mighty Nein, had made their way to the southern edge or a Hoss to the white Don lagoon in search of what it seemed to be, the next destination. Caduceus’ main journey through his visions he had received from the Wild Mother and hopes of hopefully coming upon the rest of his family as they themselves have been traveling scattered a bit over time. You made your way through the jungles, on the southwestern edge of light on the Gold Coast. Through there you encountered some dangerous creatures had some revelations with the traveler, and a unique series of conversations of mild understanding that were both sides. (chuckles) Between you and him stand and the input the impending gathering of traveler followers and the weeks to come. Upon battling your way through the jungle and some odd creatures that didn’t seem indigenous to this specific region, you made your way to the Oasis and question a beautiful lake, lawn here in the center of this deep, dense jungle. It’s deep red Earth exposed against a clear waters, and a collection of stone sculptures that peppered the entirety of the banks here. all sorts of creatures and people, which upon closer look, seem to be a bit more detailed than you anticipated. Upon inspecting a number of these entities– Oh, Jesus. (chattering) (laughing) A number of these entities, Caduceus this recognized members of his family amongst the statues and as you begin to assess the scenery, you heard the heavy hoofbeats of a creature charging from the treeline in your direction. A mentally armored bull like entity swollen with muscles and it seemed to be these piercing Barb’s that push between its metal plates, emitting some sort of a greenish feeling from between its various exposed underbelly its giant car horns pushing forward and hooked as it barreled towards you. You hear this large bellowing roar as its mouth opens up not like that of a bulls but almost like a giant two part scoop jaw, It is unnatural, it is mutated and it is charging your direction. I need first off you all to placed yourselves on this battlefield. Caduceus, you had just inspected your two members of your family right there. Cool, near the water line. I like that we don’t need to know where this creature is–
I know. (laughing) Yeah, there you go. Alright, Beauregard.
I don’t know… I’ll be–
Up here. No from… Up for a little bit from Caduceus. Here?
Yeah, that sounds good that sounds good.
Okay. I remember that I said I was curious about different kinds of animals. Let’s put me by them the more bounder. More bounder? Yeah. (chattering) Okay, I feel like, I’m gonna go… That way, right near the shoreline. Right here?
Yeah. Just ’cause, will not be alone. Out there. (laughing) (mumbles) I’m gonna say I was near Fjord. That’d be over the Sea region warehouse. Let’s I’m gonna be checking out this little dude over here.
Okay, you got it. Nott?
Nott, Would like to be in Boston at PAX East where you can check out the Dwarven Forge booth at Welder Wood Academy booth where you can go check out Dwarven Forge and get a peek at their Kickstarter of wild lands. Find out more of DwarvenForge.com but Nott can’t be there, so instead, Nott I’d like to go closer to that tree. I like–
What tree? (chattering) Like you’re not done with it. Here like up on the top of the shore? Which direction are we moving in? You guys are moving along– Probably not close to the water. That’s true.
So just like yeah, where that hump is next to that tree. Right here?
That’d be great. Yeah.
Okay, there you are. Check it out. And there, abouts just where it’s coming from. What? (moowing) That’s the sound I imagined it would make. No. So, I happen to role this please. (groans) Goodness. (mumbles) Right there.
Oh, wow. Rare high number four. (mumbles) Oh, a rare low number for Beaur. Okay. So, 25 to 20? 20.
Alright. (mumbles) What?! 20 to 15?
17 16.
18. Wow, guys, those are great rolls. What did you say Yasha?
What did you say? 16. Up yet.
Jester you said you were 17? Yes Sir. Caduceus? 15 to 10.
Oh, that’s me. Oh, it’s not. (laughing) 11.
Alright. One goes to 11.
Nice. (laughing) It’s 25.
it’s not– Seven–
Sickness. Eight.
It’s the left over. It’s…no I’m not. You’re low two.
Yeah. Alright, that is all. I’ve to hear the low haunting like. (moows) Kind of this this weird almost like, dire horn of a bellowing yellow from this creature. (mimicking) You see San and red derping thrown up, the granite some cracking beneath it so just barrels for these two hooks spike the horns the front of it it’s glowing green highs and the kind of fume that’s spilling out from between its armored pieces. Up top we have Caleb, what are you doing, buddy? So in the next split second moment Caleb sees Caduceus his look of recognition and realizes what is happening over here and sees you can see this thing coming through the underbrush rattling through his back, Mollymauk along his hand which she then spins in the air and I will cast slow. Slow on that?
Yeah. Alrighty, what is the same on that one? Does this 17.
Seven, no what kind of– A wisdom with a… It’s failure it’s going to use on Legendary resistance. Oh!
Oh! A legendary resistant.
Yes, it does. Holy shit.
It’s one of those. As you attempt to reach out and weave this arcane net into its physicality to slow it down. It shrugs it off no effect and continues barreling forward So our movement of Beauregard– Yeah.
He’ll then just take a little shimmy to the side to stand behind this stone animal and yeah, that’s right. And then maybe five feet diagonally that way as well backing away.
Yeah, I know. Yeah.
Alright. Yeah.
Alright. All ready, Fjord, you’re up. All ready, Ford, you’re up Hi, buddy. (mumbles) I’ll go and I’ll run… I’ll go and I’ll run… this direction. Actually I’ll fire off, three eldritch. Lavore.
Yes. Alright, go for it. Alright, go for it… (laughing) (chattering) Oh know, I get three now. (chattering) Misses, come on. Natural one.
Ah, come on. 22.
22 does it. Okay great, one of three. The first one just glances off a bit shoulders to the second one just goes wide into this the trees a third one doesn’t, here sitting inside of a shoulder. Nice, 14 points. Got it.
Run my 30 feet… Sweat
Yeah, kinda in the direction and shout. Jester, let’s go.
You got it. As they’re splashing along the shoreline. (mimicking splash) Already finishing Fjord’s turn. Jester, Caduceus you’re on deck. Okay, I’m going to just to see what it does. I’m gonna cast guiding bolt at third level, straight at the dude.
Right there? Okay, it is from where you are right now has half covered, so just be aware of that. Can I shimmer over so I can see him? So, you go over to about their and you take tough cover. Alright. So there’s a larger than them. Okay, I’m going to roll.
Perfect. (cheers) 29. (laughing) 29 will work.
Alright. (laughing) Seven, six. I don’t have my staff organized. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven eight, nine, 10, 11, 12. (laughing) I’m going to cast guiding bolt. That was a third level? You got it, go for it. No, bolts, eight, 10, 14, 16 point of radiant damage.
16 point radiant damage. The next attack has advantage. The next attack has advantage. That’s in correct position. And then can I use the rest of my movement? You can get 15 more feet. Can I back up into the water? Sure. And about there, that’ll be the rest ’cause now you’re in the water. You can breathe water from the Stella was cast. It’s still half movement moving into it. So about any anything beyond that line right there is gonna be about it’s a 10 feet of movement per square you move. Okay.
Just to be aware. 10 feet per square.
Yes. Got it.
God speed essentially. Yeah.
Alright, that finishes Jester’s to turn. At the end of Jester’s turn… At the end of Jester’s turns can go ahead and use one of its legendary actions to use defensive shift after being impacted, and it’s gonna move 15 feet. (chattering) Alright, Caduceus, your turn. First of all the better better better I’m going to… Distinct doesn’t look that smart. I’m gonna use my bonus action to turn invisible for round.
Alright. So, you… Caduceus. You are ridiculous. The smoke right? So, we probably shouldn’t get nervous at all. I can smoke?
Yeah. (chattering) I’d rather keep my nostrils and like I’m eating from like underneath its words arms meet its armor and some of the gaps in it No, I’d rather I’d rather save options from–
Coming from the armpits could be good.
I’m gonna start moving in the diagonal direction towards the water and about halfway there, I’ve got three… when I’ve got Nott, Beaur and Jester. Well, I’ve got Nott, Beaur with it, well– Yeah, it looks ready. Yeah, Nott, Beaur and Jester. I’m gonna cast… Actually, not on you, I’m so sorry. On myself, Nott, Beaur, I’m gonna cast Blass. Alright, so Nott, Beaur, and who else? Nott, Beaur and myself.
Not me. Well just kind of way I can keep it up because I get the extra deep for–
Sailfish. 15 feet, you cast bless and you have 15 more feet if you want to. I’m gonna head out and get you start getting into the water and yeah, keep moving away from my family. You can get right there. Alright.
Probably, if I can get, yeah, I can hide.
Okay. You’re invisible, so you’re hiding it well. That finishes Caduceus turn, it is now the creatures turn. Nope.
Here we go. Alright.
You are not going to move. First. (moows) It’s gonna go ahead and… (mimicking) And it is going to move right up to Nott who’s closest to it. (mimicking) As it rushes towards you, it’s going to attempt to make a Grog attack.
No, can you use a reaction to jump away from it? Use my reaction to jump away from it. That doesn’t work, sorry. (laughing) That’s a 21 to hit? Yes. Do you have a red cap? (laughing) Alright and because it… was at least 20 feet straight ahead. You didn’t make a string saving throw for me if you don’t mind.
Sure, an extra before. Thank you. Oh, that’s helpful. 15.
15 fail. You are not to pro.
Okay. And for the first as it gorgey with its horns you take what’s called–
Right ahead level two, so it made it extra gore. (groans) 30 points of piercing damage. Uncanny dodge.
Alright. So you take 15–
He died when you’re prone? Yeah, just a reaction to make it happen. But it does get to make a hoof attack against you as a bonus action. (coughs) That’ll be… 19 hit.
Yes. Alrighty, then as it slams in you and you scrape onto the ground. (groans) Hurt, trying to duck, you managed to duck out of the way to miss like, peering the middle of your torso and going after horrible organs and then all of a sudden you look up and you see. (mimicking) Slams down with its hooves on to you you suffer. You suffer. (laughing) Alright. (laughing) 19 points of bludgeoning damage. Damn it. (chattering) And with the rest of its movements it’s gonna go ahead and shift this way.
No! Continue facing that right there. That ends its turn, Beauregard, you’re up. Oh, sorry no, Yasha, Yasha is up and then Beauregard and Nott. I would like to rage.
Okay. And then, I wanna just start running as much as I can I’ll just take that as the whole turn. 30, 35, 40, that’s your movement?
Yes. 40 feet?
40 feet, yeah. So, that’s two movements, you could use your action to continue to run the rest of it or–
Yes. Okay.
I would like to do that. Someone called Dr. Love.
35. So you are now right there. (chattering) Who’s actually unfortunately. No, I’m just there.
But you’re there in front of it.
I’m there in front of it. Okay.
Yeah. You got it. Already… (chattering) That’s good ’cause– (mumbles) Yeah.
Oh, that’s good. Well, you cant be flanking with the technique. Alright, at the end of your turn… No, it’s gonna, that’s it. Alright cool, that’s your turn. Yes.
Beauregard, you’re up. (chattering) That’s not too terrible guys, good candy. Okay, I’m gonna run up to it and flank with Yasha. Alright. Go for it. Flank there, alrighty. (mumbles) Yeah, I know. I’m gonna like you know train kinda stay up top. (laughing) Like avoid the spleen–
Alright. Try go for it–
And see these like these are long kind of quills, like seemed like the pushing out of beyond or neath towards body armor is, then the armor bending in awkward ways where looks.
Shit, I like him. It looks a little wrong, it’s designed, but go for it make your takes. It looks like the weak spots. Sure, between the metal. Yeah.
Do it. Yeah, I’m doing it, I’m doing that. So you got to attacks, action. You can add–
Which is good. For that one and that one. Okay, 26.
26. And then…15. 15 misses.
15 misses. So, one of them, you strike it hits the middle plate in the middle one, you managed to pierce in between to the place and hits a little–
Did you take advantage of it?
More softer. Yeah.
Okay, advantage? No you you got advantage because–
Oh, I didn’t. (mumbles) Roll for a second attack now. Okay, that’s much better. For another four, 25. Okay, both in. Show them for each.
Thank you. Okay, that’s good. Guiding bolt, oh, guiding bolt. That’s why I have an advantage. Also you are flunking with the off with Yasha. Yeah, yeah.
So its like– That’s why it’s just natural. 13 damage on the first one and… sorry, 11 damage on the second.
Got it. So, as you like. (mimicking) As each impact hits, you pull back and each blow against his body, the sections between the middle plates. (mimicking) Emits that green gas that you saw trailing behind it’s. Nott, Yasha and Beauregard, you’re all adjacent to it you all suffer eight points of poison damage. You don’t though.
I can’t be poisoned. Right, so you take no damage, but do you guys think it puts damage from the first attack. First?
And the second attack, deals six points of poison damage. Every time we attack it–
Just may with your right next to it, right? It didn’t happen when the–
With the jaw. (mumbles) Like magic.
And how far… Well, how far did it look like the gas? Just around it and you can run it. (mimicking) Okay, okay. Yeah.
Patient defense. Okay, you got it. Alright.
That was a mature decision. Alright. At the at the end of Beaur’s turn it’s gonna go ahead and use two of its legendary actions— Two of them! To tighten this former.
To tighten? So now, you watch as the plates around his body. (mimicking) Seize up and condense then claws himself like bending back and it looks like it almost, almost hurts it to do so but it seems to be a little more fortified for the time being. It looks like the plates are part of it like the part of–
No, it kind of grown out of it naturally, but also weirdly, you haven’t quite seen a creature like this before. Okay, okay, okay. That finishes Beauregard turn. Nott you are up, Caleb, you’re on deck. Shit. I will use half movement to stand up Alright. And sort of brush the hook marks off of me. It’s right next to me, so I guess I should bonus action disengage. Good luck to it.
Yes. I would like to.
Okay. And then, shit. How do I know why not get killed by this thing? Can you run up a tree?
That’s the question. I can run off a tree. If you like to. How tall is that tree? Oh, that trees about I’d say 20, 25 feet. But the lower branches are about 10 feet off the ground. But how much movement, I only have half movement. So I have–
15 feet left. And I’m like 10 feet–
Or say 20, you need 35, right?
35, yeah. I’ll say 15 to 20. But it’s 10 feet to get the tree at least. That’s about, yeah.
You might be able to get to the bottom branch. Might, I might… Instead, I will run that way. This way? 15 feet.
In a diagonal? Yeah, and then cast levitate and go 20 feet up. (mimicking) Oh, shit. Okay, so you. (mimicking) Come off the ground.
Yeah. Like bubbles into the air. Okay. (laughing) (chattering) Oh, okay.
I’m gonna have to do throw the blows. (mumbles) Alrighty, that’s pretty cool actually. Right.
I’m just curious. (mumbles) Levitate from which one? (whispers) What did you say?
Levitate. Oh, well the only level I have, level two. The only level I have. (mumbles) Do I have levitate? I got it, it’s on my list. It was an option For me on D&D Beyond a company I love.
That’s true. (laughing) Double checking. (mumbles) D&D Beyond. ♪ D&D. ♪ (chattering) (laughing) Oh, oh! Not criticizing my spell choice. Oh, no.
Each of these spells must be enchantment for illusion. That’s how… it says it does say transmutation. They offered it to me, did not know that… I couldn’t have it.
Oh, no. Spells you on at eight, 14th and 20th can be from any school of magic. Oh!
Oh! So you are good, just double checking, double checking, you’re good, you’re good. Oh, men.
Just to be sure. That is one of good rules of Dungeons and Dragons. That’s three.
That’s right, that’s right. (laughing) Perfect, so, right. So as you rush off to the side, you wouldn’t catch them. (mimicking) And lift them off the ground you know, kind of floating in the air above looking down at this creature, your friends kind of picturing it from that side and the scattering statues that sit amongst the beach side of the oasis in the red Earth–
Up here guys. Alright, Nott that’s in your turn? A huh. Caleb, you’re up for your own deck. Okay, look very frustrated to have his first for a shrug off is going to move forward and… put in here.
Right there? Here, let’s say here. I need a clear line of sight and he digs into his bag and pulls out a Lodestone which he pumps in his hand and drag some minerals and dust up his entire arm and points his finger and I cast disintegrate at this thing.
Deck save? A deck save. No, that is an eight and also damage on that. Hey. Thank you so much. There’s 68 points of force damage. Wow!
Wow! You’ve been castrated. You bet you blast it with the rain. You watch some of the metal just rust away on its body, exposing parts of its flesh, kind of this like kind of… a grayish musculature underneath, but where that burns away you can see kind of where the fume is coming from this bright green almost neon liquid. It would almost as soon as it’s blood. (sighs) And then I’m just going to dance my last 10 feet diagonally back towards the water and away from Caduceus family. Alright, you got it. Beauregard turns over her shoulder with a little bit of hair burning.
Alright, the end of Caleb’s turn, it’s gonna go ahead and use slack military action to use defensive shift. One, two, three. Shit. Alright. (chattering) Moves not tricking opportunity attacks, and it does that. What is it about a game of dices that is Making a literally handshake. It’s just dice. (mumbles) Stakes are very high.
Yeah, yeah. Can I move diagonally is it like this? (mimicking) Yeah.
Okay. Can I move diagonally in his direction, 30 feet? At 30. A starter range isn’t it? That’s nice more than 30 feet away. I’ll fire three more eldritch blasts in his direction. Go for it. (mimicking) God fucking heinous 11.
11 misses. 23?
23 misses. (gasps) What? Miss two.
Oh, ’cause he did the tightening move, mother fucker! All three miss, all three miss. (chattering) To have them hit and then. (mimicking) No impact, no damage little this little dark stuff of the eldritch power leading residual nothing. ♪ Fuck you ♪ (laughing) That’s a bullshit. Alright, that finishes your turn. Jester you’re up, Caduceus your on deck. Okay, Jesus lowizer! You rolling like. (sighs) (mumbles) Yeah.
Magic. Which is not what I do–
There’s not what I plan on doing, I’m gonna use my movement to climb up the rock. Can I climb up the rock Nick? Yeah, I can definitely allow that, definitely. That’ll be… Making athletics check for me. Yes, make it. Natural 20.
Oh! Oh, you are fine. ♪ I wish I would have been rolling something else. ♪ Okay, and I am going to cast… Cheese. (mumbles) Oh, geez. Oh that’s, yes, I’m okay, I’m sorry. (laughing) This is so much harder now that I know that he’s hard to hit. Legendary resistances–
Plus one. (chattering) Okay, okay, okay.
There was a que? Scott legendary. (chattering) I understand that is correct. I’m gonna use invoke duplicity. Okay.
Action. Thank you.
Go ahead, flicks your Jester duplicate. I’m going to go as far away from me as I can towards the–
That’s the range you can have on that?
Yes. (laughing) 30 feet.
30, that could be the furthest you can get.
And then, from my bonus action, I’m going to cast healing word at alaimo, first level on Nott. Okay, what’s the range on that? 60 feet.
Yeah, nice mid range and you guys are kind of high level now actually, ’cause you’re up on this tall like spiral like rock and not just kind of floating in the air. (mimicking) Okay, so that’s eight points of healing. That’s not bad.
