hey everyone so in last week's video I did the drop us in your style challenge where other artists put forth their art in that hashtag and then other people draw it so I drew three pieces of art from other artists but then I thought instead of just drawing art from random people what if I draw art submitted by my subscribers so that's exactly what I'm doing today I've chosen three pieces of art from the draw this Bailey J hashtag it was so hard to pick oh my gosh you guys have so many amazing characters it was really hard to narrow it down and if you missed out on submitting have no fear because I want to make this a series so use hashtag draw this Bailey J on Twitter or Instagram and I will look through that hashtag and pick art for my next video well my next video but the next one in this series also I submitted art for you guys to draw and there were so many submissions I scrolled through the hash tag at the end of the video because it was like three minutes worth of footage so that's that's at the end okay that's it started on the art so the first character I'm drawing was submitted by Sidman underscore Gabby and it is her character Bianca Bianca I thought it was a very interesting character design so I just had to draw it because it's a person who could be male or female it's kind of hard to tell the body looks more male but the head looks more female but it also looks like the characters wearing a mask maybe and that's maybe just their face I interpreted it as being that's just the characters face that's what they look like is so a white round face and I'd remind with a bit more detail on that it's not just kinda two dots in a mouth because it's the drama stand your style kind of thing so I need to make it my style I also interpreted the body as being female even though it's very gender-neutral in this I mean yes the legs are really hairy but hey girls can have hairy legs that takes time sometimes we just have hairy legs okay but I just said okay this is gonna be female cuz why not also the name is Bianca which sounds more like a girly name but hey you can have whatever name you want I started off sketching in those Daiso pencils that I got isn't various colors I use them for my last video and they're actually pretty nice for sketching because they are so waxy that's not really the best for coloring because there's not a whole lot of pigment but it's really nice for sketching because it just glides along the paper and I have to bring colors to choose from so that's what I used and then I went over it with a graphite pencil to refine the lines because I like to have clean lines before I outline otherwise I'm gonna screw something up so it looks kind of like I'm drawing this three times we had the pig sketch the graphite outlines and now I'm using this pinkish purple pencil to outline it this pencil was not the best choice for this drawing because it ended up smudging a lot when I went over it with my Copic markers but that's okay I like living on the edge oh yeah so here are the Copic marker colors I chose for this drawing and I'm starting out with the face as usual and for this one I wanted the cheeks to be a little unblended because that's how it looks in the original it's really hard balancing what the characters design is versus translating it into my style because I usually do softly blended blush at least somewhat so hopefully blended and this was very hard should I've decided to stick with that harshness because it's just a very interesting feature and a very distinguishing feature of this character I barely color the skin at all since it is pure white I just used a little bit of warm grey to add some shadows and it had to give her lips because that's usually how I draw my characters the hairstyle I just interpreted as being bangs and a short cut it almost looks like the front of the hair could be pulled back behind the head but I think it's all down what I love about the reference art is that from the waist down it's like dad outfit and then this shirts like 80s kid and then the face is just like doll it's just such a random combination and I love it also the hand that down–so screen write the characters left hand it's a backwards hand but I don't know if that was intentional or not so I did not draw my character with a backwards hand but yeah I don't know cuz if you could see the palm in the hand was turned forward like that thumb would be on the other side so I don't know I was like looking at this character design maybe that is how it's supposed to be that would not surprise me but I'm just not sure here's what I'm coloring over the leg hair and it's just smudging everywhere it's like the leg hair has motion blur maybe the hair is wiggle and it propels her forward like bacteria or something could you imagine if you leg hair did kind of reach out like little feelers and wiggled around you get too close to something and your leg hair is reach out to sniff it like on what's this why do these things come to my mind I don't know one thing I'm trying to do with my art is not get too crazy with the shadows because sometimes I do do too much contrast like more than than I prefer but I still want some area some really dark shadows so if you look at the cast shadows in this like for example underneath her chin her neck is a lot lighter than that shadow right at the top on the neck and then look at her arm it's not shaded a whole lot until you