Hello. Shibasaki here. Let’s begin another delightful watercolor
painting session. First spread some water on the surface. Then add some light Cobalt Green… …with a little hint of pink to it. See how the usual bleeding effect works. The key trick of today’s painting is speed. I’m painting with a sense of speed. Then roughly paint green with some
black and blue. Note that I’m variegating the base color though. What do you think I’m painting? Remember speed is the key. That’s why I’m painting faster than usual. This is not fast-forwarded. This is the actual speed of my painting. Splash. Splash. Splash. Watercolor painting is a lot of fun. No hesitation is allowed. Splash. Splash. Splash. The hint is that there are green areas
on both sides of the painting. Guess what it is. Mix Umber with black and blue… …and quickly apply it to the surface. See how the color’s bleeding? Painting with a sense of speed. Remove some color with rolled paper. This is so much fun. I’m using different tones of Umber
around the bottom today. What will it be? Adding one color over another. Then remove excess paint with rolled paper. Isn’t such a method of expression exciting? Add a darker tone of color
to the already painted area… …with a swift brushing. What’s this? What do you think it is? Now I’m scratching the paint. Maybe you know what I’m painting now? See how I add more and more different colors? Here I’m letting the paint bleed again. It’ll all make sense at the end. See how fast the brush stroke is? And use more colors while leaving
some spots unpainted. Now continue on to the right side… Here too, use such strokes as swiftly as possible. Isn’t it interesting? Because I’m having fun, viewers should be as well. And add a darker tone on top of the color. See how different strokes have different effects… …like this? After quickly drying it… …here. ? This figure in this color must be… …that? See? Do you know what it is now? Ah, I see. Yes. Yeah, that’s it… OK… I got it… Yes, that’s it. Well, then… Let’s remove the masking tape. What will it be like? It’s exciting. So this is it. Yes, it’s a large waterfall… …with a kid standing in front of it shouting, “That’s great! Bravo!” So that’s the painting of the day. Isn’t it interesting? I hope you enjoyed it. Well then, it’s time for my Question and Answer corner. Today’s message is from Munqa-san. “Hello, Mr. Shibasaki! My name is Munqa,” “and I’m a high school student.” “I want my parents to be happy, but they are disappointed with my grades
and not satisfied.” “Please advise on how to make them
feel proud of my achievements.” Hello, Munqa-san. Well, so your parents are not happy with your grades, but you love them and want them to be happy. You’re a high school student, so I assume you are 16 or 17 years old? So you are no longer a child. When you are a young child, your parents are just happy
with what you are. Cute and little. But you are 16 or 17 and almost an adult. Then what you are alone cannot make
your parents happy. They want to see what you are like as a semi-adult. So they become a little more strict with you. I think it’s quite natural. I understand how you want to make
your parents happy… …but as a youth that is close to being an adult, why don’t you try and make yourself happy first? I wonder if you paint. Whatever you do, just concentrate on that subject
and let yourself feel happy. If you are able to find your career path
as an adult, then that will make them agree
with your decision and feel happy someday. That’s my advice. Good luck, Munka-san! If you have a concern like this
or a fan letter for me, don’t hesitate to send me a direct message
on Instagram. I’m looking forward to it. If you find this video interesting, please leave a comment
and subscribe to my channel. Thank you very much for watching until the end. I’ll see you next time!