Thank you. Not bad.
A rear human word. You finished with Jester?
Yeah, that’s all I can do. Caduceus, you’re up. (sighs) Things hard to hit right now. (laughing) Okay. 23 doesn’t hit. I’m now visible again.
That’s right. Ini mini money mo.
I’m really concerned. Just probably hard–
You’ll never play. I’m gonna get within 30 feet to try and get as close as I can to throw something out and before I come back off again. Okay, which way you wanna go for them? Like directly towards him and then I’m gonna like, squeeze back five. That’s 30 feet.
Oh, yeah, we’re waiting. Right there.
Yeah, we’re like right there.
Yeah, that’s 30 feet, right? Yep.
Okay, and I’m going to cast… I’m gonna do something. I’m gonna–
Sorry, I’m slow I’m– I’m gonna do some news channel divinity. Okay, I’m to do… path to the grave. Path to the grave which … So, the next time one of my allies hits the creature with an attack creature has a vulnerability all the attacks damage. You got it, cool.
And now I’m back in the fuck up. Alright. (laughing) Like kind of behind the trees? Yeah, like the–
They’re there? Yeah.
Okay, cool. That finishes Your turn. Alright.
Trying to be a good cleric. I don’t wanna be a good cleric, I wanna hit him. Alright, on this term. (inhales) Inhales has his armor kind of. (mimicking) Extends once more, gets all of its legendary actions left. (mimicking) (inhales) You watch the armor plates kind of splitting as it begins to inhale and that fume that was kind of spilling out, kind of stops getting out in it. (roars) A torrent of it.
Bye, bye. Oh!
This way. (chattering) See here, in here. You do get another do 40 are safe though.
Everybody freeze. (laughing) Pretty cool tight there, let me see. (chattering) That’s pretty close.
It’s fun, it’s fun, it’s a game.
It’s pretty close. It’s within?
It’s fine. It’s like–
It’s fine. (chattering) It’s over the square.
Okay, okay. Lets flop, just on the edge, I need Nott… Beauregard and Yasha to roll constitution saving us with us please.
Okay. With a plus four?
Yeah, you and Beauregard got plus four. Fine guys.
Nice. Yay.
Natural one! Oh!
Oh! With your 34?
You’re 23. (mumbles) You are restrained, Beauregard. Find your buddy, suddenly begin to lock up and places–
Oh, no, no. Your gonna be paralyzed. Your skin turning slightly gray on the edges of your elbows and–
Directly in front of her and can smash her.
Oh, no. Paralysis takes a little minute to fully kick in though right or?
You don’t know? I don’t know.
Okay. Oh, no! We didn’t know.
Strained at the moment. She’s restrained, do we see a physical change in her body? She turned gray.
She’s turned gray? Yeah.
Okay. You just missed your grand fuck, fuck. Okay, okay, okay. And with that… he’s gonna go ahead and–
Change this stuff. (mimicking) Okay. Thank you. You’ve not agreed yet though. No. (mimicking) And rush up towards Caleb, you have opportunity against it. But with the before disadvantage because you are restrained with–
What’s the D four? The disadvantage, because you are restrained. With a D four.
Yeah, again disadvantage. Okay, come on, come on, 25. To habits. (cheering) As it tries to rush towards Caleb, you go ahead and like sweep out of the skids into the dirt. It back slides, kicked up for a second and you kinda. (mimicking) Right itself and shake the dust off. (mumbles) Yep. (chattering) So, yes you’re right, what’s the damage on that? (laughing) 10. (chattering) That’s right, 20-20 damage. Why?
‘Cause I cast a spell. Double the damage.
Cool. Alrighty, angrily spins back in this direction and glaring at you. (breaths heavily) I look at my arm that’s slowly like petrifying and I’m like. (laughing) Alrighty, that finishes turn you off. Yasha, you’re up, Beauregard you’re on deck. Okay, so I would like to start with… I’m going to unleash a Battle Cry. So that everybody has advantage on your attack roles and saving throws… For this round?
For this round Attack rules and safe rules? Yeah.
Yep. And within 60 feet, so I think everybody’s within 60 feet. Yeah, it’s everybody, yeah. Okay, great. So I would like to go up to him. Okay. If I can flank with… 30, 35.
Yeah? Yeah.
Okay. And then I would–
I’m so proud of everything. Any openings I can see, I wanna try to get in there. Sure, go for it.
Okay. (laughing) I’m really sorry, but I get advantage. You do.
Okay. I don’t know if this will hit, shit. 20 total.
Justice! Oh!
Oh! Okay, isn’t still in defense mode or whatever. That’s for the lesson towards next. I’m gonna roll, savage attack. So that’s seven. Reckless.
That’s a little Savage. No, ready–
19 points of damage for the first hits.
Yeah, come on. Okay, as the gas expands from his body as he impacted. (mimicking) And you… (coughs) Coughs but you take six points damage. Okay.
Damn. If I’m, every time this is a–
Tank. Alright, I’ll go again. Rush it off, let’s nothing. With advantage over here.
Yeah, okay. Yeah, okay, that would be a 22. 22 points of damage. (laughing) Okay, lets try again. Okay that was better.
Evil laughing with cross song.
It’s like… 14 points of damage.
14, nice. (laughing) You take 11 more points of another impact. (mimicking) 11 points just for now or the total? Just from that one.
Okay. So the issues impact the poison like sprays on your skin and kind of burns into flushing like. (groans) Having pull back Your eyes are squinting and starting to burn your eyes as you pull away. But you managed to kick some decent hits and you could see like big sections of its back or kind of gash and metal plates are bent and kind of bleeding that green who’s out of it. Okay.
Definitions return? Yeah.
Beauregard you’re up Nott you’re on deck. I’m trying to take advantage of the fact that I’m slowly losing feeling of my right arm. I’m just gonna like right haymaker, right haymaker, right haymaker and crack into this guy. Go for it. (chattering) You are disadvantage, but you’re technically flanked with the single attacks, so both of those are single attacks– So both of those are my roles going for natural 20 on the first one, this is an isotope. Oh, maybe we’ll. Oh, 21.
Okay. (cheering) (applauding) (chattering) So, the first row damage for the for the credit. Okay, okay. It’s Grog–
Okay. Is a bliss stoning?
I mean… Is a bliss stoning?
You don’t see anything yet. It’s more it’s just starting to like her starting to feel the physicality changing. (laughing) Do you hear sirens? No, okay, no, no, that’s fine. Image on the first one?
18. 18, Nice. Let’s see.
That’s good too. 13.
13. Match on the second.
Great. Yasha, you take nine points of poison damage? Sorry.
Five Points– Sorry.
It’s a 14 total. Are you okay?
She’s like. (mimicking) She just dropped 100. (chattering) Go for it.
She’s just gonna be fine. (chattering) (laughing) Okay, okay.
She looks fine. (mumbles) (laughing) So with the D fours, come on. Okay, D four for this seven. (chuckles) 21 again, and for this one, I don’t think it makes it 19?
19 misses. The third one doesn’t. But, okay. 10 damage to damage and–
Yasha you you take… 12 points of poison damage. And extract aspects.
Indeed. So, as you pull it. (mimicking) Your one hand can go into like a blade tech strike. (mimicking) Sits in its body and your key connects with its bodies life force and that moment you realize as part of its physical like interior design unit poison but it also cannot be frightened, cannot be petrified and cannot be stunned. It is a wall of angry mutated beast. (chattering) Okay, I just can’t stand this one which really fucking blows. Make constitution same for me. With a D four?
With advantage on the D four. (laughing) Because everything stacks, everything stacks, on players everything stacks. (laughing) Constitution you said?
Yeah. That’s good. 18 plus 3, 21. Yeah, you resist. (chattering) That didn’t turn into statue. Okay, okay. So, you see it physically. (mimicking) shrugs off the effect. (chattering) The gray begins to fade you kind of shake off the elements of like crack old, crack dirt and stone that began to gather, your fine. Okay, okay, okay, okay. Alright. (chattering) (laughing) Is that the Nickelodeon? Yeah. (laughing) What does he do, he sounds like Nickelodeon. (laughing) This is nerves. (laughing) Alright, end of your turns can go ahead and use, one legendary action. No.
To vertical takeoff. Go ahead and defensive shift. No. Five, 10, 15.
We don’t know since he did the thing already, we can’t. There’s no opportunity tax, Missy kind of like. (mimicking) Barrels through and you try and go to swing and it just managed to push out before you even got a chance to swing at it. Alrighty, that finishes… Beauregard, Caleb you’re on deck. Okay. Well levitating, I will get into the prone position. (laughing) To steady my shot. (laughing) (chattering) And I will fire at the bull.
With the D four. With the D four.
And you have advantage. I have advantage, yeah! (laughing) 26.
Hits. Oh shit, it’s not next to anything. Nope, don’t think of that.
I think I can hide up here? (laughing) Probably not.
Alright, so– You had advantage does that.. That doesn’t matter.
No. Why did I have advantage>Because of battle cry? Oh!
Oh! If you have advantage on the attack, I believe it won’t allow a sneak attack. I think it does.
Sure it does then. (chattering) Guys, I remembered something. (cheering) Welcome back. (mumbles) (laughing) (chattering) Oh man, that’s so–
Oh, wow! That’s really–
Okay. 10, 20, 30.
Oh, wow! Plus 636, I’ll do fury of the small making it 47. Yes.
37 points to damage. To damage.
Wow. The bolt like sinks into the top of its head and it’s kinda. (groans) It’s angry, it’s real pissed.
Oh my God. Seeing that it’s angry, I’ll float down five feet closer to it. Okay. And you fire again.
Okay. Look down.
I don’t have advantage on this side.
All attacks. this round are damages. I’ll see if I can move. Okay, so it’s more, it’s like 29 to hit. Yeah. I don’t get sneak attack twice. No. (chattering) Oh, this is only eight more points of damage. Alrighty.
And then I will flip back up 15 feet higher. (laughing) Alright, appreciate. This is about 30 feet.
Yeah. There you go.
Bye bye. (laughing) Alright, finishing, Nott’s turning to Caleb, Fjord you’re on deck.
Okay. Caleb is not even moving, going math brain and seeing where Caduceus’ family house is– At the end of Nott’s turns, you gonna go ahead and use… (mumbles) (laughing) A legendary action… to go ahead and defensive shift. (chattering) 15.
All of it. 20.
No! No! What, do you take a statue? What statue was it? (chattering) Oh, no. That statue just. (mimicking) Explodes and pieces and chunks of it land on the battlefield.
Oh, no. (chattering) Oh, no, no.
I didn’t see. Those are your family. Oh, Caduceus! Is that what we were looking at? No, no–
Two over there but I don’t know who that was. Caleb, its your turn.
Great. Slightly then, so he sees he had an idea but he’s gonna alter, five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, he runs over here 25, 30. Unfortunately, it’s when are you getting enough into the water there, we’re starting to lower your speed. That’s as far as you go there.
Okay, alright. (chattering) Yeah, that’s what I was imagining. Except with filthy hopes. No, he’s got his purple coat on, he’s not filthy. He washed a long time ago now. Yeah.
Yeah. (chattering) Shit. Okay, I’m gonna do it anyway. Pulls out the cat’s cradle and just slams it is it we’re water room standing? You are in water, yes–
Ted, can’t do that then. (laughing) I thought it would make it farther. So instead I gotta do something completely different. I’m gonna cast, shit, I’m gonna cast slow again. Okay, that’s a–
That’s wisdom. Wisdom. Oh, 19, plus one, 20. Saves.
Alright, okay, sorry. That moved to everything. Good. (laughing) Alright you’ve finished your turn? Yeah.
Alrighty. That brings us to Fjord. Yeah, I’m gonna–
Take advantage. Uh huh, I’m gonna run 30 feet back on this diagonal. Whoa boy.
Okay. 30 tickets you’re right there, you run past those two statues there, It does get in tech opportunity on you, That’s natural 20. Oh! (mumbles) You are–
Close. 35 feet away from it. I’m 35 feet away from Fjord?
Yeah. ‘Cause, five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35. Motherfucker, okay, never mind. (sighs) So–
Sorry. (mumbles) Nope.
Sometimes it does. Not today.
Not today. (laughing) Not today. This isn’t under disaster. Oh!
Oh! (laughing) 54 points of piercing damage. Oh, that sounds nice. How much?
54. As you go to run away and it just gore’s you in the back with its horn, you see fog and paled on it, it swings its head side to side kind of shaking him before he gets thrown off of it. (mimicking) He rolls across the edge. (mimicking) Really getting back to his feet and you can feel the puncture wound in your back bleeding profusely. (mumbles) Oh!
Oh! Oh, wow!
Oh, wow! This is really good.
That hurts. (laughing) Alright. That sucked. I’m gonna send all three of these blasts towards it with advantage. Go for it. That’s a 21 to hit?
That hits. Okay, second one is a… 25.
That hits. Is a 20.
That hits. (cheers) (applauds) 11 points of forced damage. That is seven points force damage. 18 and 12, so–
Nice. 30.
30 points force. After getting off the turnaround. (mimicking) (laughing) Yeah, you can see the hits is taking it, it’s starting to show wear and tear like it’s hurt and it’s it’s not like limping but it’s… you guys have done a fair amount of damage to it and it’s starting to really show. This is it. That finishes Fjord’s turn, Jester you’re up, Caduceus you’re on deck. Alright, for my bonus action I’m going to have my duplicate, run forward, take a flying leap into the air, do a double flip and land on its back.
Wow! Like with one hand holding a horn and the other hand going–
Yeah. You got it. (chattering) Okay.
And duplicate Jester. Is going to try to cast inflict wounds at 5th level. Go for it, go for an attack. (laughing) Thank God it was advantage. 23.
23 hits. Yes.
Yeah. (moows) Okay, so that is, how many? seven D 10. Good. Damn you guys. (laughing) Seven D 10?
Seven D 10. (cheering) I was gonna use the–
What a good move. Thanks. (laughing) (chattering) How many is that? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. I’m so proud of you.
No. (mumbles) How about, I’m very proud of you.
Oh! Show me. (laughing) 19, 21, 26. (chattering) Eight.
Yeah. That was kind of shitty, 28 point. 28 points necrotic damage to it, as the illusory Jester strikes down you watch the brief bursts of BlackRock energy, swirls around digs into its body something you see these like black smearing tendrils of terrible tearing arcane energy begin to pull through its body. (groans) It’s angry. This finish is your turn? It Does.
Its last action. Listener action to move forward. Which this is your illusion. Yeah, she just stays there like, oh no. Yeah, kind of falls off a bit. But she’s just floating in the air. (laughing) You are mean.
15. (mimicking) What did you do that one?
That’s entirely possible. We’ll never know.
I watched you run and was like, oh, well, I don’t know. Maybe we can still find their face like Ariel was Prince Eric.
It doesn’t work. (laughing) Oh, Erick–
Back to horrific life. (laughing) Alright, Caduceus you’re ups. (chattering) (laughing) Am I within 30 feet of that? You are within 30 feet again. I’m gonna do the same thing I did last time. I’m gonna–
Sail divinity again? Sail divinity again and then I’m going to pull back behind the tree. Over here?
Yeah. There you go. Finishes, Caduceus it’s you turn? Yeah.
Okay. At the end of your turn, it’s gonna back a bit. (mimicking) Oh, my God. (laughing) I kinda moves forward especially the one statue, it looks at you. (mimicking) It’s gonna rush towards you. (laughing) That’s 21 to hit.
Good hits. Alright, need you to make a string saving throw. Okay, Nott with advantage, right? I don’t think so. Still with advantage because of… you do, yeah? Yeah. (sighs) Seven.
You are not through. 25.
Oh, no. It’s a 28 points of piercing damage. Cool, cool, cool, here let me roll a DA. It takes, hey, no, six points of damage.
Of damage. And as a bonus actions can go ahead and now rear up on underwood’s time links. (mumbles) Yeah, and come down with its hooves on top of you because your opponent has advantage on that attack. Natural 20, an advantage. Suck a lot.
Nope, nope. You can’t do anything about that. So on the hoof action.
Okay, that’s okay. Okay, that is… 34 points of bludgeoning damage. That’s a toast coming down and. (mimicking) Slamming your chest, You guys see water and wet red Earth. (mimicking) Splatter out as it puts the force of its body down onto Fjord’s chest.
Oh! It knocked me unconscious, but my relentless endurance will–
See you back to one hit point.
Hit me back to one hit point.
That’s true. Okay.
That’s true, okay. But what else we get to see if it gets it’s… Woo, yeah, I guess it’s a fine breath back, okay. Alrighty, that ends it’s turned. Yasha you’re up, Beauregard you’re on deck. (groans) Far away from it. Alright, I’ll just take my whole turn. (chattering) It takes a walk at sis points. (mumbles) 30, right.
Oh, I get there? You do, but it takes your full action to get there. Yeah, okay. (chattering) It all adds up, man, it’s up. Yeah, you can go more. Yep, that’s my turn.
Oh, no. Okay.
It’s all I can do. She needs some throwing stars. Actually, can I go a little further to Florida, no. You’d be able to… We have Fjord, you can get quite to Fjord. So I can’t touch him?
Not yet, no. Okay.
And even then we’re taking action to do your thing. Yeah, oh, yeah, what else am I thinking. Okay, yeah, yeah.
Okay. Beauregard, you’re up not you’re on deck. Alright, I’m gonna run them a step of the wind. Okay.
That’s my bonus to dash. I’m gonna tip it a win. (chattering) (laughing) (chattering) Wow! (laughing) Okay, you can pretty much go anywhere you want to be– I’m I able to flank Yasha? Unfortunately, no.
I can’t like straddle forward in like, fight over his leg? Beauregard, oh! (laughing) You know, I’m sitting on his chest. Don’t care, can I do that? I will say no, ’cause he’s– (chattering) Turn over.
Or you can breathe it anyway.
Well, that’s true. Oh.
Okay, I’m gonna… After seeing Jesters duplicate get flown off I’m gonna flip forward and I’m gonna jump on top of them. I’m gonna have a saddle ranch moment. Okay.
And I’m gonna just start like right behind. (chattering) I’m so happy–
Hold on to it as you leap onto its back.
I don’t have like advantage or anything, no?
No. Natural 20. (cheering) You do, you run leaving the air kind of voting off of the back of its hindquarters. (mimicking) Lands onto it grab on just like there’s two of these large spines that stick out of the back of its armor, and you just grab one and you’re kind of holding this is trying to buck you off in–
I use my reaction to write 10 on a piece of paper. (laughing) I hold it up on the ranch. (laughing) It’s a good night at the ranch, guys. I’ve had like one Daiquiri but not enough to like… just enough to feel it, and then I noticed that and I’m just gonna go for like right at that plate behind his neck.
Go for it. Like where–
Do I have– You don’t have advantage, no, just a single attack. Okay, do I have a blessed still? Mhh.
Okay. So for this 14–
But you hit the dough Do you got the natural 20 writer or– That was 40, to hold on. 26 and 28. Yeah, 28 to hit. Alright, cool. So, the first hit is for damage. Oh, is this gonna be bad?