get to the sleeve and the sleeve is casting a shadow so there are deep shadows but it's not a deep shadow everywhere and I like that look a lot better than just lightly shaded everywhere or very heavily shaded everywhere with these three drawings I also tried not to mix too many different colors into the shadows or anything there's some stuff here and there like added a bit of pink to the highlights of her hair but I didn't go too crazy because I feel like sometimes my shadows can look really muddy especially when I tried to shade a lot of stuff with blue it just it looks muddy so I would try to avoiding that and keeping everything really bright so there she is there's Bianca thank you so much Gabby for submitting such a fun and quirky character next up is a boy in a bear suit submitted by Alex Fox plays this one was simple yet adorable I just knew I had to drive there a lot of really fancy ones to choose from but this one just appealed to me I'm like oh man a little boy in a bear suit that seems so fun to draw so and that is why I picked this one I also really loved the white belly I just really wanted to draw that and I liked his little kissy face with a heart even though I did not do kissy face but I wanted to incorporate the heart and I liked how the top of the suit has a little face on it I drew the face in the sketch and then I almost forgot to add it until the very end I was like oh yeah the face on the top of the bear I wanted the pose to feel very fluid so he's got kind of noodle legs bending but I'm just trying to make my art less stiff with all these and I was also challenging myself to just draw faster in general because I think that's a big reason why my art can look stiff a lot is because I everything's just too straight and I sit there spending forever trying to make things perfect when I just need to sketch faster and looser and that will make it feel more lively whenever I use real photos as reference that's when my art looks extra stiff because real life isn't as bendy as a lot of illustrations you there's also tweak things and stylize it to make it look more stylized that was really bad wording but you know you don't want it to look like real life if it's an illustration it's meant to be cartoony and silly and not stiff like I always draw it I actually heard a really good tip once that's said to do a sketch from reference and then set aside the reference and try drawing it again I don't know if they mean completely from memory or they mean look at their sketch but the point is step away from the original photo and try drawing it again but faster because you're more familiar with the subject now and also just not relying on making things exact like they are in the photo exaggerate things give things more movement and play around with the shapes and it'll look more illustrative with this one my shadow's doesn't get very dark in marker and I didn't feel like Reeb lending everything out again so I just used a bit of pencil to darken some of the shadowed areas I also like using pink pencil for doing blush because you can build up the color usually if I'm gonna use marker for the blush I do that first before I even start coloring the skin because it's easier to blend that way but sometimes I do just start with the skin color then do blush and I go back at the skin color and blend it out I'm just I'm usually all over the place my technique changes from video to video sometimes it's because I didn't think ahead to the blush or I just felt like doing it that way again I didn't want to add any crazy colors in the shadows I really just stuck with blue on the blue parts there's a bit of blue and the white parts but that's about it for crazy colors because it's so cute see and childlike I thought it'd be best to keep the colors vibrant and Keane so here's how he looks thank you so much Alex for submitting this art it was really fun to draw and he's adorable this next one is definitely the most detailed of the bunch and it's submitted by Tate Rochelle this is her character Lacey and she did such an amazing job on this and it looks so fantastic colored digitally that I was really scared to tackle this hunt because I knew my coloring job would look nowhere as good as this but it was just too cute of a design I had to do it I played around with a lot of different poses incorporating the umbrella and eventually I settled on kind of a basic pose where she's just standing there holding the umbrella but I liked the idea of the umbrella encircling her head almost framing it in a way I did have to keep the angle of the umbrella a little bit so the perspective is not quite right but I just like the idea of that big circle being right behind her almost like a halo I don't know why but just adding a basic circle behind your art always looks so good and in this case it's an actual prop in the piece of art but I just like it it just looks nice also I was really hating my sketch because I had done a rough sketch on my little sketch paper and then I was doing the formal bigger sketch and it just did not look as good as a small one so I scanned the small one blew it up to be bigger printed it off and then refined it this happens to me way too many times I'm like I'm just gonna draw a little thumbnail and it's gigantic taking up like a quarter of the page I'm like well it's kind of a thumbnail and then it ends up looking better than what I try to sketch and I