Hello dear ones! This is Monika Romer from the Encaustic Academie which is based in Weilheim Teck (Germany). And today I’m going to introduce you to the Encaustic painting. And this is what you need for it. An iron. But I call it painting iron because it is something very special. You only use it for the Encaustic painting. We also need wax colors. These are Encaustic bee wax colors. A painting cardboard. This one also is an Encaustic cardboard. Some scribbling papers. And a paper towel. Now I’m going to show how it works. I’m melting the wax colors. Just as you like it. Blue is pretty. Green and blue always matches. Adding a little bit of yellow. Now I’m not going to push. Just slowly pull it over the cardboard.
Without pressure. It’s awesome how it melts into eachother. You could never achieve this result
with a common brush. It fascinates me everytime. I also need some red. I also like purple. And now I’m excited for how it’s going to change again. Very gentle. Amazing! Beautiful how it blends and melts into eachtother. That’s great! It just really fascinates me. One edge is still empty
so I’m going to take a little bit of purple. Now I paint over it again. Awesome! Now you can see the beautiful structures
I painted with the iron. Nothing else is needed! That’s not enough yet though! I still want some more. Every now and then you need to clean the iron
with the paper towel. And now I’m going to paint with the edge of the iron. I place it here. Up and down movements. It’s looking good! It’s like a surprise when all the beautiful
structures appear! And a bit bigger moves. Isn’t this great! You won’t be able to do this with a brush in this short period of time. Now I’m softly pushing. We are going to see what kind of structure will appear then. A beautiful structure! Taking some more color. You can change it anytime. Now I’m going to make a wave. Awesome! I’m very pleased with it now and
I’m going to leave it like that. See how great it has become! I will glue the painting to a black cardboard and then hang it onto my wall. That’s how fast it goes! I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for watching and soon I will show you something else. Bye!