Yeah. It’s fine, it’s fine. So, the first thing is… how much damage It’s doubled because Caduceus use that ability on the last. Damage has doubled?
Yeah. Good night at the ranch. (mumbles) 22 points of damage. Alright, Fjord you take eight points of points of damage? (mimicking) Damage for the next attack. (chattering) I think that is a two, it’s eight points of damage. Eight points of damage.
Yeah. Fjord, do you take 12 points poison damage it’s one failed devastating through? I think it’s two ’cause I’m unconscious. Well, no, it’s a critical attack that gives you two deaths safes. Okay.
Such as the one, heavy bonus action.
Good times. Releasing that my friend is unconscious and just grounding–
You also took points. Yeah. (laughing) A total point of 20 points of poison damage. (laughing) A moment of clarity of seeing Fjord just lapping the waves, I’m gonna stop and get off they bull and that’s–
Yep, just like a night at the ranch.
Just like– (laughing) It started so well. Did you realize–
Oh, no. Your realize your friend died. (laughing) Then get off the bull. (laughing) Which way are you getting off, this way or this way? Always good, yeah, not in the water. Okay. (laughing) Hey, look.
You fucked your friend. (chattering) Okay, that that finishes your turn and your turn is gonna use one of its returning. Actions.
You got a healing you’re alright?
Right, sure. (chattering) 15, 20, that’s perfect. Nott you’re up, Caleb you’re on you’re on deck. Oh, great.
Oh, oh, no, it’s coming for you. Personal advantage?
No, advantage is over. It’s been over since Yasha’s turn. Sorry boo.
I’ll just keep shooting. A lower 20 feet and take our shot. We’re gonna go back up?
No lower. I wanna be 20 feet off the ground. You got it.
So that I can get to the ground on a single turn. Okay, there you go. And I will do a long range shocked. Go for it. with an explosive arrow.
Sure. Do I still have less?
You have less. Okay, 23 hits, great. And that’ll be 10 plus… what’s the explosive arrow again, let me look. I only have two of these. Where is it, did I write it down? I’m looking. How much would you have made my explosive bolt add? It’ll be an additional 2D six fire damage. Two, D, six. An extra seven points of damage. Yeah Nice. Alright, your bonus action still. Yes, I will use it to shoot, reload, fire, terrible natural one, miss. Six damage.
Oh, yes. Oh, no. But I damaged you this round, motherfucker. (laughing) Tow point.
Two point of (mimicking) And I’m floating like. (chattering) (laughing) I love it, alright, Caleb, you’re up, Fjord, you’re on deck. Yeah, okay, so Caleb sees all of this mess here and looks quickly down to the left and sees them doesn’t want to be near them so he’s going to flush it out of the water to this, is that 10 feet of movement to go here.
Okay. Okay, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30. I’ll hide a little bit behind that bush and slap the cat’s cradle down into the dry Earth here and send widow guests web of fire specifically after that. Alrighty,
Okay. To deck save.
That is a deck save. That is a failed can use legendary resistance to succeed. Some other ones, two, that was two, six, 12, 14, 25, 29. 29 points of fire damage reduced by half to 14. So as you hit the ground with your hands and watch as all of a sudden these multiple piercing kind of burning fuses embarking fire gonna. (mimicking) Sneak through the red ground before they vanished below. There’s a pause before. (mimicking) Explodes beneath like this giant pillar of fire. It kind of lifts off the ground. (mimicking) And it lands. (mimicking) And turns in your direction.
Oh, no. Am I sort of lower four inches down into the bush? (laughing) Okay, you got it. Alrighty, that brings us to Fjord’s turn and you should make a debt saving here buddy. Oh, here we go, alright, no problem. Come on.
Better than a 10, right? Yeah, better that a 10. 10.
What is that? I think it’s 10 or above, yeah. It’s nine or low.
Are you good? Good, good, good. (chattering) Sweating.
Yep. All ready? At the end of words turns for good news. Another legendary action to go ahead and shift forward. No!
No! Right up to there.
Don’t go my wizard, Jester and Caduceus, it’s your turns And I go with a wizard.
Okay. I am going to have my duplicate step forward and cast totally dead, so a giant Bell is going to appear over him.
Okay. Ring his bell, he’s made of metal, so I’m hoping that’ll hurt extra extra bad and it’s a Wisdom, save. Wisdom save, that’s a failure, wall damage. That’s Three, D, 12 ’cause he’s already taken some damage. Oh, 12 plus eight is 20. Plus 11, Holy Moly! That’s 31 points.
Not bad, yeah. (chattering) Alright, and then– (chattering) At third level, I’m going my person actual, Jester is going to shoot their hand over and look at Fjord and say. (mumbles) And she’s gonna cast healing word. You got it. (mumbles) In the whole champagne.
That’s third level So, that’s three D four. Wow!
That was crazy, wasn’t it? It was. Eight plus five?
Yeah. No, no, eight plus five. 14.
There you go. Alright, finishes Jester’s go, Caduceus you’re up. Wow, that change things. So I’m going to start back. heading back up that way a bit.
Where abouts? Heading in that direction is 30 feet and while I’m rocking I’m going to cast… blight on this thing about… oh no, like straight towards the bull.
Cool, right there. Yeah as far as I can get, there. And while I’m running I’m gonna cast blight on the bull.
On the bull? Alright.
So, that’s a… Where is that, that’s a–
Given mad cow disease. (laughing) (mumbles) That is a 17, 18
Fuck. Okay, so it takes half damage I think? Yeah.
Alright and that’s a… How many dice is that, one, 18. 18?
Yeah, nice job, man. So, ill just. Oh, my God that’s terrible. Yeah.
Eight, 10, 13. Oh, that’s better. 13, 16, 19, 23 points of damage. Alright, 23 points of damage out. 20 points damage out. 11 points? There you go, 11 points are damage. (mimicking) Parts of it exposed flush a withering, you see kinda. (groans) Take the impact, it’s angry. (inhales) No, it’s been angry, oh, no. Alright, so finish your turn? That’s all I can do, is just as long as I moved as far that way as I could, so. Okay. Alright, since you moved, is it comes right in front of you (mimicking) To impact the blight looks back at you. Here’s just a shout back at Fjord and Fjord are getting up and kinda. (mimicking) Turns around.
What?! Yes.
He’s that vengeful. Where, there are two targets and one of them went away. We were useful for him to go. (mimicking) Oh, can I get a spell of opportunity? You do?
Yeah, yeah. I will just end with another point actually, with that, given the point ’cause I think you can do that. Caduceus, last legendary action, the turn Caduceus turn to shift out of that space, Nott getting tax opportunity. What, I kinda can’t trick you with staff. (laughing) I give you guys leave wait all the time and shit like that. (laughing) Okay.
I’ll take mine. Alright, and so we’ll go ahead and move in. (mimicking) Right in that space where the Fjord where the three of you and that statue. (groans) And unleash a blast. (chattering) (laughing) I need Yasha, Beauregard, Caduceus, oh sorry. And Fjord to go ahead and cast please. And Beaur has a D four for this. Constitution save?
Right. 16.
16, nice. 25, wow!
Nice. 12.
12, Okay. You both succeed, seven rules really fucking high on the things I wanna try and do but Beauregard not but Beauregard restrain once again. (chattering) Any damage or–
He just restrained. He’s restrained for now and then– You guys in luck on your side, I swear to God. I don’t feel like it. I think some good tactics and some luck. All ready, that brings us two. Just those actions back and it who’s turn? Yasha you’re up. Okay, I’m going to attack… Okay, 26.
26 hits. Okay, wait a sec, I’m shaking.
Kill them. Wait I’m gonna roll it again, save an attack. You can do that.
10, that’s better. 28 points of damage for the first hit. 28, wow, nice!
Yeah, still good? Yeah, still kinda.
Fuck. I can’t count right now. 21.
21 hits. Yes, okay. That’s better. 14 points of damage.
14 point, alright. So, you swing twice across it, you see like one of its eyes is kind of starting to close a bit on one side. Come on. You do take seven points of damage and 11 points points damage. At both of those strikes. (laughing) Alright, end of your turn. (mumbles) Let’s go to sleep.
As a bonus action I’m going to healing hands on myself. Is it a bonus action or–
No, it’s not. I am lying, I’m not doing that, I’m not doing anything I’m standing there looking at the bull. And be turns can use listener action to do a hoof attack. Okay.
No. (laughing) 18 to Eath.
Yeah. Okay. (chattering) So…20 points of watching damage, reduced to 10 because you’re raging. Yeah.
All ready. That finishes Jester’s turn Beauregard, you’re up. You are restring, so you cannot move. Might be within 20 feet of him. You are within 20 feet. Alright, I shouldn’t do this. We will say I’m going to–
Attack for– Punch the waves beneath me as my feet are starting to become fused with the sand and I’m going to use that kinetic energy of the wave to ignite my fists, my lightning glove.
Awesome. And–
Use Beauregard action to tiger those? (mimicking) It’s… Been one week.
At the start of your turn, you can channel atmosphere.
I understand, you got it. Alright, you got it.
To extend my reach for one minute, so that’s what I am doing. Okay, go for it. Pop up.
Belch. Natural 20. (cheering) Am I still blessed? Because it’s 23 plus 27. Yeah.
Okay. (laughing) Do I–
I gotta get real creative. (chattering) This does not feel good and I feel like– No, no, I’m learning with each progressive battle. (chattering) First we gonna take damage. Good, 12.
12, okay. And, then 11. Doe he want those doubled? With the critical was–
Oh yes, so, 18.
18 the first 10 Okay, and then, 11.
Okay. Okay, so both those impacts… you still standing. (groans) I know. We’re not gonna get. (chattering) (screams) (chattering) Yes, lightning instead of bludgeoning. (mumbles) Pop up. (laughing) By the way, I’m sorry, you also disadvantage on these attacks because you are restrained. I forgot about that.
20. So, that 20, was that first role, was the 20th? So the first role still hit, this is technically your second hit.
Alright, alright. Actually, that was the Cochrane so to me that one. A single, alright?
Well, the first two she rolled were like, was like the first to hit, which means I’ll count that as– As one hit.
As one hit. One hit.
So what should be first, should had been 11, so–
Damage, and then this one would be, us having disadvantage? Yes.
So, it’s 21 total. Hits, second half, second hit. (chattering) When does she gets to see the restrain? At the end of the journey. Okay. 11 again, wait six plus seven is 12. 13.
13. 13. (laughing) Alright, and you have your top three blows? Alright, that’s the first one. (chattering) Okay, sorry, sorry. The second one pop up. Okay. 21.
21 hits. I’m just gonna do the damage. So confuse it in, 13 again, seven plus six.
All ready. Good, good.
God, jezz. And then one last attack. (chattering) There’re lightning punches. I don’t think that will make it. 17.
17 misses. Okay.
Okay, he’s ready for me. Beauregard?
We’re 34. Wow, is that card?
No. It was a journey.
It doesn’t matter (chattering) No. What happened, what happened? (chattering) Petrified.
No! Oh, my God, if we become petrified then he breaks us. (chattering) (laughing) Whatever, oh my god killed it. That finishes Beauregard’s turn. It’s gonna use… it’s gonna use another legendary action to move back move back.
Move back. (mumbles) I will say they’re starting to gauge it. Does he realize that Jester duplicate his own illusion? I don’t know.
Okay. We’ll see.
Yes, you do. Already, so at the end of that it comes to Nott’s turn. Says with levitate if you are you can change the targets altitude by up to 20 feet. If you are the target you can move up or down as part of your move.
Right. Does that mean it’s my movement to– Yeah, you can go 20 feet down 20 feet up. You can fly, you can’t like move. No, no, how far away from Beauregard? From Beauregard, you are about 40-45 feet. Well, she’s not gonna die this round. It’s only a few weeks before I can go. (chattering) ♪ Bitch, I got a duplicate ♪ ♪ She can move really far far ♪ Okay is it engage with anyone, no. No.
I wouldn’t know. It’s not engaged with anyone. I get an advantage though.
No, it is not. It’s tricky.
Tricky, tricky, tricky. (mimicking) (mumbles) I gotta get over there, but I don’t think I can make it in time to really help. But maybe it’ll be dead before. Kill it, just try to kill it. I’ll just shoot it.
It’s really hurt. Gotta be close.
Yeah, so man, I get that last hit.
Okay, I’ll just shoot it once.
With D four. With the D four. That’s 23 to hit.
23 hits. It’s just a single thing. Come on, come on. Eight points of damage.
Eight points of damage. Already. Not enough.
Do it again, do it again. Alright, I’ll shoot again. Okay.
Yes. Yeah, so that’ll hit with 25. 25 hits, well damage. Nine points of damage.
Nine point of damage. (groans) Guess role, continuously high tonight to a point where it’s spooky and frustrating for me. (groans) It’s good to know.
Yeah, but it’s just a one side of the table thing. We feel totally calm. (laughing) And I guess I will…shit. You’re gonna shit?
Guess would. (laughing) (mumbles) If I just dropped levitation I would fall 20 feet. Yeah.
Yes. And probably be prone?
Unless you managed to catch yourself.
Like, could I drop it and also run my movement? It’s possible.
But if you are prone, not half your movement.
Yeah. And I would take some damage? Yeah.
That’s 20 feet drop. Well, let’s try it, I’m gonna drop. Okay, rolling acrobatics check. Give me 34.
I think… yeah. Is it No actually no, it’s nevermind not know before. 14 plus–
Acrobatics. Oh yeah, 23.
23, yeah you’re fine you still take damage to fall? You take nine points of bludgeoning damage the body I gonna. (mimicking) Crack into you as you land–
Unless landed on the rock under the sand. (chattering) Yeah.
And then I will use my management to run around the bull–
just extra damage ’cause you’re expecting sand, you know. 35, should be 35, right? (laughing) That’s it.
Alright. That brings us at the end of your turn snoozes final listener action… to go ahead and… yeah, fucking hates this, cleric shit. (laughing) Ops!.
Eight plus. I know. (laughing) Such bullshit. (laughing) Clerics and the party it’s such bullshit. Alright, Caleb you are up. Okay, I go scrambling up that little mound there trying to get its attention shouting you cow, Ashlock! And I will slap the cat’s cradle, don’t know I’ll go to the top.
Oh, to the very top over here?
Yeah. And I will slap the cat’s cradle down on the stone and send it again towards the one single target down in front of me.
You got it. At fifth level. It’s gonna take its third legendary saved him succeed. 33.
33. Take it to 60–
No made more. Plus 10, what did I say?
43. Plus that 10?
Plus 10, yeah. And I did a fifth level, so 48 total. 48 total.
Yeah. (mumbles) (cheering) I was in the fire burning down the stone into the earth again and let it gather and hold and hold my hands down them, rip the hands up and then. (mimicking) From underneath, boiled. (laughing) Burn up into the hole that disintegrate left and then scorch inside and Bonet from within. Your watches it burns up in the inside. (mimicking) The middle of his torso is kind of incinerated and a circular pillar as it bursts through the top the middle primer plates kinda. (mimicking) Bending backward and heated orange. The earth in the sand that gets shot up as part of this explosion. (mimicking) Suddenly solidifies into points of glass from the extreme heat.
Oh! And it’s caught.
Cool. In midair dead, kind of pierced by all these shards of immediately solidified glass from the blast. Yeah. That’s how you make a statue. (laughing) Yeah.
And they steak. Well done. (laughing) I am immediately going to leap off the rock into the water and run towards Beaur. I’m just dead.
It is– I’m running immediately to my family members. Okay.
To Yasha. Alright, you rush on over towards… You see over on that side. What looks to be… Constance oshino with those where they’re dragging it over there would be… Calliope and Cornelius, Cornelius dragging Calliope. Okay immediate on grade respiration on both of them. On both of them?
Yeah. Burning burning my fifth and sixth. Okay. What do you guys think? Think Nott and I get to Beaur around the same time. Grog is I’m about to cast greater restoration. Without my oil, what is it called? It’s called something.
Beaur, Beaur. I got it, I got it–
What is it you have? I got this shit, it’s called willowshade oil and it patronize people.
Well, fucking do it. What part of our body should I rub it on? Tattoo, do it on the tattoo ’cause it’s special. Okay, so I’ll go around her back and I just sort of give her a little neck massage with some oil and see if it starts to work. Okay. As you apply the oil, Caduceus been within one minute of the petrification, slowly the gray hardened shape up over Beauregard stone form begins to relax into your hands and begin to warm until eventually, Beauregard begins to return to her normal state. You got a little knot here. (laughing) On your back.
On your back. (laughing) As you finish casting greater restoration, you can see Cornelius dragging first Calliope backward but before you cast it on her, it’s like come on. What?
One moment. Caduceus, what?!
I’ll explain. And as you touch Calliope, slowly begins to return back to her normal self, her arm and mid swing with what looks to be a heavy mace and just goes. (mimicking) Falls on the ground as Cornelius drops, Calliope looks up to you and. Caduceus!
Its been so long. Caduceus, are there any family members here? Colliope stand up. I don’t know. I’m gonna run around look for anybody that looks kind of like Caduceus. Okay, there’s the scattering of people. I’m gonna run over to Fjord, pop him out of the water and touching and cast healing hands. Touch him where?
Just his hands. Okay–
Out of the water. Cool. Not my thing. (laughing) 11 points of healing.
11, great. (mumbles) Caleb is going to walk up to the cow and start to examine it, understand what it is maybe. Okay. Make an Arcana or history check your chart. That is in 19.
19? Yeah.
Okay. Looking at the way it’s… like you acknowledge that this is a form of a korkin which is a type of terrible entity a monstrosity that has had uses throughout the ages as trained guardians of vaults of mages been known to be holy sites have… some systems of belief would have one of these creatures possibly that are protected and they’re also been weaponized in the past. But this one’s heavily twisted, mutated in ways that remind you have tales of wide corruption that is, was once utilized by agents Majora Hoss back during the calamity to the Far East. Matrix then isms were usually found in twisted to assail their homelands and spread destruction and uses implements of war on the front lines in those age old times.
Does it look like there’s anything salvageable or of use on this creatures? I’m sorry you killed it. (laughing) But you didn’t notice like it like the front of his face resembles kind of like a plastic bowl like head but it’s a bit small on the front end as opposed to a normal jaw, its mouth kind of opens up into two parts of this big scoop shovel and there’s no teeth. Ew, weird. It’s plankton.
Six nine crew. Cornelius, how did you get here, what I what happened? I see you managed to deal with that thing right over there. Thank you for that I’ll I assume these are your friends. I’m Cornelius, I’m Caduceus’ father and you see this large older Feuerbach similar in appearance to Caduceus, this though bit sicker but portly or gray hair kind of braid in two sides down the front, contains a tough to the bottom never been a jewelry. This is Calliope, Caduceus younger sister, Missy. She’s wearing a similar chest plate, Caduceus has exactly the same coloration and design and it’s funny. The two of them which look very much what you assume, Caduceus, appearance being what it is, his father a little more innocent, cartoony variation of that. Calliope looks stoic and kind of bad ass like she looks up the rest of you, holding her mace decide. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Caduceus, thank you. You were both gone very long time. I waited and… no one returned. And I know I wasn’t supposed to leave but I left. Does anybody else here? Think I, somewhere around here I saw your mother and he looks over and you can see, kind of just beyond the tree, one of the standing bodies is indeed Constance.
