Hey guys (bare face alert) I’m JJeong U (bare face alert) Today, I’m going to do a tutorial without using honorifics It was my bday a few days ago I didn’t film a video when I did my makeup on my bday I took a selfie and posted on my Instagram And a lot of people really liked that makeup look So I decided to film a tutorial of that makeup I wore on my bday Let’s get started then 🙂 I put in hair extensions Don’t I look different today? My camera suddenly died while I was filming earlier I’ve already done my skincare I used this mist and this VICHY… What’s this? Serum I think I should put some rollers in my hair When I use honorifics usually, (Daiso hair roller) I’d say “Today, I’m going to do this look, let’s get started!” (speaking formally) I can sort of lose my Busan dialect when I use honorifics But I can’t speak without my accent if I speak casually Ok, listen, I’ll try to speak without a dialect now I’m going to apply this (sound awkward) I applied too much (sound awkward lol) I’ll put some on my hand I’ll use my favorite↗ brush, MAC #191 to spread the product I sound weird, right? So I’ll just speak normally (not trying to lose a dialect) This is very famous cream, Klavuu Glow Cream It gives a beautiful glow to the skin, I’ve been enjoying using it I wanted to film this morning but my nose was too stuffy It was really bad (rhinitis sucks..) It’s better than in the morning now My poor nose I have rhinitis, it SUCKS! I don’t really know how to use a foundation brush It makes it really easy to spread foundation It doesn’t end up with thick layers It looks an art brush but it’s a really good brush Because it’s MAC, it’s a bit pricey But I really like it This is one of my favorite foundation brushes, I only have a few tho My nose is stuffy so I better speak quietly You can use a sponge to set your foundation I bet y’all know this by now if you’ve been subscribed to my channel or if you’re interested in makeup 🙂 HERA Glow Lasting Foundation I said I’ll review this foundation in my last video but I didn’t, right? lol That is because.. I was drunk that night and I couldn’t remember that I should use this more Maybe today… I’m not going anywhere tho I’ll be home but I’ll check how this turns after hours pros: doesn’t melt, doesn’t oxidize, skin looks amazing
cons: dewy → doesn’t sit well on the skin, balls up a bit And I’ll keep you guys updated if I notice any more cons Sorry I didn’t tell you guys earlier Should stop drinking My face looks a bit bloated today, right? I drank beer by myself last night before sleep I can’t really go outside because of coronavirus So I just had a can of beer by myself last night I think I really like foundation, it’s really good Do you know the HERA Mist Cushion? It’s a cross between that and their Black Foundation It works in a light layer and provides decent coverage, it’s really good Rather than this kind of big, firm brush, I prefer using this type of ‘art brush’ Am I using it wrong? This brush is really good It does leave marks on the face but it doesn’t make the foundation balls up Honestly, I’m putting more efforts doing my makeup than I did on my bday When I don’t film, I don’t care how I put on my makeup If I post my selfie on my IG, you can assume that I just filmed When I don’t film, I don’t usually take a selfie Now we got great camera filters (SODA