Jack was a quiet teenager who worked
in a local newspaper in Louisville, Kentucky. One day, his boss announced that the United States
had entered the Second World War so Jack enlisted in the army to fight
for his country He was destined to Belgium and in a short time
he made friends with an Englishman named Louis, who had also enlisted. Jack and Louis
Became flesh and bone, they even called themselves brothers.
The youngsters were about to launch towards the enemy lines, but the Nazis moved
before that day. They attacked mercilessly around the base, the shrapnel entered the Jack´s eyes, causing him to go blind. During the battle, Louis was shot.
Both were sent to a field hospital a few kilometers away from the
enemy line. Jack could not stand the pain His eyes burned too much. The doctors
took a drastic and dramatic measure and took his eyes.
Even being blind and being able to go home to recover, Jack refused to leave
his precious friend. Louis was attended by one lovely nurse named Betsy, but
although she put all the dedication of the world, Louis did not improve, he needed a new kidney.
Seeing Jack’s desperation for wanting save his friend one of the doctors spoke to him
of the possibility of carrying out a transplant. Jack did not hesitate for a second.
The transplant was not successful and Louis died although Jack did survive. In his last
day of life, they remained holding hands Louis gave his last breath in that
bed. Jack wanted to cry, but he had no longer eyes
to be able to do it, so he bit the lip until it bled. The troops deployed
to another location but Jack could not move for 3 days and stayed with the last
soldiers there prostrate. A telegram arrived from Betsy telling him
where they had buried the bodies of the dead soldiers. Jack went to the place
and he said goodbye. He decided to return to his home in United States.
But only sadness awaited him there. When he arrived, his mother received him with tears,
there was nothing left of the happy and full of energy woman that she had been. Marcus, Jack´s brother who worked in a weapon factory had died a few weeks ago because
of some strange particles that impregnated the air of the factory, it was rumored that
they performed secret experiments. His mother soon died of grief. Jack
had been left alone. His father had died of tuberculosis when he was a boy. Marcuse´s boss
took pity on him and decided to give him a job in the factorie´s chain production Jack had no illusion, there was no one to comfort him, he was mentally
and physically incomplete, he had lost his sight, a kidney and everyone he loved.
Timmy started working in the factory days after Jack, he was a couple of years
younger than him, he reminded him of Louis, a lot He helped Jack with his problems with blindness
and always tried to make him feel comfortable. Life seemed to improve for Jack, although
the work in the factory was hard, the air was always too loaded and his body
resented. One afternoon Timmy was playing with one of
the sample weapons they manufactured, he didn´t know it was loaded, he accidentally squeezed
the trigger and shot Jack, the bullet went through his throat. His vocal cords and trachea
were destroyed in a millisecond. His body fell into a tub with a strange liquid,
he noticed how his face was tearing at the contact with the liquid, but,
To his surprise, he was still alive. How could this happen?
The sudden flash of the shot had provoked something in his mind that made him forget
everything that had happened to him before his death. Jack lost his head, he had changed.
A powerful desire to complete his body was born in him, He needed eyes, kidneys … his empty sockets began to drip a strange dark liquid. Timmy was in front of him without being able to believe what
happened, he would become his first victim, those young kidneys looked very good.
Eyeless Jack was born, a bloodthirsty creature hunting for viscera that only needs a
black hood, a blue mask and his scalpel to taste your organs.