Oh, good. Caduceus, am I near Constance? Right there?
Yeah, yeah, I’m going to run over to her and cast great the restoration. Okay. As she like in her middle of her mid battle form, kind of like. (mimicking) Wow, what? Don’t worry you’re safe. Just drops her weapon and runs towards Caduceus, gives a huge hug and picks him up a little bit. She seems like it’s kind of short on the sides and then has almost like a soft mohawk that braids into a single long braid down the back. She’s wearing this like gray travel robes, just a little bit of like leather armor underneath. She’s gonna pick something. I’m so happy to see you. I was so worried…I think… Where’s the Corner.
I think it was Cornelius, turns back and looks in the direction of the–
Bull. Shattered statue that was right at her side. You see she takes a couple steps forward. Takes a couple more steps forward. Leans down, picks up one piece that looks like the shoulders and head of the statue, chipped and broken itself, its face kind of recoiling and surprise, also, farewell. How smaller are the pieces? I mean, there are probably six or seven larger pieces and a few dozen smaller elements that have been scattered a bit. It wasn’t enough impact to pulverize. It just kind of nudged and broken as it went through it wasn’t at a full run, thankfully, but it’s a lot of pieces–
It’s not totally awkward. I’m gonna try to get the pieces together and try to reassemble the body as best I can. Okay, as you kind of reach and start doing this, you can see Constance is just kind of holding the head, kind of a gas, do you feel Caduceus, your father’s hand come on your shoulder and in that kind of focused or that that unfocused state of your mother just begins to sift through and suddenly her eyes catch yours. (gasps) And when she gets down and starts trying to help– (mumbles) Go ahead and make an investigation check Jester. I’m gonna go home.
Okay. Do it with advantage, yes. With advantage.
Because not as helping. Okay. Okay, okay. 18?
18, okay. You pull together what you think is the majority of the stone body. It’s too hard to tell at this moment. I’m just scanning for any anybody else I’m just I’m not really moving, I’m just looking to see if I miss these action check. I’m gonna place myself, which I don’t normally do for this but I am in this.
Maybe you can do one piece at a time, I don’t think it will work. 26.
26. You do not see any other fear bugs in the vicinity of where you’re standing. You do see out of some of the individuals here and a lot of them a glance they’re like arms are broken off. Some of them are have already taken a lot of hits over time, whether it be by this creature or just wear and tear for how long they’ve been in this open space and nature is taking its toll on their stone forms. You do see some figures, one nearby that is a an elf that is dressed in a very… kind of pious robes and carries what looks to be a symbol of ondra around their neck, kind of hand reaching forward like a stop Don’t expression locked in stone. But nothing nobody of your family. So Constance and Cornelius are font and Colliope is fine.
Colliope is fine. Corns been broken, I’m not very clear a bout Corn. No, no Corn, no clear about it. Correct.
Just broken Corn. Okay. I have a brother and sister still somewhere here. Here?
Maybe Is Cornellius sister?
Corn’s my heart. I started looking at them near me. Okay. (mumbles) Okay, you got it. Looking at all the bodies they… Some of them look to be travelers, they’re dressed for a long journey. They all appear to be in the midst of either running, defending themselves or absolute abject terror. You see some that are dragon born you see some that are Dwarven. It’s a diverse array here, whether they be pilgrims or adventurers or members of the actual circle here in the cave that you’re walking towards. You can’t tell right now because they’re all made of stone. And the cave is that direction? Further this direction, yes. This wouldn’t be possible, I’m gonna try using, mending on each individual like piece together. The ultimate encounter.
Yes. It’s as long as the breaker tears no longer than one foot in any way but if I’m going one piece at a time, using mending, I don’t know if that’s gonna make a difference. A lot of cast–
A lot of casting it’s gonna take a long time because it takes a minute each time. Glue just for that–
Exactly– One piece.
Yeah, the smaller pieces may be tried mending on it, and then we also have a glue that covers a square foot. Then we do–
Try to combine– Certainly try. (coughs) I will say with the pieces you found, go ahead and make a medicine check to try and understand where they might land within its body. This is an understanding of the physical body. It kind of pulls out the pearl and places it on, Just aside and matters for a while and little patterns–
Happier as I walk by ’cause I’m gonna go to the other broken statue. And I’m there sorting the broken statue. Okay.
I’m gonna just… Re-role it.
Okay, re-role it. I’m just gonna grab it and walk to the other side. That is a four. Okay, so that’s 29. Jesus Christ, you guys are level 11?! (laughing) We had some bad luck. Yeah, I know, I know, I know. Alright, okay. You take a moment to inspect all the pieces of the body and quickly begin to assemble and kind of jigsaw them where they fit both–
I spend a lot of time with puzzles.
This is very apparently, Yes, you have. Well, not just that, but I’m studying physiology. (laughing) (chattering) Well there you go puzzle at the beach. (laughing) Technically, that’s vacation. (laughing) Please don’t break my heart. You cast them ending as best as you can across the pieces, once they’re situated in there and they all kind of fit together. The impact across the chest aside and the waist there there’s a kind of a triangular crack where the hit the impacts initially is longer than a foot. Okay. So those parts are not mended. Okay. So you can fit it together and most of it can clear but there is still a large rift here and a large rift here. What if we combine the glue with amend it to where the glue keeps it together fully and then I mend it? In like as much as I can– This wouldn’t be a mending thing this would be hoping the glue is enough to do it for you. Okay. This is the which way, this is the… I mean, that’s the other thing. Not to be cheap with your dead relatives or anything, but this glue is like the most powerful glue in existence. So if we could maybe get some regular glue later and try–
I’m glad I’m not listening to you right now. (laughing) I could save your work for now. And we could take them out of here and we’re told we have everything perfect rather than risk it.
I’m not sure about that ’cause, is that what we are doing? No, no, no, no, no. Caleb starts placing pieces of amber in a circle on the ground and begins to ritually cast… widow guests vault of amber with the statue of. Dude, I don’t have to finish this but I can and they will be safe.
I’m okay. Yeah
.- That’s weak. Constance is that all right? I mean, what, whatever you think is best. Her eyes are still wide, she’s still kind of falling hard but she’s… holding strong. Tap dad, go talk to mom and I’m gonna grab Calliope and head over to the other broken one.
Okay. You head to the other broken piece in the ground you look through it and this one looks to be… a maybe mid 20s or so dragon born you have no idea the the scale coloration as it is still stone. They are dressed simply a normal like travelers clothes, they have a coconut sack and they are broken into many pieces. I’m just gonna try and gather them up a bit. You know this person? No.
Oh. Can’t even plant them. No, but do you want to like keep gathering them? I don’t know, shall we? Let’s take everybody who’s injured to the cave and whoever’s feeling strong do a walk around, see who else is here. Calliope… just let’s make sure mom and dad got to the cave with Fjord. Just as we’re here and there’s so many different petrified creatures I’m gonna walk into the water into my head goes under the surface and look.
Fjord? I’m gonna look and see if there are any other petrified statue, things within view. Okay, make a perception chain– Into the water. 10.
10, it’s hard to tell. It’s clear water, I will say, you do see what looks to be like a hand sticking up out of the say maybe, five feet ahead of you?
On this foot? Yeah. Guess don’t handling that.
I’ll walk over to it. Can I try and clear this or the silt around? Yeah, as you cleared away the arms close. As you realize it’s just an arm. That’s unfortunate.
Wait, what? What? I just found a piece of an arm underneath the water. Bring it up if you wouldn’t mind. (mimicking) Okay, so I feel a little guilty. So, Caleb can you give us the pieces back, please? I’m going to try this glue. Let’s wait, we’ll wait, we’ll wait. Are you sure? I also have an idea if we can get to Umergon or, with his son. What was the son’s name? Reforgedisororus.
Oh, gotcha. I’m sorry, yes.
Did I get his name wrong? No, I think you maybe right. I missed that. To do what?
To do what? If we can pull carefully which is why I suggest him because he’s so skilled. The correct amount of molten silver into the cracks. I can turn them to stone. She could pour paint into the cracks and turn it into stone. I can not turn paint into stone. She can turn paint in stone. Can you paint in stone? Of course I can paint sto… The only thing is that, I can’t paint things connected to each other, so… I could connect them with glue I think I can just use some glue. Don’t make any decisions till we go back and I’m gonna just start walking with Calliope and anyone else who cares to join. I’ll follow behind but give them–
I have enough I can do another greater restoration if you find somebody. Which point Cornelius kinda goes, well, we were…I was talking with Aramis, one of the keepers here of a circle. Oh no. (laughing) And points over and you can see that elfes you noticed earlier with the symbol. I mean, they’re probably pretty helpful. Okay, I’ll go over to that person. Good and Cornelues walks, up next to those like– Oh, buddy I’m so sorry. Pat, pat, pat.
Pat, pat, gray the restoration of the pit. (laughing) (mumbles) You watch the elf still in it. Oh, that’s strange. What is…oh no! It looks around at pit, right. This has gotten worse.
I found a hand. Oh, hello.
Hello. You must be Stone.
I’m Miss Stone, yes. I assume you belong to clay family? (laughing) That’s really funny. (mumbles) So this seems more of you have made it. Who was this who’s a big miss? Looks over at the creature analysis spent it in the shards of glass, like reddish dark glass, spire piercing out of the ground and holding it a lot just bleeding slowly on the…oh, that is good news. That is greatness news. Do you this–
Group effort. But he did the glass part. That’s impressive, truly. What is it? It appears to be some kind of Gorgon. I have my series, but I have a few friends I need to ask questions off, they back in the cave if you come with me–
Are you’re sure they’re in the cave? (mumbles) Eight, 26.
How far away is up from our year.
10 years ago. 10 years ago.
Wow! (mumbles) A bit of time has passed since then. 200 years. (laughing) (mumbles) (laughing) 17. Just don’t, don’t. (laughing) 10, 10.
See, it’s not as bad now, isn’t it? ‘Cause you thought–
She made you feel better? (laughing) Thank you.
You are welcome. Let’s… okay. Hold on, let’s go to the cave. A few more.
I’ll check the rest. Do you need to see if any of your compatriots are Oxley. We check the rest. Alright, and as you guys begin to kind of look through you can see Aramis begins to go to a few faces me like. I don’t know them. Don’t know them, don’t know them. Oh, goodness me and then I see somebody goes up and I can grab someone’s face goes, this is Deira you see this like kind of really older human woman maybe in like her 70s or so. Adorn similarly to Aramis and also finds it looks to be another large dragon born figure that is wearing a heavy piece of armor and is currently the shield in the front trying to pull back this is mega tough.
Mega tough. (laughing) They also have the Stone?
They are yes, yeah. I don’t suppose what you’ve helped us with you could help them with this well. I can’t wait to sleep.
Not today, but– Not today. What about all the other people that are here that you don’t know we should probably heal them too they have lives.
I agree. (sighs) I think Amor should be able to help. Hopefully, they’re back in the cave. We can go ahead and talk to him. Do we see any of my other short run around the lake–
As you walk you don’t see any of your family along the way. Okay, that’s fine. The dragon born head from over here that I’ve kind of been holding around and just kind of like check out in the ocean. Who was that?
Rock? (laughing) Eventually you guys crust around the north side of the Oasis. (laughing) Making your way towards where the softer red Earth turns into hardened Red Rock. The grass and thick vines that have grown over the shelf like over water, and beneath that the opening into the cavern that goes directly into Alexandria below. As you kind of step into the cold cavern, as it continues downward at the outer edge of the pool, you can see the bright red rock on the inside, become smooth and chiseled, as you progress downward. Further in, your eyes kind of adjust, you pick up dozens of shifting beautiful reflections as rich exposed veins of pure gold, wind through the walls and reflect the torch light the CRMs now lighting and holding up to guide you as you had downward. Along with another statue, and another statue. Continuing the further down you see the the pattern of these veins are like this endless like splintering the lightning bolt of shining dawn that just carved the rock on all sides and above, it’s beautiful. Contrasted with the horror of seeing more and more of visitors or the stone family themselves, encased in these moments of terror. So we took this guy out, and nobody else could. That’s pretty impressive you guys. (coughs) We can do it together.
You okay there? Yeah, for Stone you’re okay. We need to take a rest, the road looks really rough. The hall light is now into a domed oval shaped cavern of ready rock formations by the same gold veins. Numerous small pots and structures of humble stone and dried batch, mark the perimeter of the inside of this cave. The center of the large base is home to a formidable multi part shrine of rising pillars, arches and beautiful temple structures that house the stone family and the interior of the cave of remembrance. You can see social spaces for worship and work and you can see the minute innocence, all frozen. (gasps) And it’s doom. We’ll take a break.
What? No!
No! Shit. (laughing) (mumbles) Just run in–
One bowl. I ran around or do you think something else did it? Well, we’ll see but, I have a theory and my theory is this, this was a burial that went wrong. The burial that went wrong? (mumbles) Mostly regular folk probably, so you know, same handle Big Magic rule. Just a lot for one bull. It’s over a period of time too. (mumbles) Fucking years. Flight of the Navigator shit right there. A lot of pilgrims coming in and realizing too late. Compliance. (laughing) We back here shortly, we’ll pick up the latter half of this session here guys. In the meantime we do have our world giveaway for tonight. Cherry Dice Vault, my friends, this smells nice. It looks nice.
Its beautiful. It is. Our lucky winner the champion will win this piece. Tonight’s keyword is Oasis. Oasis.
Oasis. Yeah.
Yeah. O-A-S-I-S, put it into the chat room, once and only once more than once be disqualified and once again, we have rules for people in the US and Canada that’s excluding Quebec I wouldn’t stupid laws and will be back here shortly. We’ll see you guys a little bit. (cheers) (drum beat music) ♪ You got the perfect warlock ♪ ♪ Her weapons and supplies ♪ ♪ But you need a place to track your stuff ♪ ♪ ‘Cause you’re so disorganized ♪ ♪ You click open the web page ♪ ♪ You heard about on Critical Role ♪ ♪ And now you’re ready to kick some butt ♪ ♪ In that mineshaft full of gnolls ♪ ♪ It’s D&D ♪ ♪ D&D Beyond ♪ ♪ Yeah D&D ♪ ♪ D&D Beyond ♪ ♪ You got your stats, you got your sword ♪ ♪ And you’ve got your invisible wand ♪ ♪ It’s D&D ♪ ♪ D&D ♪ ♪ D&D Beyond ♪ (upbeat music) Action. Oh, hello. (upbeat music) Two Point Hospitals coming to console. Build your breath taking hospital. Cure unusual illnesses. What happened to that guy? Improve your hospitals with research. New machines and by hiring great staff. Oh, and trying to kill anyone. (soft music) (upbeat music) We’re talking about ghosts. Today ladies and gentlemen. We are talking about ghosts. Ghost.
Ghost. Ghost.
Ghost. They are the worldly ghost. Ghost, ghost, ghost, ghost. Ghost
Ghost. These are the real ghost. Ghost. Ghost, ghost.
Ghost. Ghost.
Ghost. Lionel Richie’s pre-ghost. Ghost.
Yes. Ghosts.
Yes. Ghosts.
Yes. Ghosts.
Yes. Ghosts. That’s a ghost, that’s a ghost. There’s the ghost. There’s the ghost. Ghosts.
Ghosts. Ghosts don’t like complete sentences. Ghost.
Ghost. Ghost.
Ghost. Ghost cigarettes. (screams) Ghosts, ghosts, ghosts ghosts. What did I do?
Ghost. Ghost.
Ghost. (chattering) I killed the ghost?
You killed the ghost. I killed a ghost. (electric music) Last time on Talks to Machina. I have some wine for you, sir. Well, thank you, I’m excited. See how easy that was.
That’s was really easy. I had Jerry, pre-cork it. (laughing) Don’t ever winked at me again. I didn’t wink at you, I winked at the folks at home. I was in the splash zone. Oh, man. (audience laughing) In the splash, that’s a lot. That’s holy–
We have a lot to talk about. I want to get to the truth. What, if any, were your expectations for the hag encounter and what the Mighty Nein would be willing to offer? Laura stunts aside, were you surprised by any of their responses to her? I was just kind of surprised by Nott’s immediate considering of furthering the war.
Yes. I was like, Oh.
Yeah, That’s unique, it’s one of those things where catches you off guard and you’re like, Oh, okay, yeah, alright. Beaur, you know, knowing where Beaur’s arc is gone and kind of where her mind was at that time it was really interesting to have her be willing to give up the things that were important to her, kind of based on her sense of self esteem and kind of the… you know, where she was mentally sitting at that time worried that it could not possibly get better than this and that kind of peaked early type mentality, I wasn’t expecting it. It’s all those things were when it happens. You’re like, oh, shit. And then you think about it after you’re like, I see where.
Yeah. Threads and thoughts went there and it was it was very fascinating. At the start of the campaign, everyone talked about generally trying to keep the two campaigns separate. Did you hesitate to let Laura play a cleric of a significant C1 NPC, or did this slow burn on the reveal and exchange in his situation make it different enough to be fair game? When I wanted to keep the campaign separate, it was less about like no connections whatsoever. It was more about…I didn’t want them to play like the children of Fox mocking.
Yeah. I didn’t want it to lean so heavily into the previous story and their characters that it was a very visual continuation of the previous story. I wanted to be something that was unique and special to its own narrative. When she brought up wanting to bring our tagging into her character, I felt that was a distant enough and only situationally attached element to the previous campaign and the way I wouldn’t be involved in this story would have really nothing to do with Vox Mocking up being beyond the the inciting incident of his freedom from the fair world. It was enough of a thing where I was like. This, yeah, this won’t directly tie Box Mocking into their narrative where they are now intrinsically bound and it just becomes continuation of Box Mocking the story. It’s a choice they made, it’s an action they took and beyond that, it is its own unique story that is more gesture story. Even when following an individual characters plot threads you and the cast seem to hit on development beats for other characters, such as the Artagan reveal to Jester while going to the Menagerie for Clay. Is this a conscious and purposeful effort on your part, does it develop naturally or is it a mix? I think what would be an interesting path for this NPC to go, whether or not the players get involved? I don’t want to leave it. I don’t want it to be that everything is directly based on the players choices. The world continues whether or not the interact with elements. So, I loosely have ideas of like, kind of fun for it this way or like it makes sense that this would happen. It’s like when he said the war is gonna happen, whether they involved or not. Yeah, and I honestly expected them to not get as involved. I thought when the beacon fell in their lap originally, and they gave it away, I was like, okay, well that threads done. Yep.
