ENFPs, you are known for being
highly energetic, creative, enthusiastic, gregarious and popular!
Some famous examples of folks with the ENFP Myers Briggs personality types who have made
an impact on the world include Anne Frank, Robin Williams, Andrew Yang, and Ellen Degeneres.
Are you an ENFP, or think you might be? In this video, we will explore the ways that
YOU might be able to change the world. Welcome back! My name is Amber Melanie Smith.
I am a Nonprofit Founder and Executive Director and Speaker on leadership and social impact.
I also do videos every week here on YouTube about service, and leadership, and nonprofits,
and social impact. My goal is to help aspiring changemakers with tips and strategies to help
you change the world while doing what everyone needs to do, which is living a life of impact
and purpose. I know and love several ENFPs in my life and
I can definitely personally attest to their energy and their creativity and their ability
to draw a crowd. If you’re not quite sure what personality
type in the Myers Briggs list that you are, I’ve left a couple of links in the description
below that you can check out – take those quizzes and let us all know what is your Myers
Briggs personality type. Before we get into some of the super cool
ways that ENFPs can make a difference in the world, let’s just talk a little bit about
some ENFP personality traits. ENFPs make about 7 percent of the population.
The ENFP is a Free Spirit! They are energetic. They are curious. They are always looking
for the meaning in things. They are very compassionate. They love to connect with people. ENFPs are
really imaginative people. The weaknesses of ENFPs include tendency to get unfocused,
to over think things. ENFPs can get overly stressed out or emotional about things. And
they resent being asked or required to follow the rules.
ENFPs like to be around people. They like to work flexibly and independently, and they
love to combat authority! Okay, so if you an ENFP looking for a way
to make a difference in the world, what are some great options for you? Let’s talk about
that. You, as an ENFP, need to have a role in making
a difference where you can connect with other people, you need to be able to work on a flexible
schedule that you can dictate as you need. And you really like to be able to be creative
in these roles to make a difference. As an ENFP, you might not have the patience to do
a really long term project, so a project where you can make some kind of positive change
in the community over a short term – so something that has a finite start and end time where
you can see your impact right away could be a really good fit for you. So, what does this
look like in terms of a career in changemaking? One great fit for you could be a writer or
a journalist. These types of activities would allow you to use your creativity and use your
storytelling, which you really love to do, and they also allow you to kind of work at
your own pace, work on your own schedule, and explore a lot of different concepts as
you write. So doing something where you can make a difference or tell the story for a
cause could be a really good project for you in terms of ways that might make a difference
in the world. If you are working in the private sector, odds are you are probably gravitating
towards some kind of small business or start up scenario where the environment is a bit
more flexible, a bit more agile, even more fast paced and exciting. You might not find
a more bureaucratic or structured large corporation something that fits your needs. So in these
types of environments, in terms of how you might go about changing the world, a great
project for you could be launching a marketing or fundraising campaign to help a cause that
your business cares about. Or in terms of start up or social enterprise being part of
designing a product or service that could really impact the lives of a lot of people
could be a very exciting venture for you.