Draw a triangle using star tool. (Press arrow down button on your keyboard if your star is 5 pointed) Then rotate it horizontally using the selection tool. Resize it as shown. Open the brush panel. Drag the triangle to the brush panel. Select new art brush. Use the paintbrush tool to draw the branches. And rotate it if needed. You can create thinner branches by selecting the stroke point. Please pardon my random drawing as I am just showing the brief technique of drawing these branches. Now drawing the circles as shown. Use the align tool to align everything into center. Similarly drag it into the brush panel and select the scatter brush. Select tint. Select random for size and spacing. You can trial and error the digits. Use the paintbrush tool and select the newly created brush. Click once to draw a circle. Select the stroke colour to draw different colour circles. If you drag you paintbrush, you will create such effect. This is just a brief tutorial on how to draw abstract tree. Please subscribe to my channel for more videos like this! That’s the tree that I have drawn using this drawing technique! Hope you enjoy this video!:)