Or they got the beacon back, I was like they’ll probably be keeping this out of the hands of anyone in the war and honestly, when Yasha I was captured, I thought it was gonna be a let’s look into our allies in the dwindling empire and see who we can, you know, help us figure out how to get us back and I had this whole thing planned out with like, them getting more involved in the Nein Empire and they’re their political structure there and trying to lean into that side and nope, you know. Yep. (laughing) But that’s how it works out. I don’t plan ’cause I don’t want to push the players in particular direction but as everybody, gamester knows to a certain extent your trying and think of a few possible loose assumptions and plan a little bit around those so you don’t feel completely flat footed. Taking the large families of Taliesin’s characters and making them suffer is a recurring theme. (laughing) How long has the idea of them being turned to stone bend in your plans? Look, I work with what I’ve been given. I understand.
When your party of characters, hands you largely tragic backstories, revolving around their parents, I’m not going to deny that. I have to find a creative way to bring it into the narrative that hasn’t been explored and other stories we’ve done. Travis, sorry, Talisin gave me his criticism background about a family that piece by piece left off and never came back. Yeah.
Well, there’s a few ways I could go with that on multiple different scales of tragic. I think this one was thematically one of the lesser tragic weirdly. Yeah.
And… for me, it was just trying to come up with a narrative reason that makes sense as to why they would never have returned, but was more complicated than just they died.
Yeah. They didn’t survive. That to me that doesn’t sound interesting. Creepy ain’t a crime. But this fucking outfit is.
Yes. (laughing) I hate looking at it in the monitor. I feel terrible.
You should. I feel like Drew Hefner. (laughing) Is due she definitely never wanted. Checks out, yeah, I mean–
Yeah. She’s like my sister’s kids here again. Where am I God damn rob. (laughing) Subscribe or don’t subscribe. That’s not a question. Whether it is nobler in the mind to ponder the pros and more pros of twitch or twitch prime. What to take hands and gift new subs to credit so find they can’t afford them. To play. To sleep. No more. And by asleep to say that cast and crew of Critical Role might find their naps around the hectic schedule of a live broadcast that we have brought for your consumption. Both creator and fan alike. To play, or sleep. (chuckles) No sleep. But just to stream. Bye, there’s the rob. For with your subscription what screens may come. (mumbles) Perkin’s tagline is. did we got that? That is twitch poetry. (groans) Oh, anyway, subscribe to Critical Role. Use Twitch Prime to subscribe, gift some subscriptions. You got it. (mumbles) (upbeat music) (dramatic music) Welcome back. Go with the simple, Classic Sam, I liked it. So, first we have a winner, has been during our break. The winner of our worm giveaway is, Cookie 2259. Cookie, 2259. Cookie 2259, congratulations. We’ll get that Dice vault sent to you ASAP. (laughing) (chattering) So, as you all enter the interior of the cave you look around the faint pieces of glowing crystal that will light the interior. There are pools of water beneath a lot of these that cost the reflecting kind of shimmer that dances across the cavern walls and catches elements of the gold veins that swirl and swan throughout the Red Rock. It’s beautiful, it’s serene and it is silent. You can see Aramis kind of looking around a sorrowful look on his face. ‘Cause things haven’t changed. Missy might be able to… (sighs) I don’t know how long things have been. Who and when. Do you know how long it’s been like this? I don’t.
How long have your parents been some? I don’t know who was… quite a while when the… They first left, I don’t know when you arrived When did you arrive? When did you?
Caduceus… I mean, I don’t really know how long I’ve been here either, if we’re gonna be really honest about it. What year did you get here, do you think? Really–
That’s a rough question for us to be fair, we’re not really talented people. Yeah. Constance waiting here and just, well, me and my sister left, I think it would have been… I8, 27
It four. That was nine years ago. How long did it take you to get here? Quite a few months. In Korean she gets a little like soft moments in Korean–
Are the first to leave. We made our way to meet with the Dusts and didn’t meet with much success there. We thought maybe we would encounter this glass that was asked of us, perhaps it’s in this location. But upon arrival found that this creature had already ravaged the outside of this cave and elven that we ran into you. I, ran into you. We’re going to heal her, okay. We’ll do what we can. (mumbles) We’ll be fine, whatever happens. Losses at an unfamiliar concept to our family, but I appreciate you extending your empathy. I met the Dusts.
Did you? I’m gonna take Crystal’s. It’s been a long time. This huge step forward and Cornelia steps forward and they both kind of put their hands under yours and Calliope approaches to look at them and still kind of, has her hand on her side and… wow, I’m very impressed. Caduceus this is… I mean, and he reaches in his pocket and pulls out all these shards of green glass, it was like I think I got confused. Me too a couple times. Calliope was gonna be the one to do it. Till it reaches in her pocket and pulls out a piece of similar crystal.
Oh, shit. I would have beaten you brother, I’m just saying. Would you? It would have been very close. Meg.
Did you also get that at the Dust?
I did. Good for you.
Thank you. What’s your name?
Oh, I’m Beauregard. I’m not important.
Very well. (laughing) I’m Yasha, I’m very important. True.
Just kidding. I get it.
Very well. (laughing) Colliope. Actually, I don’t think we’ve done a full introduction of your friends here if you wanna… Oh, yeah, wow. We can do it for you.
Everybody, please go ahead. Jester, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I’m not…we’ve been hanging with your son and he’s really great. Super, super, super powerful And kind of like nudges Constance on the side and she kind of gives like a knowing look. Yeah, raised him well. My name is Caleb with our guest. Beauregard, you already said so. Expositta with cobalt reserve. I have no idea what that means. (laughing) Yeah, that checks.
Sounds really nice though. Not important though. Okay, and you are–
Fjord. Stone no relation, your son has been a great friend. He’s totally related.
I’m Nott. Yeah.
No this is Nott. No, but he is a Stone. I think he might be.
Stone cold folks. Nott Stone.
Yeah. And–
I’m Nott Stone. You are Nott Stone.
He is a stone. I’m not important.
Hold on, hold on. She’s not the brave.
Third base. Restart. (laughing) How is this never happened? (laughing) A mild nosebleed appears. (laughing) Stories a recent child of the Wild Mother as well. Never steps forward. Interesting of the Wild Mother and your name is Stone. Yes.
Yeah. He could have been a child of the traveler, but he chose the Wild Mother, so it’s got to mean something. There’s the Stone part. Well. (laughing) Yes. Have you been through here before then? Here, the Menagerie? Mmh.
No, no, it’s my first time, same for most of us. But the you are from the Menagerie coast. What, another coincidence. I put them up not really, I mean yes. In the Menagerie.
Yeah. He also has–
Grand. Memory gaps.
Not true. Well, do you remember being born? He said its true.
No, I can’t. Caduceus, just kind of looks towards you with. You’ve made some friends. (laughing) I’m aware, that’s a lot. Hey.
Thank you. Thank you all for you. But we killed the thing and we we brought you back from being a statue, so we are something. That is very true. Aramis, what’s with the statues, with this–
Kind of look? I’m looking to see if I can find Gamma if she’s still here. And he walks off towards the the large central structure with the large stone arches where the majority of the refracting, I just need to watch this happen right. Wow, she made a cupcake sandwich I don’t know that I’ve seen this before. I’m so jealous. (chattering) Its called the Bailey’s sandwich. That’s cool.
It is not. Damn it.
Looks so good. So dandy you tuned in for. (laughing) All of these stones elves. No, they’re a smattering of different races actually. I’d say interestingly enough about a quarter of them are dragon board. Okay, and then the others are… You see to his tales and many without. Okay. There are elves human. You don’t see much in the way of orc or half orc representation specifically here. You see maybe two dorbz but it is kind of a nicolectic. The gathering. You can see Aramis after going into the temple goes. I think I found her, if any of you can… Until the morning but if we sleep. Wait, no. (mumbles) Alright, well, we do have beds if you need to rest.
Are they made of stone. No, they’re made of wood. Oh, good. If you go first.
No, I’ll take– Alright, alright. Do you mean here in this cave? I feel like we’re a bit unprotected, yeah? Oh, right.
Well, I mean, as far as I know you destroyed the most significant threat to everything here. I was just the one. That I’ve seen it based, yes. Was that… do you know where it came from? I have my theories. I’d like to ask Gamma for more guidance and specifics but it’s not always this depending on how much you and your family know of history, it draws many beasts to come and live and take up the soil and eaten the intert and the delightful gifts that are granted by the surroundings are a part of this cycle is the worship that we bring between the wild. It is an occasional occurrence where entities and creatures are drawn from beyond the number range to the Far East. From the miscast strand. Landed itself is blighted I believe some court refer to it his blade shore. A very necessary place to avoid from what I’ve read. But creatures that come from there don’t come in their normal state. Some place of twisted things. I’m sorry, did you say, eat of the intert? Yes. Dead people, it’s a grave. it’s a Caduceus thing.
But you eat them? We do not eat them but the animals that come and are part of this Oasis, eat of the bodies as they are entered and return them to the earth. They put them out?
Yes. The bodies out?
Yeah. May we drink dead people tea? Drinking?
Yeah. Drank and–
Is there another way to say? As a colloquialism from–
Crunk. We’ve crunk dead people too. Have you partaking in perhaps a roast or a piece of well prepared animal meat. Yeah.
I’m a vegan. I’ve roasted forward a bunch of times. (laughing) Is this why you don’t eat meat? No. No, I do eat meat. Then you yourself a part of the same cycle. We just have many creatures that do it as well as part of the worship.
What of the lake? Could you tell us more about us? The lake, it seems was placed too long ago, we believe is as a beacon from the Wild Mother and… the shrine was built as a connection between the Wild Mother of Ondra with the essence of the Raven Queen sending the families out to find a place to leave a champion here. We took that one piece of the champion and with that, the Stone family set this place of worship, and began the cycle of empowerment. and began the cycle of empowerment. Supposed to be very interesting for you. Your passion and faith. Yeah, that is a bit of a history lesson. Where’s the champion? Oh, the body of the champion? Yeah. It’s long been devoured and cast out the sand and around you by the creatures who’ve lived long before us, long before I did. Yes, yeah.
Did the champion leave any artifacts behind?
No, no, just the body was scattered. Who’s the current champion? It was…I really need a go. It was… I really need a go. Is that like a self proclaimed title? I don’t know, I’m just asking. The champions of Dust clan, Stone and Mullah. The champions of dust clean stone and Mullah. You protect the body of the champ. We don’t protect the body. (laughing) We gave it back, we were tasked. The three families were tasked. Oh, right and you separated their bodies and then you put them on a cross and other arrows– So, you are teaching and easy– Super, I kind of fucked up. Good job.
That’s right. Hey, that’s mighty judgmental of you. I’m saying– What would we do with you. Claves’ are like, I kinda like it. (laughing) When you die, what will what needs to be done with you? I think it really depends on how I go, right? It’s an important question and something you should think about an early point in your life ’cause comes at you fast.
No, you don’t. (laughing) Normally those who are lucky have a choice though. Right, but if you have a choice early then aren’t you lucky?
Oh, my gosh, can you guys make me into like a cupcake or something and then eat me?
What? Why are you asking us–
That would probably require the killing, so where would be up north we can talk to the Dust family I’m sure that could be done.
That could be arranged. We are surrounded by statues of people Which making your constants go. People in stature. I think I found them. Alright, I’m. (mimicking) And around the exterior of the shrine and you can see there, one trying to protect the other, the petrified bodies of Colton and Clarabelle your elder brother and sister. How do they look.
Intact, just petrified. Okay. How do we go to sleep, we can bring back, I can bring back three people I can bring back three people. Okay. And we do have a number of individuals of the Stone’s family that probably could take care of this problem over time. They just have to bring them back. Okay.
One of which is Gamma. Who, I’ve mentioned.
Who bring that. (chattering) He–
She could help with the other.
Mmmh. And who is gamma?
Gamma Stone, he’s a partner to death Deira and the head of the guardian of the shrine. Oh! That sounds important. Also, probably Fjord’s like, Mom. Is Gamma an orc? No, half giant.
That’s kind of like– Wow!
You’re really reaching. (mumbles) Let’s–
Be tolia. (sighs) Maybe we rest. A time I said I don’t even… It’s later in the day you guys were approaching the oasis in the like mid to late afternoon. So at this point, it’s probably starting getting pretty close to dusk. And so my last question before we… How does your ritual work with the Menagerie, what is it done for those who are more entered here? We’ll vote via the bodies that we have. There is a series of rights that we speak over the body that is placed within the center of the temple shrine that is prepared with all sorts of salts and other minerals that begin the process of decomposition. As well as preserving elements on the surface. It is then, based on this ritual, we take a sign or a vision from either be the lucky bearer or the Wild Mother, as to which creatures of the Menagerie should be granted the body, then we find them and we converse and if it is accepted, then it is given to the creature to be buried. Here within the cave or outside the cave? Outside the cave.
Alright. That’s beautiful. Buried? Consumed.
Consumed and then interred. You said this area draws animals from outside. Is there any way that we might camouflage the entrance to this cave? I only, something we did attracted the Gorgon towards us. I would hate to think that more on the way and that we tried to sleep I know we may be able to be inside the dome but–
Not all of us. Right.
How large is the entrance of the cave? The entrance is probably about 15 feet tall but 20 feet wide. (mumbles) Aramis, is there any other entrances to escape? Not to the outside. Well, we do have to two, relatively disused escapes, but they just vanished into the jungle. They’re sealed though. Sealed with stone or? Sealed with metal in key.
Oh, sure doors. We have doors and you see like Aramis points out to the edges of the chamber and you can see beyond some of these small buildings and huts, there are doors and there are stairs, kind of like made of the same stone material that blended in you were so kind of taken in by the structures in the center of the building and center of the chamber and looking at the architecture around it. Now that you kind of focused a bit on the outskirts there is a very intricately carved series of stairs and shelves and things in the outskirts and you can see similar to like the Dust family they want a much smaller scale there are other side chambers and rooms. This was supposed to probably house close to 1660 or so people. Is there anyone else not petrified? Are we alone?
From what you see right now and you’re the only ones unpetrified. Wow! We should go up some stairs and into a chamber ’cause you know, I don’t think bulls can climb stairs. I can set an alarm at the cave entrance. Yes.
Just starting but only nine of us. (mumbles) Yeah, you should have Caduceus’ family sleep in the dome. Yeah, a few of us can sleep on the outside or I can find a hut, kind of excited to find someone. I’m fine sleeping outside, I don’t need the dome. (mumbles) Kind of invigorating sleeping someone else– I think that Jester is gonna wanna sort of arrange the stone bodies into sort of weird and embarrassing position, so that when they come back to life, they just–
Why didn’t I think of that. (chattering) You’ll make a good follower of the traveler. (chattering) That’s true.
Like if you made some sort of weird pylon, it’s you know. (laughing) No take backs you know, so let’s not do that. Yeah.
What? ‘Cause if you accidentally dropped one then– We, just had this conversation, harmless pranks, you know to potentially lethal on… And you’ve killed my sister and then, you know, that’s weird. You know what, draw a deck on somebody because that is impermanent and it’s a deck.
Yeah, that’s– (chattering) (laughing) I could paint like a penis on the shoulder or something and then when they are brought back alive. (screams) I hit it to knock it off. And you just–
But that makes it harder. (laughing) (mumbles) (laughing) Let’s, maybe not do that. (laughing) But if you do, do it.
Pretty sure that’s (mumbles) (laughing) (chattering) (laughing) Family and heartbreak, dick statue. (laughing) You guys like to find anything here to rest to prepare for the next day. I honestly don’t think we need the dome for once I think tripwire on the cave entrance and some distance from that entrances is enough. Agreed.
Yeah. Okay. You guys eventually find some chambers that are relatively empty. You do find a handful of other piles of relatively pulverized rock and dust from individuals that managed to get in the way of this creature when it may be first or at some point in which it was rummaging through this cave. Aramis takes moments to pray and gather what pieces you can it’s a very solemn, climbed to the end of the night but also an experience that seems not unfamiliar to an individual, that their purpose their families to bring those to a close of their journey, but you guys, go ahead and rest of us anything you want to accomplish before the nights over otherwise we will go into a long rest. I’ll meditate a little bit. (laughing) Before you go into that. Okay.
This is a lot of God talk.
God talk. A lot of God talk here, a bit above– I’m not following most of it. Are you a follower of the traveler yet? Not yet, I’m curious to see what the meetings about.
Very curious, very curious. But I’m not sure if I’m ready to commit to following that fellow. I understand your reservation she has done great things. Oh yes, yes he… I have seen him do great work through her as well but I’ve also seen you do quite amazing things and without any holy power at all. If you think about it, it’s all about scale. Okay.
You know. The Raven Queen, the Wild Mother. The things that you can do and I can do or not as great as what the Wild Mother can do and this ginger Elf man thing. You can do things even greater than you and I, but not as great as… the gods reaching into our world. But it’s just math and scale and he helps. He does, I do like him for that. Oh yeah, he’s a little creepy. But–
well, I mean if you’re really being honest, so is she sometimes but in the sweetest way–
If I am being honest she is occasionally creepy. Yeah. (laughing) In the best possible way.
I mean I’ve seen her do things with an axe that would make even me blanche and I am a twisted individual. But pales in comparison to everything else. And my talking about what, where is your head at? Well, I mean I’ve been thinking about it quite some, quite a lot and I must say, seeing Caduceus united with his mother was wonderful. It was nice, I’d like that again. For me.
You don’t want to be a goblin?
I don’t. I don’t know.
But what’s going on in here is nothing to do with what’s out here so if you turn yourself back to your old you you know, wherever you are in your journey and your outlook, the outside is going to have no bearing on it. Yeah. You still have to make the same decisions even if you’re back to yourself. So for yourself. I do think… do you think your physical appearance, it doesn’t matter. I mean, it’s not everything. It is a reality.
Yes, it has an effect on your life. And I don’t know how much it’s had an effect on mine but I guess there’s only really one way to find out. And if you change back do you know how you’re going to go home or to your family? I think I’ve decided… I think I’ve made a decision. But that’s two decisions. I’ve made the first. I think I’m ready to change back. But what happens afterwards, I won’t know until I get there I think. I’ll support wherever you choose. But I will miss you if you go. I’ll miss all of you if I go, I’ll miss you most of all. Our time together has been so dangerous and deadly and incredible and it’s been wonderful saving your life again and again.
I appreciate it. I know you’re going to use your life to do. (sniffs) God like things and I’m hope I’m there to see it. Can I admit something to you? Go ahead. It is a blessing to have family again. In the realest sense of the word it has been a blessing to me and I am so grateful for your presence next to me on the road. I feel the same but I don’t know what… what our family is.
Working progress. Yeah, not my… well, baby steps I suppose.
Sometimes words are on it And I don’t wanna make anybody shovel 50 pounds of clay while we’re here so. Soon.
Soon. Soon, and you’ll be there for it. I’ll absolutely be there for it. Alright, well maybe for the last time, good night, Caleb. Good night Nott, The Brave. Oh, you two is still up? So, much going on Caduceus. I’m so low. Jester.
