Robbie: Hey YouTube, Robbie Frank here. Today I’m in Hamilton, New Jersey taking a walk through Grounds for Sculpture with my girlfriend Kathee. It is a outdoor sculpture park and museum,
and it’s really dedicated to appreciate and better understand contemporary art, modern
art. Kathee: What a lot of people don’t know is
that art kind of inspires music. So art and literature always moves slightly ahead, and music therefore, is a response to a lot of visual art. Robbie: Take a walk with us as we check out
Grounds for Sculpture here in Hamilton, New Jersey. Right now we are walking through a little
wooded canopy, it’s very cool. Kathee: It’s… giant. Robbie: It’s a four acre park, so you know,
it’s definitely something you can spend half the day walking around and exploring. There is lots to do both indoors and outdoors. Kathee: It started pouring so then we came
to the Van Gogh Cafe, which has Starry Starry Night on the ceiling. Robbie: So here is Van Gogh. Painting. Drinking some absinthe. Wait a minute! There is something off about him… Kathee: He’s got two ears! I liked the circle of dogs with giant tails Robbie: Haha! Yeah those are pretty cool. They almost look like Pokemon or something. Kathee: Yeah and I thought it looked like
my dog because my dog is tiny and barks really loud haha. Robbie: Hey look, he’s an ant eater (Guitar strums) Kathee: We found a portal! Robbie: Whattt!? (Music continues) Robbie: One of the cool things about the park
here is there are so many moments where you’re not quite sure if what you’re looking at is
real or not. Sometimes you’ll do a double take where you’re
like… oh it’s fake. Real or fake? Kathee: They’re fake… Robbie: Yeah, I told you. Kathee: In Victoria, England the black choker
is often a sign of prostitution. Actors and people of the arts industry wore it. Robbie: So what do you think she is? Kathee: I think she’s a prostitute. Robbie: Haha! Kathee: But I mean sometimes they’re interlocked. Robbie: You always were into guys with muttonchops. So this piece I thought was pretty cool, it
reminded me a little bit of Macbeth with the three witches. We see what they’re boiling up which looks
like some aligators and… who knows what? Kathee: Ahhh! (Sounds of musical see-saw) Kathee: One of the things that I think is
really cool at Grounds for Sculpture is that they have these sculptures in the seating
areas, and so when you sit next to them you kind of become part of the art. (Guitar Strums) (Kathee sings) Robbie: So this piece behind me here is really
cool. On the outside it looks like a three dimensional
version of the painting Scream. From the outside, I think it’s kind of what
people see, but when you go inside the house, it’s more about what the person is feeling;
more of their inner monologue going on, which is really cool. Kathee: My theory is that around the park
there are little tiny frogs that most people don’t see. So they’re like Easter eggs. Robbie: Everywhere we go, we keep seeing these
little frogs around the park. There was one right by the spaceship, I remember
that. Kathee: Right! And they’re always well hidden. Robbie: Each time you come back here you notice
little things that either are changed or you didn’t notice before. Thanks for taking a journey with us through
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Frank, and I’ll catch you next time. (Music fades)