just use it as the sketch but I rarely fill myself sketching thumbnails and so I need to start doing that because my thumbnails half the time just turn into the main sketch and then I feel guilty for not recording it not only is the perspective on the umbrella very cheated the shape of the handle what is it called on the handle it is very no broken because I was trying to do a curved line just to give it a bit of movement and make it look less stiff but at the same time for a prop you don't really need that but it's the hands that screwed me up because the line is not perfectly continuous where her hands are it's like the angle of the rod changes rod hey maybe that's the word I was looking for I don't know it's not really an umbrella – it's a parasol I believe so whatever same different I liked how the character had a little pouty look in the original and mine's not so much pouty is just sad I just really liked the sad eyes and wanted to incorporate that into mine we're not all happy all the time matching colors was a little bit tricky for this and looking back at it now that I'm seeing them side to side on the same screen I probably should have picked different colors for her skin I mean the deep shadows were good I noticed it was a bit orangie so I chose my easy rose but I probably should have used be 50 for the main light area because her skin is a little too orange II in the reference it's more of a yellow one thing I wanted to carry over from the original was that she has some blushing on her shoulders and elbows and so I tried to incorporate that but something I don't normally do so it's not really my style to do that but again it's one of those things where you're balancing the original character design versus your style one thing I did not notice while I was drawing this until the very very end is that the character is actually wearing gloves her one hand is completely obscured and the other one is sticking up but I didn't even notice that until I was pretty much done so in my drawings she just has bare hands gloves would look so cute though up regrets one thing I would love to do in the future is well similar to what I just did for this dry but try to replicate certain digital art looks with my copics I'd probably have to draw very large though even though this drawing is the largest of all three in this video it's still not big enough to get in a crazy amount of detail I'm sure for some people that size is sufficient but I just I don't know I want to use that paper I got from Daiso I got some really big paper I don't know how good it's gonna be but I want to do a big Copic illustration so that I can try to get in more detail and see what I can do and before that I want to do some studies of other people's art and just see if I can replicate certain digital art looks I was also struggling with color selection because I felt like I didn't have a nice bright green like there is in the art the closest thing I had was I think as my g00 and then I had a G 0 4 but the O 4 was pretty dark and so my characters a lot more blueish than the one in the photo I also just didn't have a ton of light greens to choose from I was using my light B G's and light G's and I just didn't have enough to get quite as many colors as she has in her drawing but it's close enough I also added the highlights to the eyes which I don't always do in my art I used to do it for every single piece of art now I sometimes just leave it without because it's just my style nowadays and I like that but with this one because the originals so chibi with the big sparkly eyes I just had to add some kind of highlight in here and there's not one but two highlights I've gone crazy love mine I also added some highlights with my white gel pen that were not in the original pretty much anywhere that had the little triangular scalloped edges I added a little bit of white dots along the perimeter of it just because I thought it looked good I try not to overdo it with the white gel pen nowadays but sometimes it just really makes things pop and you need it I also added it to her hair which looks a bit odd I tried going over with a green Copic marker to tone down the white a little bit but I loved the look of those dots in the original so I wanted to at least attempt to get that effect in mine thank you so much Tate for submitting your character Lacey she is so cute here's a little recap of the art I did in this video this is just video number one in this series I'm just starting so many serious oh my god remember if you want to submit some art for me to draw in a future video use hashtag draw this Bailey J and then here is me looking through hashtag look Bailey J where people drew my little fruit strawberry banana bunny girl whatever she is there was so much amazing art I was just blown away so if you used hashtag look Bailey J then your Art's probably in this video because I scroll through the entire tags if you see some art here that you like and you're thinking hey I want to go follow that artists just go to hashtag look Bailey J and scroll through and find some new peeps to follow I'm just gonna leave you with music for the rest of the video so thank you so much for watching and I'll see you guys for my next video and I'll see you at Annie Reve oh if you're coming any Robo is here in Vancouver it's August 3rd to 5th and I'm a guest I have an artist Ally table and I'm doing panels so come say hi