I got a thing I need to do but ignore anything you hear in the next five minutes, it fine. What are you doing? (shishing) Just tell us, you’re do it in front of us. No, I’m gonna wander off and find a Calliope Jester, he has a rare gift upon us right now. (whispers) An empty town with a bunch of unlocked doors. Oh God.
And no consequences. Oh, my God.
We can get into every single one of these hats. You can learn so much about people. Aha.
I can like put dildos over everybody’s bed. Yep. We should do it.
It’s gonna be a great night. But we do need to get some rest because I do have to do some major– Hey, hey, hey, jut like an hours. You think anyone else wants to come? Maybe Nott.
Yeah. Maybe Yasha.
Okay. (mumbles) I feel like Fjord is gonna say no but we can ask him. Just don’t let him, talk us out of it. No. It’s a really good, he’s really like noble. Yeah, okay. should we not ask him as you can be like a Bosko? Maybe you should ask him.
Okay, okay, okay. (mumbles) I mean, that’s everybody basically. Yeah, kinda Everyone who’s out preoccupied. Yeah.
Anyone wanna bunch hut? What?
Hey, you’re asleep? Clearly not now.
Hey. What, you just said hey. Empty town man, empty town. It’s time has frozen, haven’t you ever had this fantasy dude.
People are frozen, go on. What, like, think about it. We got this jars, no one, come on. What?
Go for a walk. I’m still… what the fuck are you talking about? Oh my God, I have a really good idea. (mumbles) What if over every single door. Okay.
We put the water pail so as soon as they come back and they go get back to their house, yeah, they go everybody– Time out, are you trying to sabotaging the homes of these frozen petrifies? No, we’re talking about going for a walk. That doesn’t sound at all what jester talking about. That’s it’s not like it’s going to hurt them it’s just going to cover them with water. And maybe get like a bruise or just like split their forehead. Is no big deal.
The first time they go home and potentially 10 years. They won’t know it’s been 10 years it’s not gonna feel like 10 years for them. It’s like they’re going to go home, it’s all. Ending here Missy like don’t keep track of calendars, doesn’t matter. Sure, let’s do it. (cheers) Yasha. I am curious (vocalizing) I’m gonna try to find like some pine cones or large nuts from a fruit tree or something and I’m gonna try to put like a pine cone in everybody’s hand to frozen. (laughing) Just so when they all wake up, they’ll be like, what the fuck am I holding a pine cone in my hand for? That’s really good. (laughing) I don’t wanna put them any more pain than they were going through? I’m not gonna participate. Okay, okay, yeah. In the meantime–
I’m going to– How long…set a time because Yeah, alright.
I’m really fucking broke. Yeah, sure, just like a one hour. When are we are coming home. (mumbles) Yeah, yeah. One hour.
Oneish hour. Yeah, yeah.
Sundown. Oneish, you know if we get caught up in something, you know, maybe it’ll like distract us, but like, roughly 60ish minuies. Maybe 90 minutes. And then I’m going to pick one guy to have a sack of pine cones. (laughing) This is how weird bank holidays get started. Yep. Alrighty, so why is guys having this conversation. I’m gonna take everyone’s mail and I just kind of wanna like steal some. (laughing) But also like rearrange others. Got it, we’ll get to all these after we finish Caduceus. (chattering) (laughing) The person is actually very heavily focused on. That okay. I appreciate this gonna make this. Weird–
I know, I will come back to it, so. Very quietly.
Yeah. I wanna see if I’m very gently going to try and find where where Calliope is, is sleeping and it just to see if she’s asleep which means very quietly. You go and kind of walk across the area, keeping an eye out and… you pass by the exterior of the central temple structure and you see a figure kind of sitting on the edge of the water and can I look closely and you can tell from this distance, which isn’t too far. In with kind of the glow from the water. The Templeton Bays water itself appears to be Colliope, be kind of sitting along the edge, toes kin of dipped into the pool. Just kind of looking into it. Quietly as I’m as I can. I’m going to very very gently, quietly walk up to her without disturbing her. Okay. You approach and you can see she’s just kind of holding this single crystal. She’s kind of like looking at the water in the crystal. Structure above her, size very heavily. There’s no one else around? At the moment no, no one who’s not petrified at least. I very quietly, so slowly and as close as I can and remove the bone flute from my pocket. (laughing) Rules, don’t check on Caduceus. (laughing) Waiting so long for this. (laughing) Oh!
19. (laughing) Or, you are not the most quiet individual. In your life, you’ve tried at times and with distraction, you’ve been helpful. And then this moment, this soft smile, the Wild Mother looks upon you. (laughing) As your feet touch soft at earth, just enough carried on the bottom when you touch the stone of the interior, the temple. Neriah’s sound is maintained Calliope’s. None the wiser of your presence as you approach but a foot and a half behind her she sits there or token of curling in the water. She can hear, she begins to whisper a silent prayer. (screams) She just falls into the pool. (mimicking) (laughing) (chattering) (laughing) Caduceus! She takes the crystal fly and throws it at you. I run. (laughing) She gets up out of the pool, she chases you. I got you something. (laughing) I’ll stop at the front of the game because I’m definitely know she cannot run. Okay. (laughing) Oh boy, oh my favorite. Nine.
No, she knocks you’re asS to the ground. (laughing) She fall like. Tackle charges you, you fall on the ground, you’re broken and tumble of it, you fall into your back and she stands up and puts her foot on your chest. Wet just her hair just so good in front of her face. (breaths heavily) (laughing) I’ve been carrying that thing for so long. (laughing) I was gonna thank you. (laughing) Was.
You must have enjoyed that. (laughing) It’s coming back to you, it’s all coming back to you. I hold it up.
The crystal? No, I hold up, I actually hold up the bone– The bone flute? She takes it. Where the hell did you get this. Oh, around. It’s mine now, until you earn it back. Be a shame if something happens to Colton tomorrow And I start to get up, pick up the crystal Just staring. Make sure seven through. I’m good. (laughing) 12.
12. She sweeps your legs out from under you you fall right to the ground again. Again she’s gonna hit you and you’re like. (groans) Oh man, I missed you. (laughing) She reaches out and puts her hand out and picks you up. I missed you too.
Hug. She gives me a hug back and side hug but like kind of gets into it. Such a you. I think I’ve gotten weirder. (laughing) That’s not even possible. I know, right.
I what have your friends done to you? His very strange, especially the blue one. (sighs) Maybe some family time will do you good. Oh, actually you were right about a lot of things, I’ve. (chuckles) I know that.
I’ve been out there. I’ve seen a lot, I’ve seen a lot. Don’t entirely know who I am anymore. This is past, however long, I’ve… leaving home changes you. Yeah, I know, I’m surprise it took you long enough to step out for a bit. It wasn’t going to be the one. I was supposed to stay so that the rest of you could leave. I’m glad the over, overcame you need to staying at a little stir crazy. I may not be done and I don’t know what to tell mom and dad yet. She stops for a second and looks at your hand where you’re kind of holding the pistol. You can see like the crystal itself like the exact same kind of coloration, I kind of like deep ish purple color. So the ones that you had formulated within the fires of camaraderie within the killing and at the edges of it you can see these little spikes protruding just ever since I like almost like little tech points, pushing out in four or five different places. She takes it and looks at it, bounced back in the temple and she was walking back to the fallen center of the structure. You both walk up to the extra water, herself still dripping and leaving this trail to the edge of the pool. She holds it and throws it back into the water. (mimicking) You sit kind of slowly sink to the bottom. That kind of odd undulating glow, kind of shifting back and forth from the structure around. It’s kind of lit from underneath by the stone build and whatever enchantment kind of holds the bottom of the temple pool floor and from those points they seem to continue to extend. (mimicking) As these long, thin, crooked, almost pseudopod like extensions begin to grow like roots, like a potato that’s been left in a pantry too long and begins to just expand. You begin to recall the elements, the visions that you had of these crystals taking root. Eventually, at their final destination. She goes, I think I remember something like that. Me too. You found some of these? Yeah. Here you think? I mean. (mimicking) You throw the handful of crystals that you have refined as they all kind of slowly settle down you watch is one by one they all begin to expand in the same way. These points kind of like shutting down another the slower, almost like branches beginning to grow from the crystal. Like they become these odd small hearts with veins extruding to find points. It’s very, very odd but weirdly beautiful and they extend, just a little ways out from what was once a thin crystal to no further than that and they stop like partially germinated seeds. It’s time to take him home. I guess so. I don’t know if I can go home yet. I was such a dead end. I don’t, I don’t know if… I don’t know if, I’m ready to plant. Well–
Soon. You could always keep mine, yeah, when you come back and you’re ready just don’t take too long–
I was gonna have something with you but–
With me? Are you going home? If you’re not, someone has to. I gotta protect the rest of these knuckleheads and she points kind of over a shoulder. Maybe… talk about it in the morning but I’d appreciate I don’t know how to talk to mom and dad. (mumbles) Corn, Corn, but–
Hopefully in the morning. If you want me to take these back and we can plant them in your stead, hopefully you’ll come home to… a safer homestead. Then you can leave. Yeah.
A bit longer than I have. Get some sleep. Someone’s got to pull this out first and she pushes you into the pool. (mimicking) And watches over. So, pick him up. I put all three up on the ledge. I make a graph for the hand. (laughing) Go ahead make a be–
Decks. We’ll see you grabber, this is a strength check to see if you can manage to overcome, so. Okay, I would have been thinking about it, so here we go. Oh!
Nope. (laughing) You gulped, she’s her hand slips out and she puts her foot forward, not painfully– Jut down.
But just pushes into your face And much like the Santa Claus and Christmas Story slowly pushes you back into the pool. (chattering) (laughing) Bob back up. (laughing) Later then.
You still have– Goodnight.
Water breathing. (chattering) (laughing) She grabs the crystals and kind of puts them into the satchel and turns around and leaves. I’m gonna soggy my way back to this. flow too much more, just… As you walk past you, you can’t help but being the high perception Caduceus you are, watch as like a faint almost dance to the sugar pump ferries track of music. (laughing) Goes to the cavern as the rest of your group begins to just start from hot, too hot, too hot. Exploring the weirdly disturbing ghost town of this cave, as everyone is still stone and locked in various phases of fear or anger. As you begin to peruse their personal belongings. What are you doing guys, what are you doing? (mumbles) I’m going to rearrange the furniture. So I’m thinking a couch, no it’s harmless. A couch in the kitchen and then for the dining room, chairs and table and bedroom… If we stack them in weird ways. Yes.
Poltergeists shit. Yep.
I like it. Look, human would stack chair like this. A Caviar, Caleb didn’t go he’s doing something utility back with Caduceus’ Stone family. You got it, you got it. I’m just going to–
I’m going to look for underwear.
Are you all… Defiling the–
Yes. No defiling.
No. No, we are not making–
Temple of the Wild Mother right now. (chattering) Doing the houses.
These beds that people definitely masturbating are not fucking temples. They’re cloisters in the temple of the– What’s a cloister? It’s a place where you masturbate. (laughing) (mumbles) (laughing) So it’s okay then.
Oh, my God. this is so much fun.
I feel like we watch then. it’s like, sanctioned or something. Disappointed the least in you. (laughing) I past Jester a bottle of wine. What did you find that?
I swiped it from my parents, obviously.
What do you mean to do with it?
You drink from it. Oh!
She doesn’t drink. That’s really sweet of you. I like to prank completely sober though, so I don’t let it go too far. (laughing) (mumbles) Yasha. Your body is a temple. (laughing) My body is a temple. (laughing) Your body is a coister. (laughing) I better obtain.
You gonna obtain. (laughing) (chattering) (laughing) (chattering) I’m going to take your underwear that I find and just leave it in weird places in the house. Okay, make an investigation. Help me traveler, guide me. No, 10.
Okay. But it’s underwear.
Right. 10 year old underwear. A subterranean temple, the Wild Mother. The south end of wild mount. You gather within a short time of searching the people here probably not that into underwear. (gasps) There’s just none, they’re probably free falling. (laughing) ‘Cause I’m free.
Caduceus. The Stone family– (mumbles) Does your family wear underwear? I don’t know what that means. (gasps) Yeah.
What’s underwear? Just one little pose between him and you. (laughing) All these people with no undies, you? Nott, nope.
You? Of course, it…what, of course. Fjord?
I’m not answering this question.
Do you wanna be– (mumbles) Are they are they like huggers? I bet they’re huggers.
I’m not imagining huggers. Yeah, me too.
How white or tidy whities in medieval time. (chattering) What is huggers?
Huggers are underwear that really hug. (laughing) Or any, you know, whatever parts you have. I think he has testicles, yeah. Yeah, for Yasha, if she wants to ear huggers, you know, it would hug her booty. I don’t need to wear huggers. If you wanted to.
Do it rocket kammo. I don’t understand, I have pants on. Yeah, why would you need pads under the pads? What do you need an extra piece for? Thought a really good question. I didn’t wanna–
Just peeps your pants. Like an extra pair of under pants, pants under neath. I mean that’s technically what they are. Already back to Caleb. (laughing) (chattering) Five years ago.
Yeah, true. (chattering) You’ve done your best work. Okay, okay, I’ve got the pails going. He’s got some pails, some furniture. (chattering) Pine cones.
Pine cones. (laughing) (chattering) Cause you went outside for this. Oh!
Natural. (mumbles) You avoid a whole shit ton of very dangerous creatures that are nocturnal and peruse the elements of this jungle you only realize as you’re heading your way out like we’re talking like, feral owl bears and all sorts of other creatures that proves this element of the jungle and… you don’t know pine cones but you find like a large weird nuts a corn like creatures like you. Right.
You know, objects you’re looking for. Kind of like soggy tuber, like… Oh, no! New things that you can find that have taken root on the exterior of the lake. All… bunch of weird things. It looks almost like a firmer, like sea cucumber. (chattering) But you come back with a satchel of business on collection and you very much like the oddest Santa Claus twice with reference to Santa Claus in this sequence. Go around and just leave little presents and everyone’s hey–
Could one just like the cost a shoulder.
Sure, sure. And then if there’s any left, I’ll give Gamma a little bag full of a bunch of them. There you go, there you go. I’m going to watch not do all of this and I’m gonna take up my paint And?
And draw you? No, I’m going to draw a little statue of the traveler about like this big and I’ve realized if I draw it just right. I’ve seen that.
Yes. With the hood and the cape. You can make a nice little thick out of it. A Silhouette. The silhouette that’d be thick. And then with the cape, I’m going to make it open up just a little bit the bottom, so it looks like the road going up and I’m going to make the archway like engraved, I’m gonna make it look really beautiful, really pretty dick statue of the traveler, Yeah. And with a little– (mumbles) (laughing) With a little loop on the top so that it can be worn as a pendant or whatever. Alright. (laughing) (mumbles) Yes, and then… I’m going to. (mumbles) Yes, go, please Nott. Nott, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone in my entire life that would be as good as of a traveler like you. You are everything he looks for. Are you asking me to join your cult? Well, I’m asking you to open your heart to chaos. (laughing) Alright. (laughing) I will, you know what, when I assume my new form, my old form– Or whatever you want it to be really you don’t have to go back to your old form you could be anything you want. That’s true, but I will be reborn again with your faith in my heart and we’ll see what what happens. Okay.
I promise because I don’t know how I’ll be. Totally.
And also I don’t think you can promise chaos. No and… yeah. If you’re if you’re not feeling it, that’s okay. I won’t min, I slap the dick out of Nott’s hand. (laughing) Hahaha.
That good. (both vocalizing) I gotta make. (mumbles) You do. I’ll make another fucking necklace and give it to Beau.
What? See this?
What? There’s chaos in your heart, I can feel it. Yeah, yeah.
Join us. What?
And you know if you wanna hung with the travel too I’m just saying that you make a really good follower of the traveler, you can you know or if you whenever you’re chaotic and I love you, there you go. You’re very attractive right now. Thank you.
Yeah. I walk away. (laughing) Okay. (laughing) Get some sleep. We may need to teleport morning. Okay, I’ll prepare but I’m busy right now. I have been I cast fortunes favor on myself and I have been trying to figure out how to control or adjust or use this collar from within the arch mages bane that got locked around his neck ’cause I wanna be able to use it, still. Okay, rolling check it for me. Works in his favor, fortune’s favor. Two 16, 26.
26, okay. These colors themselves, they are self powered. They are connected intrinsically to the energies that are harnessed in the center tower, the machine tower of helices realm. So they this has no power source, it could be experimented with or another power source that could be attached to it to attempt to have it function. Yeah.
But you’re not entirely certain, what could function for that in the moment.
Moment. Maybe we experimented with. Sure.
But you do ascertain with that role that that’s all really all that it’s missing as a power source that’s strong enough to keep it going. I understand something that I did not before. Yes, excellent. And as a high role is how you’re able to kind of look at it like, oh, this can totally be powered. Again, I can see how this can be rooted in here and how you know, the actual enchantment itself functions. But, yeah, I mean, there are a number of things that could be utilized in that you have none of those things at your disposal at the moment. So once I have decided on that, I just stare at it for 10 to 15 minutes. And that’s it.
Okay. (mumbles) I’m just letting him know and then I’m just passing out. Okay.
I know you still need some sort of 1.21 jigsaw power, so. You want to you want to leave tomorrow? Would it be possible to get my family back home and then. (sniffs) Home, home.
To your home? We teleport there. No, well, I cannot do that, I could get us to our friend who can or it might take an extra step, I can’t go direct. The closest you can get through Subash Alright, so true. Feeling good? Get them close enough that it’s an easy journey for them. and then we can get on our way. Yeah. To back to the Menagerie cost. I have an idea too to help your family member. The one who’s in pieces stones, sorry. That’s okay. But I don’t think it’s a lost cause. Thank you. I appreciate that.-
All the same. Not that I understand much but congratulations on making it this far. Thank you. See you in the morning, good night. And then I fall asleep. Okay. (mumbles) Alright, a long rest comes to you all. In the morning since you guys went to bed later than others, there’s already been activity within the Cave of remembrance. And as you awaken… you can see, you can smell sounds like a simple breakfast has been prepared and the majority of your family that has been restored as well as Aramis await your arrival. You can see they’ve moved a two figures kind of into a central area. One of which was the Gimma figure and as it looks to be Mecca tough stone as well that was pulled from the outside. I’m gonna–
But as you guys awakening kind of gather in Aramis says, good morning, I hope rest was what you were looking for. Who’s the one capable of…oh, yes either one whoever please, if you could tend to Gimma.
You do one, I’ll do the other.
That’s fair. One, two, three, go. That usually faster. I think I got it.
I definitely did. I was confused. Okay. We’ll say you had to Mecca tough which is the the dragon born figure just been brought inside. As the stone fades away, it reveals green scale. These beautiful vibrant green scales. This very thin almost live dragon born with a long tail that comes up under the robe, kind of as a restore this kind of. (groans) Welcome back from the Clay family. It’s been a long time. What’s happening this is weird. (laughing) What happened to everybody. (laughing) Oh, no!
