Today is terror tiktakers Wednesday and popular myths full of apparitions return strange and paranormal events in this video we bring a chilling legend Venezuelan that will give you goosebumps
every time you hear a whistle It’s about the Silbón, the dark spectrum
of a man who is doomed to wander eternally through the plains and forests with an old and
ragged bag on his shoulder on which, according to they count, it carries human bones. This cursed spirit is described by many
like an elongated giant of up to six meters of height that protrudes between the trees
wearing a straw hat. Proceed stealthily emitting a disquieting and disturbing whistle
that intones the musical notes ascending to FA and lowering the tone to YES. They say
that this frightful sound is a harbinger of death. If you listen closely to the whistle, you should not
worry, it means that the Silbón is very far and do not run danger. But if
you listen from afar be careful, maybe it’s too late for you It is believed that the legend goes back to the century
XIX There are many versions of the story, in one of the most widespread the Silbón was
a man who lived with his parents and grandparents and I used to go to places whistling, hence
your name. Since childhood, he grew up as a spoiled child who spoiled everything. I screamed
and I cried until I always got what I wanted. They tell that one day the boy, sitting at
the table, he despised the food that his mother I had prepared him saying I wanted to
to eat deer roast. His father, anguished, he promised he would get one for dinner
that night. Then the boy and his father were to the forest but after several hours of hunting,
the father found no prey and returned with empty hands. The hungry youth was so enraged that
murdered his father in a fit of rage and with the hunting knife he removed the viscera
to have something to dine When he got home he put the entrails on
the table and asked his mother to cook them. She distrustfully started asking questions
and when he realized that it was the guts of her husband who was cooking entered
in a panic. The grandfather, who had heard about the parricide,
decided to teach a lesson to his evil grandchild. He tied him to a tree and hit his
back to lashes until blood gushed galore. Then he tossed ají (pepper)
and lemon on the wounds to make him feel the unbearable burning. The young man was banished, cursed and condemned
to wander until the end of time sending the tureco dog or devil dog after him
to chase him. Because of that, the barking of dogs, chili and whips (dale
with the whip) often frighten the Silbón. Since then he wanders through forests and plains,
with its characteristic whistle and grubby sack where he kept the bones of the corpse of his
father. They say he stops at the entrance of the houses to count the bones one by one
of the sack. If the people of the house achieve see it or hear it nothing will happen. But
if nobody notices his presence in the morning next some member of the family will appear
dead and will add the bones of this to your collection. Sometimes, it appears as a shadow to
attack the drunks and womanizers. To the first they are sucked up by the brandy they have
in the body by the navel and the womanizers, he tears them apart by tearing off his bones. This legend is also present in the
Colombian folklore and in some regions It is known by the name of El Silbador or
The Chiflon. The Colombian version speaks of the soul in pain of a womanizer who died
in solitude and simply looking for the company from someone to ride a horse. Although other
more sinister stories tell that someone close to who hears his whistle will die. Yes
the whistle is acute will be female and if it is serious, man. There are many who claim to have seen the
Wigeon in summer sitting on the trunks of the trees resting while playing
with dust in his hands. But, it is above all in rainy times when you are hungry
of death. Keep your eyes open tiktakers
and if you listen in the distance some kind of creepy whistle be alert because
the Silbón may be near …