Megatough. Megatough.
Oh, this is a problem. Oh, no Steve blum. (laughing) So, it’s been a while and there’s much work to do. (mumbles) Definitely say that again. The Clay family you said? Where are many of us are here. He looks just like Fjord. Welcome, Clay family to the. (laughing) Which point, Jester has finished restoring Gamma this massive Goliath half giant, middle aged, hair completely shorn with these beautiful tattoos of like curling vines that come up from underneath the neck and wrap around and frame the eyes and go up to the top and then spiral to the back of the head. She has like this heavy for around the collar and this kind of sleeveless invest the drags to the ground. These thick bracers and a staff and as she’s restored, there’s this moment of recognition. (gasps) I do not know you, but I’m thankful for this gift of renewal. Welcome back to the world of the living. (laughing) This is why you should have gotten eight hours sleep. (mumbles) You have been missed greatly. Well, I think you. And she takes your hand. What is your name?
Jester. Jester, may the mother keep you. And may she always give you plenty of milk. (laughing) What the fuck. This is–
Thank you. You’re welcome. Did I say that right? When you turn away I was like. (chattering) Arimis, yes, we’ve had a bit of a meniscus Gorgon problem. But these individuals have kindly eliminated the creature and are aiding us in restoring our fine cave and its denizens. Oh, well thank you, everyone. And you can see behind mega top side. Yeah, listen, we got our work cut out for us. (laughing) I guess I’ll start with… I’ll start with the front side of the cave and kind of hobbles over this like large gate from these like longer than natural legs, kind of shifting into the back. And this is you get the sense that the Clay family is an odd mixture, the Stone family, also an odd mixture of personalities. I’m gonna go over and tap Colton and Clarabelle. Clarabelle and Colton in that order. Okay.
Just to get everyone other than–
Who else should I hit? Do we need–
Ask guy mother. Do we need Jester for your plan? What?
Well, we are still working on that I’m taking of Caduceus–
Oh, my God. Grog.
Yeah. We should saVE one spell. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, I was thinking about it also. Okay, so I can bring one person back, but also, I think I will, I want to try something if you think it would work. I don’t know what you’re thinking I’m not sure if it would work. Well, okay. It’s thinking about what spells I have right? And we can shapes Stone. I don’t know if that would work. What if we put them together and then we stone shaped? I can’t stone shape today. But I can because I thought about it. If wanna try. What do you think Caleb? Do you think that would work? I am not an expert on this. I’m not sure that my idea is foolproof. So nothing’s foolproof.
I think it will. Really? I have the face of the traveler behind me. Hey.
Wait, what is that true? So do you Beaur?
Wait. Did I say something last night? Wait, you became a follower of the travel. (mumbles) The guy?
No, no, it’s more of a favorite of Jester– What?
For now. I’ll take it. I’m gonna wake up my siblings. As you go over to Clara Bell who is… You can see visibly younger than Caduceus. Looks to be probably in like the mid-teens, bright eyed, stringy long hair that goes past the shoulders. Kind of immune first glance is kind of a wild child of the family. Ironically, we were having making no references earlier this is definitely probably one of the unkept wild kid the other family. As soon as she researches. (mimicking) Caduceus?! Hey, hey, hey Bell, hi. Hey Bell. (chuckles) (stammers) Looks transitivity Stone. I’m confused. Mom and dad will fill you in, it’s been a weird decade, hold on, let me deal with this guy. ‘Cause you look like super old compared to how you remember him. And… Here’s a little string answer. (chattering) How old are you now? 200 years old. (laughing) (chattering) Been about 10 years apparently, eight years since or seven since you left. Maybe six.
It’s been 10 years since mum left, so it’s it’s been a while. It’s been a while?
Let’s hold on. I gotta do this and I’m gonna wake up Colton. So Colton has his hand back and was like in a protective position for Clara Belle. immediately goes like, stay back. (breaths heavily) Hello. Welcome back. Everything’s okay. Mom and Dad are in the other room. It’s been while. (laughing) She saved me?
Sure. Damn it.
Yep. Looks back and sees Clara Belle. You okay? Yeah, Caduceus saved me. I’ll think about that. I’m gonna head back to where we’re figuring out Corn. Yeah, they kind of fall behind and they start scattering to go find your parents off as well. Slowly other people start coming back and you get the sense that with Megatough and Gimma revived over time, weeks, weeks on they can probably work towards restoring the entirety of the Oasis itself. Let’s see what we can do for Corn. Let’s let Gimma, maybe she has an idea for, you know. I can ask her if she thinks, Gimma. As you approach you can see Gimma is now working with a couple of other figures that she’s restored and they’re currently gathering the broken pieces, some of the individuals that have, were found shattered and then just like saying quiet prayers as they gather them up into piles. Oh!
Yes, you asked for me. Yeah, well it has to do with… Do think that when they’re broken, they can’t be mended? At a certain point it’s a bit beyond our capabilities. But if you put all the pieces back together and… She looks down at the hundreds in this pile and goes, there are good many things I am quite capable of. Puzzles are not my forte. Really good at puzzles. Would you like to give it a try? How many people are in these piles? I don’t know. That makes it difficult. What if I had the puzzle that I knew was just one person? Oh, you probably have an easier time, that’s for sure. Do you think all we would have to do is stick this done back together and then we could bring them back? I’ve not attempted such a ritual before. I would hope that if you do it just perfectly right, but this is new territory for myself as well. Hey, Caleb.
Yeah. What if we bring her back in like, her organs are wrong, and she’s in a lot of pain. Well, she feels nothing at the moment. We should try something.
Yeah. Alternative is the void.
True. I guess, I stone shape. Should I give it a go? Maybe have Caduceus nearby to do healing immediately. If I can bring her back. You start screaming horribly. You’ll be alright?
I’ll be there. Are you going to stone shape her form together or are you always sprinkling little stones in? I was thinking sprinkle in some little stones and seal it up.
That’s not gonna work I don’t think it’s not real stone. Well, it is real stone.
It’s petrified. (clears throat) It’s a petrified body that’s… Petrified.
It’s different. I don’t know, my idea is to, with help I am not a walker of metals but to try to fill this scene nicely and I can turn that to stone. But again, no guarantees, nothing’s foolproof. But we should try something because. I don’t know putting something that isn’t her–
Maybe, I can just try putting it back together with the body of his and I don’t add any extra weird stuff. You can just use your stone shaping to sort of smooth the edge.
Chill it up. Just kinda like to come together. How else give that a go, we’re gonna try it out. So?
Well, I have to bring it out so he sets his fact pieces of amber and. (mumbles) Circle on the ground. 10 minutes later we put a stone in the wood owner and suddenly the circle flashes and all the parts as assembled are there in this circle. Okay. The Queen family kind of steps up and puts hands on each other’s shoulders, looking down to watch. I will levitate the body up just at your sort of waist level.–
So I can see them all sides. That’s smart, that’s smart. Okay, going to cast stone shape. Okay. To try to seal the stone together. Okay. Go ahead and make a medicine check for me. Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait. Don’t rush in. this is the problem from ahead, very carefully Jester, very carefully. (mumbles) (micks) That’s a one. Okay, okay. 25. (laughing) What the fuck? That isn’t real high?
Yeah, good, good medicine. Must have been real bad?
Yeah. Okay. As you focus, the portions of the body kind of levitating, you push them all together and you begin to concentrate. The body rotates continuously as you kind of mold over and smooth each element of the fractured elements, the body. There are pieces missing. You attempt to fill those gaps with the existing material. I don’t want to do it too. Right, but finding it in ways where you think at the very least it should have a cohesive continuous body. Carefully doing so, like a mystical surgeon, you just move your fingers across each of these lines as it rotates and you watch as they seal and seal and seal and seal past that you’re smoothing fresh pottery. The crowd kind of gathers those who have been restored around to watch as you finish the final details on it and with that, the body is seemingly solid. Okay, Nott, you should lower her bed down. Settle her down gently. Okay.
Facedown. (laughing) And then I’m gonna use my second fifth level and test great the restoration on the body. Get ready to heal Caduceus.
Okay. You put your hands on to correns Stone form and you feel the warm pulse of the divine energy, granted to you by the traveler pass into the Stone body. From the points of contact where her fingers touch you can see the gray drift into colored fabric and skin. The body is restored to a flesh form. Most of the moment of pause as you can see Corn missing amid battle pose. Now kind of the arms go relax for a second she goes. (gasps) (mumbles) 10, 18, 23, instant Okay. (groans) What’s going on there? (groans) Are you okay? why am I so stiff?
Well– Be very careful, you should be very carefully if you had a rough decade. Some of your muscles might not be connected all the way. At least he’s getting healed. Yeah.
I’m so curious if that will be scarring. (chattering) (laughing) We’re fine, you can… Caduceus help me up.
There you go, wow! You see, as Corn stands up and you see this, this is a kind of all the family of the Clay from you’ve seen the eldest, the the sister of Constance is on. The hair itself kind of the fading pink. Not quite as faded as yours has come. A lot of them you see there’s, you know, similar shades of that pinkish skin tones some of its been altered, you can see that Clara Belle has stained it all a variety of different colors. She stands up, Corner says. (groans) Breath is shallow but… And she looks around and takes in the other unrestored people, the folks around them, the broken stone and the ground and body parts and you can see her connecting all the dots and ago. Ah, whatever you did, thank you. Everyone’s fine, we’re all here. Apparently, can I stay together once more. And we have other good news. (mumbles) We’ve gotten what we came for. And she kind of presents the stones from the night before themselves. Expand into the roots. Cornelius and looks around. Cornelius kind of goes for and takes one of these. Well, would you look at that? We did something right. He past Pat’s you on the head and ruffles your hair a bit. We are, my friends, one of them is a, can get us closer to home quickly. Not quite to home but close. That would be great, that was a long walk. My feet are really sore. Have you ever been to Rexsantorum? What’s Rexsantorum? Oh, this will be interesting. Corn. Have you ever been there? (mumbles) Yeah. I’ve heard of the capital city of the Empire but I’ve avoided major cities we tend to get strange looks and I don’t care for the food to be honest.
You get anywhere closer or maybe with the cobalt with a… We can go tho the dash.
We can go tho the dash. Which is a little less heavy. That’s farther.
Yeah But it a rear road.
Maybe I talk to her. We could go incognito once we are there. Would you be alright, will everybody all right if we just made a quick pop?
Yeah. Sure. Is enough to get to Menagerie post. You get a little bit of a glimpse. Corn is definitely restored to life. There is definitely a… what you gather a fusing of some kind, some elements of where those wounds we’re that are now extremely stiff and fused, like having multiple vertebrae fused together in a back surgery. Corn is kind of locked in a specific position, but is a live, and you pulled it off. Excellent surgery doctor. Thank you.
Really? I just heard like she couldn’t move. No, no, she can move now. A little sort of, like–
Stiff like, you know when you sleep.
Yeah. Anyway, don’t worry. That was great Jester. Yeah.
You see, Constance kind of comes over and touches your arm pigness Well, we’re a family again. We’ve done what we came for. (chuckles) I mean, that’s incredible. Everyone, thank you, brother. (laughing) Never gonna look kind of, thanks Caduceus, thanks Caduceus, thanks Caduceus, thanks Caduceus. There I’ll be grudgingly kind of giving in. except for Clara Belle who’s like, thank you Caduceus. Missed you, so much. Now, they all kind of come in and give this like, big family hug around him. So what happens now that you’ve plant the little crystal dudes and–
You see Cornelius pose, I guess, I have no idea.
Okay. Glad he knows what to do.
I do. She takes it from her father. Puts it with the rest of them in there. Would you would you be willing to. if we’re already?
Of course. Yeah, don’t worry, we’ll just do all this ourselves. Thanks for coming in here and leaving the word. No, seriously, we’ve got it, it’s fine, it’s wonderful. Are you sure you’ve been here for 10 years? We’ve got lots of time to make up for it. Yeah no, totally, we got it all handled. Don’t worry.
You are being sarcastic. No, I mean, completely serious. (chattering) No, he’s always been is prickly. But he means well. I can hear you, not true, but thank you. I’ll try and return on the floor. Okay. Are we all going?
If you wouldn’t mind. If you wouldn’t mind. It’s okay for anybody? (chattering) Okay, okay, okay. (chattering) Jester. (mumbles) Do you have like a minute? (chattering) Lets do that one.
Oh, there you go. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, you guys.
Yeah. Quite a bit for it. (laughing) (chattering) Okay, I’m gonna send a message to–
Stop trying. To–
Hold on. The senior last place, no? No, no.
No. That’s the scribe board. Tony we’re coming. Archivist Sunlash, at the cobalt soul. It’s a norm or she.
Wow! (mumbles) No. (mumbles) Wow!
That’s who I’m gonna send a message to–
Archivist Sunlash? Archivist Sunlash? All ready, and what do you say. I’ve remembered. ♪ Hey you remember us it’s 99 ♪ ♪ We’re coming to see you ♪ ♪ Along with some other folks. ♪ ♪ They’re all big. ♪ (laughing) That telegram was really great actually. (laughing) ♪ Maybe they’re being care ♪ ♪ Maybe they don’t. ♪ Hey. (laughing) Alrighty. (laughing) Okay.
Oh wait. I think it’s, hang on. Okay, the responses is–
We already have. Oh, I’m not there anymore. (laughing) My studies shifted. (laughing) We–
Good luck. (chattering) We are good to go, let us head out. I think it’s wrong, and we go. Do you finish the circle? No, I’m waiting for confirmation that we know that we’re welcome. Are we welcome?
Yep. Did you fix it?
Yes. They said we are okay to go. Oh hey, Clay family.
Okay to go. She’s lined up–
We are okay to go. (chattering) (laughing) (chattering) (laughing) Archivist Amid. (laughing) Archivist Amid, I think we fucked it up. It’s fine.
Amid Swan lash. Swim Lash.
Demid Sunlash, who you just messaged.
Oh! (laughing) Okay, okay, okay. That is the wrong person. (chattering) Oh!
Are you okay? (laughing) Oh, we did.
I’m ready, ready ready ready to run? Oh, no, we did. Beauregard we are going, high and spike drive. (mimicking) In circles and brightly lights up and you all start running. (mimicking) The whole Clay’s family’s like. (screams) Vanishing through. You feel yourself. (mimicking) Pulled and transported thrust through a doorway You all emerged in the middle of a cluttered library in the subterranean city of Utheredone. (mimicking) Piling out, knocking into a table, sending book scattering across the ground. You can see a candelabra, topples. (mimicking) Lit candles kind of rolling across the ground, catching what looks to be the edible book on fire. You can see, everybody like. (screams) What! (screams) Freaking out, guards start putting their spears in front of him, he’s got his place. (chattering) which, Beauregard is on me. Sorry.
Not me. Sorry. An elven woman approach a familiar figure you see with short platinum, kind of Pompadour like hair approach. Do you recognize describe Borden rescue for a second? It goes…what is this? Okay, here’s the thing. We brought like a four instead of a five in the like, code–
I sent a message to Sunlash.
Yeah, to Amid, but– He’s been gone for weeks. Yeah, well, we didn’t know that ’cause we also have been gone for a while. So–
Get out. Okay.
Now. We are leaving.
Yeah. Then we see…wow, this is an amazing place. Nice to meet everybody, I’m Cornelius Clay. This is my wife.
Don’t touch anything. Don’t.
Okay, sorry. We’re going. That’s a beautiful place you have. (chattering) Place this is a walk and talk. (laughing) Slowly kind of push through. People start putting the table back up and trying to get them candelabra back in place. Sorry about the books.
I’ll help on the way out. You guys eventually emerged to the exterior of the velum steeple. Here, within the deliberation disk of Utheredern and you’re catching a lot of attention. This is a gathering of relatively colorful Fairbanks which aren’t a familiar sight in this area as well as yourselves amongst the populace here in the middle of Utheredern, but here you are. The rest of the fan is kind of looking about and taking in the atmosphere. This is a place that some of them haven’t been, Corn goes, it’s been some time since I’ve visited this place, see food here, much better than the Empire. (laughing) That’s true, I do remember that. Sorry.
Well, I’m… It’s nothing personal. It’s just bland.
I wasn’t gonna say it. Here is exceptionally good, though, I mean. To each their own. We’re close to home from here. How far?
Head South, few days journey I think and then we make it to the Savelii wood which, I think all of us together we should be able to traverse safely if we’re careful. Would you be willing to maybe get some Cobalt protection or I don’t know, just someone to. I don’t know.
Yeah. Just to the guard in the back. We can see if Missy is around, maybe she would go. That what I was thinking too. And there’s no Cobolt soul archive here, this is not part of their network he met an individual to belong to. He was here for research and not to Sunlash was but there is no actual installed– Actually, isn’t this in, like, (chattering) We’re done.
No, no, but where’s the The circle? Which one? The one we just came through? It’s in the Villain Temple. (chattering) The Research Center here in new theater. Okay, okay. Yeah, I mean I guess we can try and find Reiny. Sure, message Rainy maybe? Yeah, I’ll send the message to Reiny. That’s good. She’d be willing to accompany my family. Okay.
Mission to get them to the garden.
They good people, right? Cherry is the best. Hi Rainy, we’re in your town can you do a deal to help go on a mission to keep Caduceus family safe? Let me know. When he responds with. I’m finishing up a run to the Savile Yearwood. But–
Oh! I could.
Oh, oh! I wonder when she’ll be back she’s finishing up a run to Savile Yearwood. I couldn’t meet them somewhere. Oh, that’s good. She can meet them somewhere. Where should they meet or so I can tell her. Ask her to pick a point to meet. And then when?
As soon as possible. Okay, ask her whether she, and then I waste another fucking spell What if I just tell her where to go? Supposed to meet at the edge of town or we had an in, didn’t we? We have a map too, the green wall. (chattering) Nope.
Nope. (laughing) So many maps. (chattering) Okay.
Where Uther? We’re here.
What’s that, Savile Yearwood? It’s–
Savile Yearwood. Which is here.
Oh, yeah. Is there an in, in the lake or along the river? An in? You’re being really helpful. Is there a big–
We can meet at the lake. Just huge–
that’s huge. Is there a famous bridge or something to traverse the river? I would just have a meet at the city. Maybe we just wait here.
Yeah, let’s just wait here. Ask her we can let them into their house. That’s weird. No, we could rent the room. Yeah, lets rent some rooms in here. I’m just reading through it. We know it in here–
We go to the end that we stayed at last.
Yeah. Which was–
Definitely– Lexus post, nope.
Nope. The Tumbled Tankards? Hung on. Where–
And who went to that bakery this– (chattering) Yeah.
I believe we’ve been there. Host is, I think that is– That’s the closest selling collectors Guild. Something involving Master Eva. (mumbles) I would say, you could probably garnish a room at the Temple Tinkered. Wait, whats the tumble caves? Oh wait, is that different? Did I–
Just creepy. (laughing) Yeap. (laughing) Been broken, stole the Temple Tanker ticket, probably getting a room mate.
Okay, let’s do that. Yeah, that’s somewhere nicer. As soon as I know what in, I’m gonna tell rainy to meet them at the in Temple Tunk. They’re getting a room–
How come Tankards is a lot, shiftier.
I’ll into that. Broken stools.
Broken stool, a little more rowdier.
Rather slowly. What Shifty versus Rowdy? Yeah, welcome to Utherdern. Let’s do Reality.
They can handle Rowdy. Rowdy is better than Shifty. Excuse me young lady. Just a random young lady or–
Yeah, I’m sorry. Can you point us to like a respectable in a nicer one ,you know high end in the city? So, you just got a random–
Yeah. This this one from Tennessee was like. What, respectable? On the nicer end of a place where we can put up a fair number of people. Like nothing with an in.
You know like family members that you’re trying to impress. Yeah.
I’m later. I’m actually looking to spend, how many family? Quite a few family but you know. All of these–
Not too much money ’cause we’re we don’t have a lot of money. I don’t mind, I’ll have money. (mumbles) We have a gold to spend. You could probably try the Unrest in the ground this down below. That’s usually reserved for like, visiting family of any noble born folk or individuals that are traveling from a long journey, it sometimes– Temple Tunker.
Broken Stool. (chattering) We are shipping out with Caduceus’ newly alive– Beauregard, they are nobles.
You don’t even know what to do with that.
Exactly. What about a Happy Medium? No.
Feels like a dive bar. (chattering) Probably looking for the Broken Stool. (chattering) Broken Stool it is.
Everyone’s talking about it. Let’s go.
Alright. (chattering) (laughing) We’re putting Caduceus family at The Broken Stool. As soon as you get back, will you meet them here and then they’ll go to the Savile Yearwood. (laughing) Yeah, I guess, I mean, probably should be fine, I’ve been there for a while. I think will be good, they’re nice people, right? They’re good? He was on Molly’s spell. Oh, my gosh Reiny, they’re so good. You’re going to really like them. They’re cool also, I’m going to get you some cupcakes, I love you. Cool. That’s it. (laughing) I’m going to get her some cupcakes. Alright.
I’m going to get me some cupcakes, I’m going to get an extra dozen cupcakes. In addition to those two dozen cupcakes, I’m getting three dozen cupcakes. Isn’t this where you get those moss? That’s what I’m fucking getting. Yeah, get those, I have been craving those? (laughing) Yeah. Alrighty, I’d say between for all those batches that’ll cost you customized like, five silver, they’re not that expensive. I’ll pay for whatever rooms we have. It’s fine for as long as it needs. Alrighty. That goes up to afford what Jester’s checking out. Hey, how you doing? Good.
Yeah? Yeah. How you feeling about things? This is a weird time to have this conversation. I feel like we have like five minutes before Jester comes out, or like… What things?
I don’t know. I just wanna check in. I feel fine.
Yeah. What do you feel about this traveler thing? Are you a little concerned? Nott particularly sold. I think it’s weird that Nott just jumping in? Why didn’t you wanna go with the traveler? I mean, aside from all of the obvious reasons, I know why you didn’t go with the traveler. But like–
You mean, other than, him revealing himself and saying no to God? Yeah, I mean, that’s huge. That’s a big one.
Yeah. I mean, it’s been shifting from the beginning, right? Yeah, a little bit. I also, you know, prefer a little bit more stability in my abilities.
Yeah. I was just wondering if we should be concerned with her safety, or, if like, this guy is taking advantage over her. 100%.
He absolutely is. Yeah, that’s not a question. Should we kick his ass? No.
Okay. No, not yet.
Yeah, alright. No, you tame that and then we see where it goes. I mean, Jester has done a fantastic job. Yeah.
She paste a person together. Yeah, that was insane. I thought that was a fucking nightmare. Me too, I thought it was gonna be like. (mimicking) (laughing) I thought he would be like. (gurgles) Seems, yeah.
I thought too, yeah. But no.
No. She really pulled it off. I think she might be like more of a god. Then this fuckhead is.
Jester? Yeah.
Oh, God. I’m not saying like a God, I’m just saying like, she’s always like, I don’t know if the traveler he’s so powerful and like, she didn’t know that maybe she’s more powerful than he is. I mean, do you think or am I just like blind sided by bias. Yes, a little bit of that, also I don’t really know, he just seems to appear out of nowhere. None of us can do that. But as long as she’s not being hurt, and I guess I’m okay, she’s doing great things with it. The decks everywhere not, yeah. And you know, just great in people’s beds that haven’t been in the 10 years. Okay.
But you know, again, no one’s really been in there, so it’s okay. I mean, fuck, fuck those people, whatever. How do you feel about the traveler? I… You want to kick his ass. Yeah, I mean, he has a face I wanna punch. His curly red hair and I know what I’m doing. I’m giving you permission, go ahead and punch him. No, you’re setting me a fucking failure. I mean, yes, but I think you should do it. I mean, how are we going to know how he’s gonna react unless someone does it. I could try and punch him by just embarrass myself. Wait, so you want me to do it? Yes, it’s better than me. Alright, we’ll see how this plays out. You’re punching the next time you see him. Of cause.
Promise? Yeah.
Excellent. Okay, I got it. Jester, hey how are your cupcakes.
She emerges with the cupcakes, Cupcakes, two dozens of cupcakes. Hell, yeah, give me one of those now. You go ahead and set up number of rooms at The Broken Stool, how long you want to pay these? I’ll have a paid, I don’t know how long it’s gonna take but just in case I’ll just put participant two weeks just that seems. Okay, two weeks will say about three rooms for them. That’s gold and a half per day. So…
400. That’s was an intense Jay and Silent Bob energy right away. That’s 20 goldish. Wait, I thought you said gold for half a day. For two weeks, yeah. Oh two weeks.
Yeah. I was thinking two days. 14 days.
20 Gold, alright. Okay, and to get the kind of the room situated in this rowdy place there’s like shouting and laughter and even as you guys kind of walk through some folks knows they don’t really care they’ve begun already at this point preparing for the day’s work with a quick drink and a quick song and a laugh and a boisterous exit. Maybe save up the rooms and, the Clay family kind of deviates the spaces amongst their, unlike– The siblings all here are older but there’s kind of a sweet innocence to the fact that their relationships and interactions are almost never developed beyond that kind of adolescent relationship that they had with their parents and their parents with their kids. (whispers) Okay, but as they all kind of go about the rooms and you guys let them know about. I’m gonna go find my parents and my… Yeah, they’ve all kind of situated and turn back in. Oh, hi, Caduceus my boy. It’s been, it’s been 10 years (whispers) Feels like more. I was alone for a very long time. I’m so sorry we left you honey. Have you, no blame and no… I chose to be the last to stay. I thought that was what I was supposed to do, but I was wrong. I was not the last day.
But if you want the last to stay, you wouldn’t have met these people. you’ve traveled with. You were there with them at that moment because that’s where you were supposed to be. That was where she brought you. And because of that, we are all together again. (sighs) Please don’t, don’t carry the weight of our mistakes upon your shoulders. I don’t, I’ve… I had no idea what it was like, pass those walls, really, it’s. (sighs) Testing. That it is. I’m not done with it. I miss home but I owe such a debt and not.. even to the Wild Mother herself I owe. I owe it to these people to see him through. Not to the end of everything but, I don’t feel equal to what they’ve given yet. And I think I can and I think some of them especially still need me. I’m so sorry.
Don’t be. Caduceus, don’t be. Sincerely, and we always kind of, to comforting knowing that no matter how excitable and wanderlust filled, brothers and the sisters were, you were always the one that stayed with us at home but we knew that wasn’t going to last forever and I mean, look at you. You know make I’ve ever seen you stand so tall before. Yeah.
There you got scars. Yeah, yeah, quite a few. Where did that one come from? Oh! It’s like a spider web scar. It’s an impressive.
Thank you. That was a that was a spider, it’s there’s been so many, so many. I’ll tell you what, each of us and we’ve had our experiences in the world. We’ve had our own tails to tell. Have been able to come home and we get to go home now, thanks to you. When you do come home. Bring your stories too. I think we all want to hear about them. I will. These people, I can’t wait to share them with you. They are very weird. Like us. I will admit, I hope that some of them choose to come back when it’s time. I would love to see what grows. Well, I know I can say that to you but never say that to them. (chuckles) If the winds are strong, maybe it will carry you and back to us, at the very least for a visit. Got planning your teeth. I’m gonna, I’m gonna say goodbye to the idiots and I’ll be home soon. Come here. I’m proudly of you. (sniffs) Got a friend who’s coming to take you guys home. She’ll be good. She’s also some kind of weird? She is.
I’m excited. He’ll like her. (laughing) Take care of yourself, sweetie, okay. Thank you, don’t tell your siblings but I think you’re the only one who could have done this. Okay. We need your favor right now. I know it’s going to be so hard not to tell me. I didn’t say that. (laughing) According to alien scenarios, I’ll making sure they get back fine and in one piece as well. I trust you, thank you for everything. Thank that Jester girl for me, if you don’t mind. What it seems, she’s the only reason I’m here. She is, so much. I will. As you max it out the rest of your family are all in the process of kind of catching up a little bit and telling stories and as you can enter the room, they’ll stop and turn can see Calliope kind of sit up and give you a respectful nod. Colton is still kind of like, shoulder something a bit, feels like you’ve known him to be the one that wanted to be the hero of the family and he’s kind of been taken down a few pegs by this whole experience and where is it like a ashamed dog. Then there’s Clara Belle, who’s in the process of collecting the odd bugs in this corner of the room and putting them in a small jar. Now look towards you. Here, you gotta look like you’re leaving. Yeah, I’m not going home just yet. I got a little bit more to do. It’s gonna be a rough road and I’ve only got one friend. It’s gonna be seeing everybody home. Trusting you to I’ll take care of it and mom and dad. Colton stands up. I gotta Don’t worry, I’ll protect him, keep him safe. I think Colliope, back me up on that. Colliope is like, yeah, sure. I’ll back them up. I give my brother the pat hug. Yeah. (mimicking) (laughing) Colliope kind of gives you the… I walk over and give Colliope a big hug. Whisper in your ear, the whistle tonight for me. You see her kind of agreeing, curl up on the side, she looks over towards Colton. And Clara Belle? Clara Belle is already there in front of you like waiting next in line and just gives you this big hug right around your waist and kind of hold you for a second back something and goes. I got you something. Jades you the jar, filled with all sorts of insects. They’re all just like crawl. Let them crawl up under the staff. And they do. (mimicking) Let them go everywhere in my ear. (laughing) I gotta you something.
What did you get me? I get the big straw hat. I’m gonna just bury her in it. Pulls it up a little bit, ’cause you can just see her eyes peeping underneath. It smells weird.
Thank you. (laughing) I like it.
It’s been around. Keep your incognito on your travel. Incognito. Pulls back over eyes again turns, walks into her sister. I’ll be home soon. Thank you. I love you all very much. You see Colliope go back but… Let’s go, turns around and goes. I Love you caduceus. Colliope goes. I love you brother. (mumbles) You too. And I close the door and walk back downstairs. Alright. You have a lot of siblings dude. Big Family.
Your parents fucked… (laughing) It’s true. It’s small house. (laughing) Boy, they’re real unpack that later. (laughing) Nothing wired about that, I don’t know. No, they’re real unpack that later. What’s next? What is next? Oh, well I one thing.
What? I want to cast the six level spell. Sure. Okay, what are you casting? Play in our ally?
Oh! I’m going to beseech the traveler for a person that can help you out. A very mobile messenger, if you will. Okay. (mumbles) Somebody that can get around really fast. Doesn’t have to be a fighter just something that can travel. Sure, you’re spending. (sniffs) 10 minutes summoning a planar ally in the middle of The Broken Stool. I’m gonna, you know, go maybe into one of the rooms that Caduceus rented while he’s talking to all his family. I’ll go on to another one of the rooms. Okay. Alright, you beseech the traveler and what are you requesting? Like–
Say, hey, man, I got special. Oops, a special favor that I would like, Okay, if you know a creature that can fly. You know like flying unicorns, you know, they’re really cool and maybe something that can be I’m really fast, maybe something that can teleport, they don’t think me something they can just move around really fast and just wondering if you can help me out it could be you, if it’s not too big of a deal. I mean, I know you’re really busy and stuff but this is super important, so. (chuckles) Alright, give me a second. (laughing) Better luck pulling this up on D&D Beyond. (laughing) ‘Cause, I can actually search by tech there. You can talk amongst yourselves. (laughing) Guys. (chattering) No.
Check out the Older Wood Academy booth. We’re Dwarven Forge will be displaying their next Kickstart at a Wild Lands. In Boston, right?
In Boston. Hey guys, we’re gonna do a live show this week. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! We’ve got new comic books out. We are good.
Hardcover. (chattering) Somebody that can bamf a lot maybe go like–
No. Transport via plans, do something crazy something they can move, you know? What are you do–
Something not tied to this. (mumbles) Trying to search for the fastest creature in D&D. Or just you know–
I find it. It could be the traveler. A cheetah shows up. (laughing) He’s gotta know some sort of other fantastic creature that can move through a plants. (mumbles) I figure, something. Okay, I think I got something. Okay. You’re grinning, oh, no. As you focus for a second and the words go out the voice responds with, hello dear. Oh yeah, it’s a bit, I’m preoccupied at the moment but I think I’ve got an idea of someone that could help you.
Oh great! Just give me a moment. (sighs) And you hear this. (mimicking) Saying look over in this tiny doorway opens. (mimicking) Next to you, run very reminiscent of the holy symbol of the traffic. (mimicking) See this kind of like interesting kind of verdant green turquoise kind of color filter in the other space and you see emerge from it. (mimicking) This kind of three foot, kind of weirdly, elf Goblin hybrid is the best way you can really describe it. The creature itself is live, long limbs, pointed ears, kind of a dog gray skin. It’s about like, I’d like two say, two or so two and a half feet tall. Its physical form itself. (laughing) Like I say, it looks at you has no hair. Its eyes are mostly white with a very very faint people. It looks kind of creepy, honestly. But also weirdly pretty in some ways. It’s wearing a very like faint bit of tattered clothing on it and as an emerging as. (mimicking) I have been sent to help you. Wow! What’s your name?
Cravers. Cravers, I’m Jester, nice to meet you. He’s already like right there, rubbing your hand. Hi–
Shakes a little bit. Okay, so I need a favor. Can you bounce between planes or worlds or plants? Or can you just walk around really fast? One of the latter.
Oh, wow! (laughing) Okay, well, I’ve got a favor. Maybe could have done this in a closer location. Huh, that would have been smart. Okay, so I pulled out my dozen cupcakes that I just got.
Yeah. In a little bag, I wrap it up and put it around their shoulder. Okay, and I’m going to draw map to the hag. (laughing) I love you. I want them, I’m gonna tell to deliver it, you don’t have to go up to the hot. Trust me, don’t go up to the hot, okay. Just get past the brambles and then leave it, okay. Okay, alright. Here’s the map. (sniffs) Alright. You are really cool and I believe in you and do you want anything to help you on your journey, are you good are you safe, are you okay? Can I have one? Here, let me give you I don’t want you to take anything from this dozen but here, have one of these. Like you don’t even see the hand moving. (laughing) Put in the mouth and all over the… Somewhat, nice looking pretty good. (mimicking) Good teeth. Very good, huh? Yeah.
Wow! (laughing) You know, come back after you deliver those and I’ll give you some more. Alright. And just. (mimicking) Gone out of the room. Wow, thank you. That was cool, he’s cool. I want to see where it came from. I want to see some more of those someday. (laughing) Okay. (laughing) Gather everyone downstairs. Well. It’s time that we were moving. Where are we in our timetable? I’d say Travis City, I think it’s probably mid day, early afternoon. I think you meant like a grand scale. How many takings of a meeting me see. We check–
Specifically. Get to the boat today, we wanted. that’s truly can bound to negatron, yeah. It’s one of our only options. That’s the way to go. You are approximately four weeks away. From Travel Corn? From the Travel Corn meeting… We are only like–
In about three weeks out. Three weeks out, okay. It’s gonna take some time on the sea. So get to Nick and sail out, yeah. He’s early meeting us and Nick address, he is right? Yeah.
Tell him to wait there. I think–
Yeah, you didn’t give him any sort of additional messages to send them anywhere else. Oh,oh,oo–
Come in with everyone, so. Yeah?
Yes, let’s go. I know I’m loved at home, but I feel that I’m needed here. Yeah, you are, wait, were you questioning that? Don’t question that, that’s dumb, come with us. I’m not done yet.
Yeah. No.
Thank you all. I get to return home one way or another to… home stored. We will just be grateful for the Wild Mother to manage you to us for one time. Think that is definitely her plan. Alright, well I’m not going to do it in the common room here. Let’s take a walks Yeah, that’s in typically 99 fashion. We’ll go find an alleyway. Okay.
I will draw it up on the floor, on the ground. You managed to kind of guard off like a impromptu bouncer, the friends trying to keep a chill but also prevent anyone from going through. Nott.
What? You’re going to say. (mumbles) Keep the group together. Yeah, coming with you guys, yeah. Yeah. Who would be willingly offer to split off from the party by themselves? Yeah, that’s so stupid. What a dumb idea.
Yeah. Superman.
All of us together. We all have to be high priest y’all. Wait, what?
Sorry? Let’s go. (laughing) I will stop the spell. (mimicking) (laughing) 30 minutes later.
Alrighty. (laughing) Already. You guys all gather together, stepping through the circle in the middle of the alleyway here in Utherdern. The subterranean warmer temperature, immediately giving away from the darkness beneath to the bright open blue sky of the sunset, and Nick could rise. The orange arising greets you with dappled bits of distant wispy clouds, the smell of ocean, clear, soon to arrive evening, air. Your music and see the warm lanterns now a lit along the rows of the streets here as you guys have arrived in Nickarous. Then the interior of users tower. (laughing) Oh, shit.
Yeah, man. I think now.
Fuck. So, you’ll get to experience that stuff, once you step outside of the tower but we’ll be picking that up next week. Yay.
Had our live show. So, we’ll see where it goes there now that’s happening. (laughing) Chicago. The Windy City on the high seas. Yeah. City by the bay. No.
So nice. Nott.
They named it twice. (laughing) No.
Not. Two different–
I think they just named it once. (laughing) Big bed. (laughing) Jesus. Yeah, we’ll pick up. Pick up fresh in the Menagerie coast. Probably gathering the ball leader and whatever you guys wanna take it from there. To the listening ocean towards the negotiation between the two warring nations. Oh, boy! And the looming promise of traveler Corn. We’ll see you guys live next week at 6:00 p.m Pacific 8:00 p.m. Central. I think it is, or those who see the live show at sea to it too. Until then, have a wonderful week. We love you very much, and this is Thursday. (exclaims) Good night.
Good night. (dramatic music)